Video/DVD Collection
    Title Format Call Number Notes
    101 Dalmatians (Spanish language version) Video PN1995.9 .C4 O53 1992x
    1071 Fifth Avenue: Frank Lloyd Wright and the secret life of a museum Video NA737.W7 A32 1993y
    12 angry men DVD PN1995.9.J8 T84584 2008y
    13 assassins DVD PN1997.2 .T45 2011
    18 ways to make a baby Video RG135 .E54 2001y
    2001, a space odyssey DVD PN1997 .T85 2007 2 DVDs
    2001, a space odyssey Video PN1997 .T85 1993y
    30 years of National Geographic specials Video QH341 .N37 T5y
    35 rhums DVD PN1997.2 .T4785 2010
    35 shots of rum DVD PN1997.2 .T4785 2010
    4 little girls Video F334 .B69 A24 1998y
    4 luni, 3 saptamani si 2 zile DVD PN1995.9 .F67 F657 2008
    4 months 3 weeks and 2 days DVD PN1995.9 .F67 F657 2008
    47 ronin DVD PN1997 .C485 1999y
    5 film noir killer classics DVD PN1995.9.F54 F587 2004y 6 DVDs
    500 nations. Pt. 2 Mexico: Aztecs Video E77 .F57 1995y v.2
    7th voyage of Sinbad DVD PN1997.2 .S484 2008
    8 femmes DVD PN1997.2 .A18 2002y
    8 women DVD PN1997.2 .A18 2002y
    9 souls DVD PN1995.9.J34 N622 2005x
    901: after 45 years of working Video NK1535.E25 A8 1990y
    Abbott & Costello meet Frankenstein Video PN1995.9 .A22 F73 2000y
    Abbott & Costello meet the mummy Video PN1997 .M472 1993x
    Abrazos rotos DVD PN1997.2 .A35 2010
    Abre los ojos DVD PN1995.9.D4 A26 2001y
    Accounting Video HF5635 .A27 2002x
    Acid rain Video TD195.42 .A28 1991y +guide
    Acrylic painting: getting a start DVD ND1535 .A27 1998y
    Act of war: overthrow of the Hawaiian nation Video DU623 .A233 1993y
    Ad and the ego: truth & consequence Video HF5822 .A4 1996y +guide
    Adam's rib DVD PN1997 .A29 2000
    Addiction DVD RC564 .A33 2007y 4 DVDs
    Adolescence & other temporary mental disorders DVD HQ799.15 .F75 2010
    Adrenaline drive DVD PN1997 .A235 2001x
    Advanced Pro Tools DVD: Vol.2 DVD TK7881.4 .P762 2006y
    Advanced Pro Tools DVD: Vol.3 DVD TK7881.4 .P763 2006y
    Adventures of Robin Hood Video PN1997 .A384 2000y
    Aegean: legacy of Atlantis Video DF220 .A34 1995y
    Affaire de femmes Video PN1997 .S77 1990y
    Affluenza Video HF5415.33 .U6 A37 1997y
    Africa before the Europeans: 100 - 1500 Video DT25 .W67 1985y
    Africa dreaming Video PN1995.9 .A43 A4 1997x
    Africa to America to Paris Video PS153 .N5 A43 1997y
    Africa: history denied Video DT14 .A37 1995y
    African American lives DVD RA1057.55 .A375366 2006y
    African art and women artists Video N7397.6 .K4 A47 1992
    African queen Video PR6011 .C56 A37 1992y
    Africans in America: America's journey through slavery Video E441 .A37 1998y 4 videos
    After innocence DVD RA1057.55 .A38 2006
    After life DVD PN1997 .A4 H57y
    After the warming Video QC981.8 .G56 A4y 2 videos
    Age of AIDS DVD RA642.8 .A34 2006
    Age of enlightenment DVD B802 .A34 2008
    Age of innocence DVD PN1997 .A314 2001y
    Ai no korida DVD PN1997 .A317 2009
    Airplane! DVD PN1997 .A39 2005
    Akahige DVD PN1997 .R433 2002
    Aladdin (Spanish language version) Video PN1995.9 .C4 A41 1992x
    Alex Katz: five hours DVD ND237 .K33 A64 1996
    Alexander Nevsky Video PN1997 .A3533y
    Alfred Hitchcock presents: season one DVD PN1992.77 .A44743 2006y 3 DVDs
    Alfred Hitchcock presents: season two DVD PN1992.77 .A44743 2006y 5 DVDs
    Alfred Hitchcock: the masterpiece collection DVD PN1997.A1 A39 2005y 15 DVDs +booklet
    Alfred Hitchcock: the signature collection DVD PN1997 .A547 2004y 10 DVDs
    Alias, La Gringa Video PN1997 .A4 1994y
    Alice doesn't live here anymore DVD PN1997 .A41 2004
    Alien Video PN1995.9 .S26 A55 1999y
    All about Eve DVD PN1997 .A4323 2008 2 DVDs
    All about Eve Video PN1997 .A323 1997y
    All about my mother DVD PN1995.9.F67 T646 2000y
    All in the family: the complete first season DVD PN1992.77.A45 A45 2002y 3 DVDs
    All quiet on the western front DVD PN1997 .A3242 2007
    All quiet on the western front Video PN1997 .A3242 1995y
    All that heaven allows Video PN1997 .A3235 1995y
    All that jazz Video PN1997 .A32435 1995y
    All the king's men Video PN1997 .A323829 1990
    All the president's men DVD PN1997 .A42 1997
    All's well that ends well Video PR2801 .B75 1987y
    Al-Qaeda files DVD HV6432.5.Q2 A4265 2006y
    Alternatives to lecture: active learning Video LB2165 .A47 1991y 2 videos
    Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater: beyond the steps DVD GV1786.A48 A48 2007y
    Amadeus DVD PR6037.H23 A8 1997y
    Amahl and the night visitors Video M1500 .A43 2000y
    Amazing grace DVD PN1995.9.B55 A439564 2007y
    Amelia Earhart Video TL540 .E3 A825 1993y
    Amelie DVD PN1995.9 .F67 A445 2002Y
    America at a crossroads DVD BP182 .J54 2007y
    America beyond the color line DVD E185.86 .A44 2005y
    American beauty DVD PN1997.A557 M45y
    American graffiti DVD PN1997 .A43 1998
    American graffiti Video PN1997 .A43 1998y
    American house: a guide to architectural styles DVD NA7205 .A44 2006y
    American in Paris DVD PN1997 .A44 2008 2 DVDs
    American in Paris Video PN1997 .A44 1997y
    American photography: a century of images DVD TR23 .G65 1999
    American primitive Video PN1997 .A1 A56x
    American roots music Video ML3551 .A54 2001y 4 videos
    American visions Video N6505 .A627 1997y 8 videos
    America's castles: the homes of Frank Lloyd Wright Video NA737.W7 A43 1996y
    America's weirdest homes Video NA7120 .A63 1999y 4 videos
    America's wetlands Video QH76 .A56 1991y
    Amores perros DVD PN1997 .A46 2001y
    Amphibians: Victors of dry land Video QL645.3 .A74x
    Anatomy of sex DVD HQ21 .A16 2005x
    Anatony of a murder DVD PN1995.9 .T75 A53 2000
    Anchoress Video PN1997 .A52 1998y
    Ancient Africans Video DT14 .A52 1985y
    Ancient aliens DVD CB156 .A53 2009
    And ya don't stop: hip hop's greatest videos vol.1 DVD M1627 .A639 2000y
    Andalusian epic DVD DS36.85 .W574 1999x V.3
    Andromeda strain DVD PN1997 .A58 2003
    Andy Bumatai's high school daze Video PN1992.8 .C66 1999y
    Andy Warhol: a documentary film DVD N6537 .W28 A63 2006y
    Angano: Tales from Madagascar Video DT3320 .A53 1989y
    Angel at my table Video PR9639.3 .F7 Z463 1992x
    Angels in America DVD PN1992.8.F5 A52 2004y 2 DVDs
    Animal crackers Video PN1995.9 .C55 A54y
    Annie get your gun DVD PN1995.9 .M86 A56
    Annie Hall DVD PS3551 .L44 A555 2005
    Annie Hall Video PS3551 .L44 A555 1991y
    Annie Leibovitz: life through a lens DVD TR140 .L45 2008
    Ano de la garrapata DVD PN1995.9.C55 A5656 2005
    Ansel Adams: a documenmtary film DVD TR140 .A3 A32 2004
    Apartment DVD PN1995.9 .C55 A62 2007
    Apartment Video PN1995.9 .C55 A62y
    Apocalypse now DVD PN1997 .A66 2006 2 DVDs
    Apocalypse now Video PN1997 .A66 1992bx
    Apocalypto DVD PN1997.2 .A66 2007
    Applause DVD PN1997 .A665 2003y
    Arabs make their entrance: Islam and empire DVD DS36.85 .W574 1999x V.1
    Architectural and interior design DVD NA2750 .A73 1992y
    Architectural drafting and design Video NA2700 .A25 2001x
    Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright Video NA737.W7 A72 1995y
    Are ethics and contemporary social work practice compatible? Video HV41 .A74 1999y
    Are you my mother? Video PC4115 .E318y
    Army of darkness DVD PN1997 .A74 1999 2 DVDs
    Around the world in 80 days DVD PN1995.9.A3 A771 2004y
    Arsenic and old lace Video PS3521 .E775 A8 1992y
    Art 21: season 3 DVD N6512 .A6685 2005
    Art 21: season 4 DVD N6512 .A6685 2007
    Art 21: season 5 DVD N6512 .A6685 2009
    Art 21: season 6 DVD N6512 .A6685 2012
    Art 21: seasons 1&2 DVD N6512 .A6685 2003 2 DVDs
    Art city: a ruling passion DVD N6512 .A785 2002y
    Art city: simplicity DVD N71 .A78 2002y
    Art deco DVD N6494.A7 A77 2004y
    Art deco: streamilne design Video N6494.A7 A88 1997y
    Art deo/art moderne Video NA682 .A78 A8y
    Art meets science & spirituality Video N72 .S6 A78y 5 videos
    Art nouveau, 1890-1914 Video NK775.5 .A7 A7852 2000y
    Art of listening Video BF323 .L5 A77 1993y +guide
    Artfully crafted Video NA7208 .A77 2004y
    Arts and crafts Video NK1140 .A78 1998y
    Arturo Toscanini: the television concerts 1948-52 DVD M1500 .W23 T45 2005y
    As good as it gets DVD PN1995.9 .C55 A84 1998y
    As you like it Video PR2803 .A2 B757 1987y
    Ascent of money DVD HB75 .A84 2009
    Asperger's syndrome: autism and obsessive behavior Video RC553 .A88 A825 1999y
    Asphalt jungle DVD PN1995.9.F54 A87 2004
    Asteroids, deadly impact Video QB651 .A83 1997y
    Atlantis, the lost empire DVD PN1997 .A95 2002
    Atom: building block of the universe Video QD452 .A85 1991x
    Atomic café DVD D843 .A796 2002
    Audition DVD PN1997 .A962 2002
    Audobon: Birds of North America Video QL681 .A83y 5 videos
    Aurora: rivers of light in the sky Video QC972.5 .B6 A97 1994y
    Autism in the classroom DVD LC4717.8 .A985 2004
    Avalanche Video QC929 .A8 A93 1997y
    Awful truth Video PN1997 .A965 1991y
    Azuloscurocasinegro DVD PN1997.2 .D375 2007
    Babe DVD PN1997 .B212 2003y
    Babel DVD PN1995.9.S87 B3345 2007y
    Baby boomer television Video HF6146 .T42 B32 1990
    Back from madness Video RC445 .M43 C3 1996y
    Bad and the beautiful Video PN1997 .B24 1999y
    Bad education DVD PN1997.2 .M35 2005
    Badlands Video PN1997 .B234 1999y
    Bailame el agua DVD PQ6672.A445 B352 2004
    Balanchine: the father of American ballet DVD GV1785.B32 B33 2004
    Bali dances: a veil between worlds DVD GV1703 .I532 B35 1998
    Ballad of Narayama Video PN1997 .B2459 1988y
    Bambi DVD PN1997 .B247 2011 2 DVDs
    Bambi Video QL737 .U55 B219 1996x
    Band of brothers DVD PN1992.8.W34 B36 2002y 6 DVDs
    Band wagon Video PN1997 .B248 1992y
    Bank dick Video PN1997 .B2484 1991y
    Baraka DVD GN473 .B37 2008 2 DVDs
    Barton Fink Video PN1997 .B373 1992y
    Baseball DVD GV863.A1 B37 2004y 10 DVDs
    Bataille d'Alger DVD PN1997 .B347 2004y
    Battement d'ailes du papillon DVD PN1997 .B345 2001y
    Battle for Islam DVD BP161.3 .B38 2006y
    Battle of Algiers DVD PN1997 .B347 2004y
    Bauhaus: face of the 20th century Video N332 .G33 B487 1996y
    Beautiful losers DVD N6536 .B438 2009
    Beautiful mind Video PN1995.9 .B55 B438 2002y
    Beautiful troublemaker DVD PN1997 .B45 2004y 2 DVDs
    Beauty and the beast Video PN1997 .B43 2002y
    Beauty and the beast (Spanish language version) Video PN1997 .B4216 1994y
    Beckett on film DVD PR6003 .E282 B388 2001x 4 DVDs + booklet
    Bed and sofa DVD PN1995.9.S665 B43 2004 2 DVDs
    Beethoven: Symphony no.9 in D minor Video M1001 .B4 op 125 1989x
    Bela Bartok: After the storm Video ML410 .B26 A373 1989y
    Bella DVD PN1995.9.M45 B4553 2008
    Bella y la bestia Video PN1997 .B4216 1994y
    Belle epoque Video PN1997 .B3632 1994y
    Belle noiseuse DVD PN1997 .B45 2004y 2 DVDs
    Bend it like Beckham DVD PN1997.2 .B46 2003y
    Ben-Hur DVD PN1997 .B387 2001
    Ben-Hur: A tale of the Christ Video PN1997 .B387 1996y 2 videos
    Benjamin Britten: Time there was… Video ML410 .B853 T5y
    Benny Goodman story Video PN1997 .B47 1996y
    Best intentions Video PN1997 .A122 G63 1997y 2 videos
    Best of broadway musicals DVD M1505 .B4995 2003y
    Best practice video companion DVD LB1025.3 .Z46 2012
    Best years of our lives DVD PN1997 .B477 2000
    Best years of our lives Video PN1997 .B477 1991y
    Between the rivers: the history of ancient Mesopotamia DVD DS71 .B48 2006y 6 DVDs +3 booklets
    Beyond borders DVD PN1997 .B49663 2004y
    Beyond F.A.T. city DVD LC4704 .H848 2005y
    Beyond silence DVD PN1997 .J43 1999y
    Big business Video PN1997 .B543 1988y
    Big city Video PN1997 .M277 1997x
    Big heat DVD PN1997 .B544 2001
    Big Lebowski DVD PN1997 .B545 2005
    Big parade Video PN1997 .B546 1988y
    Big sleep Video PN1995.9 .F54 E53 1992y
    Big trail DVD PN1995.9.W4 B5y
    Birth of a language DVD PE1075 .B617 2004y
    Birth of a nation DVD PN1997 .B549 2009
    Birth of a nation Video PN1997 .B549
    Bitter sugar Video PN1997 .A97 1997y
    Bizet's carmen Video ML50 .B625 B59 1987y
    Black athlete: winners or losers Video GV347 .B627 1990y
    Black holes Video QB843 .B55 B627 1997y
    Black is -- black ain't Video E185.625 .B555 1995y
    Black Jesus Video PN1997 .B5 1997x
    Black Orpheus Video PN1997 .O74 1990y
    Black pirate Video PN1997 .B553 1996
    Black stallion Video PN1997 .B555 1998y
    Black women writers Video PS153 .N5 B53 1992y
    Blade runner DVD PN1995.9.S26 B5334 2007
    Blaue engel DVD PT2625.A43 P724 1930y 2 DVDs
    Blazing saddles DVD PN1995.9.C55 B55 2004y
    Blechtrommel DVD PN2654 .B55 2004 2 DVDs
    Blechtrommel Video PN2654 .B55 1996y
    Blood diamond DVD PN1995.9 .S87 B5663 2007 2 DVDs
    Blood of Jesus Video PN1995.9 .N4 B59 1994y
    Blood of my blood DVD PN1997.2 .S26 2008
    Blow out DVD PN1997 .B56 2001y
    Blowup Video PN1995.9 .F67 B56 1991y
    Blue angel DVD PT2625.A43 P724 1930y 2 DVDs
    Blue Hawaii Video PN1997 .B586 1997x
    Blue velvet DVD PN1997 .B588 2002
    Body and soul Video PN1995.9 .N4 B62 1994y
    Body language: cultural differences DVD BF637.N66 B62 2007y
    Bolero Video MT130 .R3 B65y
    Bonfire of the vanities DVD PN1997 .B64 1999
    Bonnie and Clyde DVD PN1995.9 .G3 B65 1997
    Bonnie and Clyde Video PN1995.9 .G3 B65y
    Bony fishes Video QL618.2 .B641 1981x
    Borges and I Video PQ7797 .B635 Z4619y
    Born on the Fourth of July DVD PN1995.9 .W3 B67 2000y
    Born yesterday DVD PN1997 .B678 1999y
    Bostonians Video PS2116 .B6 1985y
    Boucher DVD PN1997 .B688 2003y
    Bound DVD PN1995.9 .G3 B683
    Boundaries of time Video ND588 .F75 C3 1991y
    Bout de souffle DVD PN1997 .B741 2001y
    Bowling for Columbine DVD HV7436 .B59 2003y
    Boy's choir DVD PN1997.2 .B697 2006
    Boyz 'n the hood Video PN1997 .B697 1992y
    Brady bunch movie DVD PN1992.8.C66 B7299 2003x
    Brady bunch: the complete first season DVD PN1992.8.C66 B729 2005x 4 DVDs
    Brady bunch: the complete fourth season DVD PN1992.8.C66 B729 2005x 4 DVDs
    Brady bunch: the complete second season DVD PN1992.8.C66 B729 2005x 4 DVDs
    Brady bunch: the complete third season DVD PN1992.8.C66 B729 2005x 4 DVDs
    Bram Stoker's Dracula DVD PN1997 .B71 2007 2 DVDs
    Braveheart DVD PN1997 .B7234 2007 2 DVDs
    Braveheart Video PN1997 .B7234 1996y 2 videos
    Breaker Morant Video PN1997 .B74 1985x
    Breakfast at Tiffany's DVD PN1997 .B7405 2009 2 DVDs
    Breathless DVD PN1997 .B741 2001y
    Bride of Frankenstein Video PN1995.9 .F8 B75 1991y
    Bridge on the River Kwai DVD PN1997 .B742 2000
    Bridge on the River Kwai Video PN1997 .B742 1997y
    Brief history of time DVD QH981 .H377 2004y
    Bringing up baby DVD PN1997 .B746 2005 2 DVDs
    Bringing up Baby Video PN1997 .B746 1996y
    Broadway melody Video PN1997 .B76 1989y
    Broadway, the American musical DVD ML1711.8.N3 B76 2004y 3 DVDs
    Broadway, the golden age DVD PN2277.N5 B763y
    Broadway's lost treasures vol.1 DVD M1505 .B76 2003y
    Broadway's lost treasures vol.2 DVD M1505 .B862 2004y
    Broadway's lost treasures vol.3 DVD M1505 .B862 2005y
    Broken embraces DVD PN1997.2 .A35 2010
    Broken silence DVD PN1997.2 .S59 2004y
    Brother minister: the assassination of Malcolm X: El-Hajj Malik Shabazz DVD E185.97.L5 B768 1995y
    Brothers Quay collection Video PN1995.9 .E96 B76 1999y
    Buche DVD PN1995.9.F78 B852 2002x
    Buchse der Pandora DVD PN1997 .P36 2006 2 DVDs
    Buck Privates Video PN1995.9 .C55 B835 1991y
    Buena Vista Social Club DVD M1681 .C918 B83 1999
    Building a house DVD TH4811 .B824 2004y
    Building materials Video TA403.6 .B868 1995x
    Bullitt DVD PN1997 .B85 2005y 2 DVDs
    Burke's law Video PN1992.77 .B917 1997
    Burnt money DVD PN1995.9.G3 B873y
    Bushi no ichiban DVD PN1997.2 .B8745 2008
    Business of sex DVD HQ144 .P76 2006x
    Butcher DVD PN1997 .B688 2003y
    Bye-Bye Video PN1995.9.F67 B94 1997y
    Byzantium: the lost empire DVD DF552 .B993 2003y 2 DVDs
    Cabaret DVD PN1997 .C32 2003
    Cabaret Video M1527 .C32 1997y
    Cabinet des Dr. Caligari Video PN1997 .C18 1984y
    Cabinet of Dr. Caligari DVD PN1997 .C18 2002
    Café Lumiere DVD PN1997.2 .C34 2005y
    Callejon de los milagros DVD PN1997 .C183 2004
    Camelot DVD PN1992.77 .C364568 2007y
    Camila: love against all odds DVD PN1997 .C333 2002y
    Camille Claudel Video PN1997 .C1855 1998y
    Campus, a place apart Video NA705 .P7 1986 y
    Candidate DVD PN1995.9.P6 C36 1997y
    Candide DVD M1500 .B5365 C3 2005y
    Cane Toads Video QL668 .E227 C36 1987y
    Captured light DVD TR642 .C25 2008
    Carlito's way DVD PN1997 .C378 2005
    Carmen DVD PN1995.9.W6 C37646 2008
    Carmen Video ML50 .B625 B59 1987y
    Carmen Jones Video PN1995.9 .M86 O83 1994y
    Carousel DVD PN1995.9.M86 C37 2006y
    Casa de Bernarda Alba DVD PQ6613.A763 C33 2005
    Casablanca DVD PN1995.9 .F54 C352 1999y
    Casper (Spanish language version) Video PN1995.9 .C55 C37 1995y
    Casshern DVD PN1995.9 .S26 C3774 2007
    Cast away DVD PN1997 .C379 2003 2 DVDs
    Casualties of war DVD DS557.73 .C378 2006
    Cat women of the moon Video PN1997 .C38 1991x +2 pairs of 3-D glasses
    Cavalcade Video PN1995.7 .C38 1993y
    Cell next door DVD HV6433.C2 F76 2007y
    Century: America's time Video E741 .C46 1999y 6 videos
    Ceremonie DVD PR6068.E63 J82 2004y
    Challenge cases Video RC473 .D54 C47 1997y
    Chameleon Street Video PN1997 .C448 1992x
    Chanel: fashion passes, style remains Video TT505 .C4 C43 1991y
    Changing sexes: female to male DVD HQ77.7 .C432 2002y
    Chariots of fire Video PN1997.85 .C42 1991y
    Charlemagne Video DC73 .C43 1994y
    Charley Chase collection DVD PN1997 .C4433 2004y
    Charlie Chaplin film festival #2 Video PN1997 .C45 1985x
    Charlie's angels: angels under covers Video PN1992.77 .C4 1997x
    Charme discret de la bourgeoisie DVD PN1997 .C443y 2 DVDs
    Chasing El Nino Video GC296.8 .E4 C43 1998
    Chateau de ma mere Video PQ2631 .A26 Z52 1999y
    Che DVD F1788.22.G84 C44 2008y
    Chess in concert DVD PN1995.9 .M86 C48 2009
    Chicano!: History of the Mexican American civil rights movement Video E184 .M5 R634 1996y 4 videos + 3 booklets
    Chihuly DVD collection DVD NK5198.C43 C45 2003y 4 DVDs
    Children of men DVD PN1995.9 .S87 C4553 2007
    Children of paradise DVD PN1997 .E563 2002y
    Children of the century DVD PN1995.9.B55 E28 2003x
    China rising Video DS774 .C47 1996y 3 videos
    China: dynasties of power Video DS715 .C44 1995y
    Chinatown DVD PN1997 .C47 2007
    Chinatown Video PN1997 .C47 1974bx
    Christmas story DVD PN1997 .C4757 2006
    Churchill: the private war Video D736 .W3756 1997 v.4
    Chushingura: the loyal 47 Samurai DVD PN1997 .C476 2000y
    Ciegna DVD PN1997.2 .C546 2005y
    Cigarette commercials Video HF6161 .T6 C5 1996y
    Cimarron Video PN1997 .C56 2000y
    Cinderella Video PN1995.9 .M86 C5 2001y
    Cinema paradiso DVD PN1997 .C57 2011
    Cinema paradiso Video PN1997 .C57 1990
    Cinematographer style DVD PN1998.2 .C56 2008
    Ciske the rat Video PN1993.5 .N4 C497 1997x
    Citizen Kane DVD PN1997 .C58 2001 2 DVDs
    Citizen Kane Video PN1997 .C58 1996y
    City lights DVD PN1995.9 .C55 C47 2003 2 DVDs
    City lights Video PN1995.9 .C55 C47 1992
    Civil War DVD E468 .C57 2011 6 DVDs + booklet
    Civil War Video E468 .C57 1989y 9 videos + 3 booklets
    Civilisation Video CB68 .C55 1993y 7 videos
    Claire's knee DVD PN1995.9.F78 G4 1997y
    Class DVD PN1997.2 .C53 2009
    Classic commercials of 50's & 60's Video HF6146 .T42 C5 1994x
    Classically Georgian Video NA640 .C569 1998x
    Clockwork orange DVD PN1997 .C59 2007 2 DVDs
    Clockwork orange Video PN1997 .C59 1999y
    Close encounters of the third kind DVD PN1995.9 .S26 C58 2007 3 DVDs
    Close encounters of the third kind Video PN1995.9 .S26 C58 1998y
    Closet Video PN1997 .P50 2000x
    Coeur en hiver Video PN1997 .C637 S28y
    Color adjustment Video E185.615 .C64 1991y
    Color in everyday life DVD NK2115.5.C6 C65 2006y
    Color in everyday life Video NK2115.5 .C6 C64 1992y +2 booklets
    Color of money DVD PN1997 .C65 1999
    Color Purple DVD PS3573.A425 C66 1997y
    Comedy of errors Video PR2753 .A2 C6 1987y
    Comment je me suis dispute… ("ma vie sexuelle") DVD PN1997 .C662 2000y
    Commercial jingles Video HF6146 .T42 C65y
    Common Good: Social Welfare Video HV95 .F582 1990y +2 booklets
    Common wealth DVD PN1995.9.F67 C66 2000y
    Como agua para chocolate DVD PQ7298.15 .S638 C6613 2000
    Company DVD M1500 .S66 C66 2008
    Complete dramatic works of William Shakespeare DVD PR2754 .B86 37 DVDs
    Complete percussionist DVD MT655 .C66 2000y
    Comunidad DVD PN1995.9.F67 C66 2000y
    Conception to birth DVD RG525 .C66 2005y
    Conducting / teaching: real world strategies for success DVD MT85 .C46 2009
    Conducting techniques. Olga Geczy Video MT85 .G266 1997x +2 booklets
    Confucian tradition Video PL2956 .C66y 3 videos + guide
    Congress: a day in the life of a representative DVD JK1061 .C663 2003y
    Connections: an alternative view of change DVD T15 .C65 2001y 5 DVDs
    Contact DVD PN1995.9.S26 C653y
    Contacts DVD TR139 .C668 2004 3 DVDs
    Conte de printemps DVD PN1995.9.F78 C767 2002x
    Conte d'ete DVD PN1997 .C663 2000y
    Conversation DVD PN1997 .C668 2000y
    Cool Hand Luke DVD PS3566.E18 C62 1997y
    Cool world DVD PN1997 .C674
    Corbusier Video NA1053 .J4 C675 1986
    Corporation DVD HD2731 .C67 2005y
    Cosas que deje en la Habana DVD PN1995.9.C55 C6737 2005
    Countdown to the invisible universe Video QB44.2 .C68y
    Counterfeiters DVD PN1997.2 .F3573 2008
    Court jester DVD PN1997 .C678 1999y
    Cowboys of the Saturday Matinee Video PN1997 .A1 C68 1990x
    CPR/AED for the professional rescuer DVD RC87.9 .CF67 2006
    Cranes are flying Video PN1997 .C73 1996y
    Crash DVD PN1997.2 .C737 2005y
    Creating a healthy home Video TX324 .C86 1998x +guide
    Cria cuervos Video PN1997 .C742 1998y
    Crime of insanity DVD KF224 .T67 C75 2006y
    Crime of Padre Amaro DVD PN1997.2 .C75 2003y
    Crimen del Padre Amaro DVD PN1997.2 .C75 2003y
    Crimes of the heart Video PS3558 .E4962 C7 1987x
    Crisis of the cultural environment Video PN1992.6 .C75 1997y
    Crossing borders Video PQ7297 .F793 C76y
    Crouching tiger, hidden dragon DVD PN1995.9 .C47 C76 2001y
    Crow DVD PN1997 .C853
    Crowd Video PN1997 .C8853 1989y
    Crucible DVD PN1997 .C888 2004
    Culture clash on campus Video HM258 .N3 1996x
    Cutting edge DVD TR899 .C888 2005
    Cyrano de Bergerac DVD PQ2635 .O7 C94 2008
    Dadi and her family Video HQ1745 .D33y
    Dale Chihuly: glass master Video NK5198.C4 D35 2004y
    Dali Video N7113 .D3 D3y
    Dance, girl, dance DVD PN1995.9.M45 D3634 2007y
    Dancer in the dark Video PN1997 .D228 2001y
    Dances with wolves DVD PN1997 .D282 2006
    Dances with wolves Video PN1997 .D282 1999y
    Dancing in the light DVD GV1624.7 .A34 A44 2007y
    Dangerous liasons DVD PN1997 .D2852 1997
    Daremo shiranai DVD PN1997 .D3746 2004y
    Dark passages Video HT1322 .D3 1990x
    Darkbluealmostblack DVD PN1997.2 .D375 2007
    Das boot DVD PN1997 .B66 1997y
    Daughters of the dust Video E185.6 .D3y
    Day in the country Video PN1997 .D38 1993
    Day in the life of Joe Video NA2545.A3 D39 2001y
    Day of the dolphin DVD PN1997 .D3835 2005
    Day the earth stood still Video PN1997 .D39 1991
    Days of heaven DVD PN1997 .D397 2007y
    Dead Video PN1997 .D415y
    Dead man walking DVD PN1995.9 .H5 D43 1999y
    Dealing with social anxiety DVD RC552.S62 D4 2002y
    Dear America: letters home from Vietnam DVD DS559.5 .D43 1987y
    Death note DVD PN1997.2 .D43 2006
    Death of a salesman DVD PS3525 .I5156 D423 2002y
    Death of a salesman Video PN1997 .D43 1998y 2 videos
    Death of a star Video QB801 .D43y
    Deborah Tannen in-depth Video P120 .S48 D43 2001y
    Declining by degrees: higer education at risk DVD LA227.4 .D43 2005y
    Deer hunter DVD PN1995.9 .W3 D4 2005 2 DVDs
    Deer hunter Video PN1995.9 .W3 D4 1991 2 videos
    Def poetry: season 6 DVD PN4151 .D44 2008y 2 DVDs
    Deliverance DVD PN1995.9.A3 D45 2007
    De-Lovely DVD PN1995.9.B55 D384 2004x
    Demon woman DVD PN1997 .O6 2004y
    Denishawn: the birth of modern dance DVD GV1783 .D46 2006y
    Departed DVD PN1995.9.S87 D47 2007y
    Departures DVD PN1997.2 .D47 2009
    Dernier metro Video PN1997 .D452 1999y
    Dervishes, lovers of God DVD BP189.2 .D47y
    Designing a restaurant Video TX945 .D47 1998y
    Desperado DVD PN1997 .D47 2003
    Destination America DVD E184.A1 D47 2005y
    Dia de que me amen DVD PN1997.2 .D54 2005x
    Diane Arbus DVD TR140 .A73 D53 2006
    Diarios de motocicleta DVD PN1995.9.A3 M683 2005
    Die hard DVD PN1995.9 .T46 D54 2007 4 DVDs
    Die hard 2 DVD PN1995.9 .T46 D54 2007 4 DVDs
    Die hard with a vengeance DVD PN1995.9 .T46 D54 2007 4 DVDs
    Diet wars DVD RC628 .D54 2004y
    Dimanche a la campagne DVD PN1997 .D54y
    Diner de cons DVD PQ2682.E24 D56 2003y
    Dinner game DVD PQ2682.E24 D56 2003y
    Dinosaurs and their descendents Video QE862 .D5 D617x
    Directors DVD PN1998.2 .D57 2006
    Dirty Harry DVD PN1997 .D56 2008
    Dirty pictures DVD PN1997 .D57 2000
    Discovering Hamlet Video PR2807 .A23 O47 1998y
    Discovering the music of Japan DVD ML340 .D573 2004
    Discreet charm of the bourgeoisie DVD PN1997 .C443y 2 DVDs
    Dissolve DVD HV6561 .D577 2009
    Divide and conquer (Why we fight) Video PN1997 .W48 no. 3 1986x
    Dizzy doctors Video PN1995.9 .T5 D5 1996
    Do the right thing DVD PN1997 .D6 2001 2 DVDs
    Do the right thing Video PN1997 .D6 1990y
    Doctor atomic DVD M1500 .D7 2011 2 DVDs
    Doctor Zhivago Video PN1997 .D618 1995y 2 videos
    Doctored DVD RA395 .A3 D638 2012
    Dodsworth Video PN1997 .D626 1991y
    Dog day afternoon DVD PN1997 .D63 1997
    Doing morning meeting: the essential components DVD LB1592 .D642 2004y +guide
    Doing time: life inside the big house DVD HV9474 .L59 D65 2006
    Dokuritsu shonen gasshodan DVD PN1997.2 .B697 2006
    Dolls DVD PN1995.9 .J34 D65 2004
    Doll's house Video PN1997 .D65 1998y
    Doll's house Video PN1997 .D665 2000y
    Don Giovanni DVD M1500 .M87 D66y
    Donatello, 1386-1466 Video NB623 .D7 D65 1986y
    Don't forget DVD BF371 .D67 2004y
    Double indemnity DVD PN1995.9 .D4 D68 2006 2 DVDs
    Double indemnity Video PN1995.9 .D4 D68
    Downfall DVD PN1995.9.B55 D696 2005y
    Dr. Akagi DVD PN1997 .D694 2002y
    Dr. Strangelove, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb DVD PN1997 .D7 2001
    Dr. Strangelove, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb Video PN1997 .D7 1987y
    Dracula DVD PN1997 .D72 2006 2 DVDs
    Dracula Video PN1997 .D72 1991y
    Dream DVD GV1790 .D74 2004
    Dream houses Video NA705 .D7 1986y
    Dream of light Video PN1997 .A122 S65 1990y
    Dreamworlds 3 DVD PN1992.8 .M87 D744 2007
    Dreamworlds: desire/sex/power in music video DVD PN1992.8.M87 D743 2000y
    Dreigroschenoper DVD PN1997 .D745 1984y
    Dresser Video PR6058 .A73 D74 1995y
    Driving Miss Daisy DVD PN1997 .D74 1997
    Driving Miss Daisy Video PN1997 .D74 1989y
    Duck soup DVD PN1997 .D86
    Dust to dust DVD PN1997.2 .P67 2003
    E.T. the extra-terrestial Video PN1997 .E98 1996
    E.T. the extra-terrestrial DVD PN1997 .E98 2005
    Early cinema no.2 Video PN1997 .A1 E37x v.2
    Early cinema no.3 Video PN1997 .A1 E37x v.3
    Early English aloud and alive DVD PE1075 .E27 2003y
    East side story DVD PN1997 .E2425 2000
    East/west Video PN1995.9 .F67 E2 2000y
    Easy rider DVD PN1997 .E27 1999
    Easy rider Video PN1997 .E27 1998y
    Eclipse of the century Video QB544.91 .E28 1992y
    Eco-architecture Video NA7117.5 .E26 1997y
    Ed Sullivan show DVD ML421.B4 E37y
    Ed Wood DVD PN1998.3 .W6 E4 2004
    Edouard Manet Video ND553 .M L4 1989y
    Educational clinic series DVD MT733 .E83x
    Edukators DVD PN1997.2 .F48 2005
    Eel DVD PN1997 .U63 1998y
    Effective decision making in groups Video BF637 .L4 E33 1989y
    Egypt: quest for immortality Video DT60 .E49 1995y
    Eisenhower Video E835 .E37 1993y 2 videos
    El Cid Video PQ6049 .E6 1989y 2 videos
    El mariachi DVD PN1997 .M378 2003
    El Nino: drought to deluge Video GC296.8 .E4 N622 1992x
    El norte DVD PN1995.9 .H47 N67 1983
    Electronic storyteller: television and the cultivation of values Video PN1992.6 .E44 1997y
    Elements of design Video N7430 .E44 1996y
    Elizabeth Video PN1995.9 .H5 E5 1999
    Eloquent nude: the love and legacy of Edward Weston & Charles Wilson DVD TR140.W45 E49 2007
    Emma Video PN1997 .J337 1996y
    Emotion Video BF531 .E56 2001y
    Emperor and the assassin DVD PN1995.9.F67 L54 2000y
    En la cama DVD PN1995.9.C55 E5 2008
    En la puta vida DVD PN1997.2 .E5 2004y
    Endless summer Video GV840 .S8 E524 1990y
    Enemy of the people DVD PT8862 .A1 2002y
    Enfants du paradis DVD PN1997 .E563 2002y
    Enfants du siecle DVD PN1995.9.B55 E28 2003x
    English garden Video SB457.6 .E54 1999
    English goes underground DVD PE1075 .E58 2004y
    English house Video NA961 .E54 1999
    English patient Video PN1997 .E488 1997y
    Enhancing your presentations with media DVD LB1043 .E54 2006y
    Eno nakano bokuno mura Video PN1997 .A124 E56 1996y
    Ensemble diction: language and style Video MT883 .J78 E5 1995y
    Enter the dragon DVD PN1995.9.M37 E68 2004y 2 DVDs
    Entre nous Video PN1997 .E577 1998y
    Eres tu mi mama Video PC4115 .E318y
    Ergonomics and design Video TA166 .E75 2000y
    Erin Brockovich DVD PN1995.9 .J8 E7 2000y
    Espaldas mojadas DVD PN1997 .E8363 2003y
    Espiritu de la colmena DVD PN1997 .E87 E87 2006 2 DVDs
    Essential history of Germany Video DD232 .E873 1997y
    Est/Ouest Video PN1995.9 .F67 E2 2000y
    Etre et avoir DVD LB2832.4 .F8 E87 2004y
    Everything is a photograph: profile of Andre Kertesz DVD TR140 .K4 E943 2006
    Everything under the sun DVD DS36.85 .W574 1999x V.5
    Evil dead DVD PN1997 .E895 2007 3 DVDs
    Evil Dead II DVD PN1997 .E8952 2011
    Evita DVD PN1997 .E9 1998y
    Exiles DVD E98 .S67 E95 2009 2 DVDs
    Exorcist DVD PN1997 .E96 2010
    Expo: magic of the white city DVD T500.B1 E97 2005y
    Extra-martial sex DVD HQ806 .E87 2005x
    Extreme motherhood DVD HQ759 .E89 2009
    Eyes on the prize II: America at the racial crossroads 1965-1985 Video E185.615 .E942 1989y 8 videos
    Eyes on the prize: America's civil rights years DVD E185.61 .E93 2010 3 DVDs
    Eyes on the prize: America's civil rights years Video E185.61 .E93 1986y 6 videos
    Faat Kine Video PN1995.9.W6 F43 2000y
    Face in the crowd DVD PN1997 .F23 2005
    Fahrenheit 9/11 DVD E902 .F347 2004y
    Falscher DVD PN1997.2 .F3573 2008
    False memories Video RC455.2 .F35 F198 2001x
    Family of wolves Video QL737 .C2 1990x
    Famous history of the life of King Henry the 8th Video PR2817 .A2 B757 1987y
    Fantasia DVD PN1997 .F365 2000
    Fantasia 2000 Video PN1997 .F3652 2000y +booklet
    Fargo DVD PN1997 .F37 2005
    Fargo Video PN1997 .F37 1996y
    Farnsworth House Video NA7238.P53 M586 1999x
    Fast times at Ridgemont High DVD PN1997.F359 H4 2004y
    Faust DVD PN1997.2 .M949 F275 2009
    FDR DVD E807 .F37 2006 2 DVDs
    FDR Video E807 .F37 1997 2 videos
    FDR, a presidency revealed DVD E807 .F35 2005y 2 DVDs
    Fear of fat DVD RC552.E18 F43 2006y
    Federico Garcia Lorca: poet Video PQ6613 .A763 F4 1999y
    Femme d'a cote Video PN1997 .F42 1992x
    Femme fatale DVD PN1995.9 .D4 F345 2003
    Femmes aux yeux ouverts Video HQ1788 .F45 1994y
    Feng shui Video BF1779 .F4 F46 1999y
    Feng shui: the Chinese art of design and placement Video BF1779 .F4 F46 1995y
    Fernando Botero, the rebel DVD N6679 .B6 F47 2006
    Fetal abuse: effects of drugs/alcohol Video RG580 .D76 F48 1997y +guide
    Fetten Jahre sind vorbei! DVD PN1997.2 .F48 2005
    Fifth element DVD PN1995.9 .S26 F58 1997
    Fight club DVD PN1997 .F54 2000
    Fighting AIDS Video QR189.5 .A33 F468 2005x
    Fill me with water DVD PQ6672.A445 B352 2004
    Film parade Video PN1993.5 .U6 F54y
    Film unfinished DVD D765.2.W3 F55 2011
    Films of Charles and Ray Eames Video NK1535 .E12 E4 1989y
    Fils DVD PN1995.9.F67 F55 2004y
    Fils de l'epicier DVD PN1997.2 .G76 2008
    Finance Video HG152 .F563 2002y
    Finances of the grand duke DVD PN1997.2 .M949 F49 2009
    Finanzen des Groherzogs DVD PN1997.2 .M949 F49 2009
    Finding financial freedom with Jonathan Pond Video HG179 .F492 1995x
    Finding Nemo DVD PN1997.2 .F56 2003y 2 DVDs
    Finding Neverland Video PN1997.2 .F55 2005y
    Fires in the mirror: Crown Heights, Brooklyn and other identities Video PN1992.65 .F56 2003y
    First aid: responding to emergencies DVD RA645.5 .F57 2006 2 DVDs
    First World War DVD D521 .F57 2005y 4 DVDs +booklet
    Five easy pieces Video PN1997 .F56 1995
    Flags of our fathers DVD D743.23 .F53 2007y
    Flatland DVD QA699 .F53 2007y
    Flesh & paper Video PR9499.3 .N258 Z465 1990y
    Flood Video GB1399 .F4 1998y
    Flood of the millennium DVD GB1399.4.N9 F5 2003y
    Flower drum song DVD PN1995.9.M86 R634 2006
    Fly Video PN1995.9.H6 F59 1985y
    Flying deuces Video PN1997 .F58 1985x
    Fog of war: eleven lessons from the life of Robert S. McNamara DVD E840.4 .F68 2004y
    Folklorico: Ballet de Mexico Video GV1627 .F64 1989y
    Fool for love DVD PN1997 .F588 2004y
    Foolish wives DVD PN1995.75 .F66 2000
    For all mankind Video TL799 .M6 F6 1992y
    Forbidden planet Video PN1997 .F66 1996x
    Foreign correspondent Video PN1997 .F67 1999
    Forget me not DVD PN1995.9 .D35 F763 2006
    Forgotten genocide Video DS195.5 .F67 1975y
    Forrest Gump DVD PN1997 .F674 2006 2 DVDs
    Forrest Gump Video PN1997 .F674 1996y
    Fosse DVD GV1785 .F67 F67 2001y
    Founding fathers DVD E302.5 .F68 2000y 2 DVDs
    Four horseman of the Apocalypse Video PN1997 .F694 1996y
    Four rooms DVD PN1997 .F696 2011
    Fram Arabic to Latin DVD DS36.85 .W574 1999x V.7
    Francis Bacon Video ND497 .B16 F73 1985y
    Frank Gehry: an architecture of joy Video NA737 .G44 2000x
    Frank Lloyd Wright DVD NA737 .W7 F72 1998y
    Frankenstein DVD PN1995.9 .H6 F73 1999
    Frankenstein Video PN1995.9 .H6 F73 1991y
    Frederick Douglass: when the lion wrote history Video E449 .D75 F76
    French connection DVD PN1997 .F73 2004
    French connection Video PN1997 .F73 1992y
    French Revolution DVD DC148 .F716 2005
    French revolution DVD DC148 .F87 1990y
    French singers Video M1731.18 .F46 1996y
    Frescoes of Diego Rivera Video ND259 .R5 F74 1986y
    Frida DVD PN1997.2 .F74 2003y 2 DVDs
    Frida Kahlo DVD ND259 .K33 F74 2004x
    Frida Kahlo Video ND259 .K33 F74 1983y
    Fritz Lang epic collection DVD PN1997.A1 F75 2004y 4 DVDs
    Fritz Scholder DVD N6537 .S358 F75 2003
    From dusk till dawn DVD PN1997 .F735 2000
    From here to eternity DVD PN1997 .F74 2001
    From here to eternity Video PN1997 .F74 1989y
    From information to wisdom? Video Q335 .F76 1996y
    From moccasins to main street: a journey down the Old Chicago Road DVD TE24.M5 F76 2006y
    Frontline world: stories from a small planet DVD DS119.76 .F76 2006y 5/9/06
    Frontline world: stories from a small planet DVD HV6433.C2 F76 2007y 1/30/07
    Frontline: confessions DVD KF9664 .C63 2010
    Frontline: death by fire DVD HV8699 .U6 T4 2010
    Frontline: inside japan's nuclear meltdown DVD TK1365 .J3 I57 2012
    Frontline: kill/capture DVD HV6432 .K55 2011
    Frontline: perfect terrorist DVD HV6433 .I4 F76 2012
    Frontline: released DVD RC455.4 .S67 R45 2009
    Frontline: the interrogator DVD HV6431 .In8 2011
    Frontline: top secret America DVD HV6432 .T67 2011
    Fruit of dreams Video HD1527 .M5 F7x
    Funeral DVD PN1995.9 .C55 F86 1986y
    Fur: an imaginary portrait of Diane Arbus DVD PN1995.9 .M45 F87 2007
    Future of American children: policy issues for the year 2000 Video HQ792 .U5 F8 1994x
    G.I. Jane DVD PN1997 .G5 1998
    Gagaku Video M1812 .G3435 1989
    Game of chess with Marcel Duchamp Video ND553 .D774 G3 1987y
    Gandhi Video PN1997 .G36y 2 videos
    Gangs of New York DVD PN1995.9 .H5 G3647 2003 2 DVDs
    Garbo silents collection DVD PN1997.A1 G37 2005y
    Garden and the grid Video NA705 .P7 1986y
    Gasland DVD TN881 .A1 G373 2010
    Gate of hell Video PN1997 .G37 1992y
    Gaudi Video NA1313 .G3 G38 1992y
    Gender and communication Video HM258 .G46 2001y
    Gender and relationships Video P96 .S48 G285 2002x
    Gender and sexuality Video HQ60 .G46 2001y
    General DVD PN1997 .G448 2008 2 DVDs
    General Video PN1997 .G448 1995x
    Generalized anxiety disorder DVD RC531 .G46 2003y
    Genou de Claire DVD PN1995.9.F78 G4 1997y
    Genroku chushingura DVD PN1997 .C485 1999y
    Gentleman's agreement Video PN1995.7 .G46 1993y
    Gentlemen's clubs Video HQ144 .G46 1996y
    George Washington: the man who wouldn't be king DVD E312 .G4 2011
    George Washington: the man who wouldn't be king Video E312 .G4 1992y
    Germans: portrait of a new nation Video HC286.8 .G47 1995y
    Germinal Video PN1997 .G47y 2 videos
    Get out your handkerchiefs DVD PN1997 .G468 2002y
    Getting any DVD PN1997.A124 M56 2002y
    Ghost Video PN1997 .G46 1990y
    Ghost in the shell DVD PN1997.A23 G5465y
    Ghosts of Rwanda DVD DT450.435 .G56 2004y
    Giant DVD PN1997 .G52 2005 2 DVDs
    Giant Video PN1997 .G52 1990y 2 videos
    Giant awakes Video HC427.92 .G52 1998y 3 videos
    Gigi Video PN1997 .G57 1998y
    Gimme the power DVD PN1997.2 .T636 2003
    Giotto and the pre-Renaissance Video ND623 .G6 G6 1986y
    Glacier on the move Video GB2405 .G5 1985y
    Gladiator DVD PN1995.9 .E79 G5 2003
    Gloire de mon pere Video PQ2631 .A26 Z53 1998y
    Glories of medieval art Video N611 .C6 G5 1989y
    Go-between Video PN1997 .G625 1996y
    Goda viljan Video PN1997 .A122 G63 1997y 2 videos
    Godfather DVD PN1997 .G581 2008
    Godfather Video PN1997 .G581 1990 2 videos
    Godfather pt.II DVD PN1997 .G582 2008
    Godfather pt.II Video PN1997 .G582 1997 2 videos
    Godfather pt.III DVD PN1997 .G583 2008
    Godfather pt.III Video PN1997 .G583 1991 2 videos
    Godzilla DVD PN1995.9.G63 G65573 2006y 2 DVDs
    Gohatto DVD PN1997 .T114 2002x
    Going Hollywood Video PN1997 .G64 1988
    Going my way Video PN1997 .G64 1994y
    Gojira DVD PN1995.9.G63 G65573 2006y 2 DVDs
    Gold rush DVD PN1995.9 .C55 G6 2003 2 DVDs
    Gold rush Video PN1995.9 .C55 G6 1925y
    Gold rush Video PN1997 .G647 1984y
    Gold rush Video PN1997 .G647 1985y
    Goldfinger Video PR6056 .L4 G6 1995x
    Gone with the wind DVD PN1995.9 .W3 G66 1999
    Gone with the wind Video PN1995.9 .W3 G66 1990y 2 videos
    Good bye Lenin! DVD PN1997 .G592 2004y
    Good eats with Alton Brown: whet your appetite DVD TX651 .G592 2005 3 DVDs
    Good man DVD GV1785 .J55 B552 2011
    Good morning DVD PN1995.9 .F35 G6 2000y
    Good will hunting DVD PN1997 .G66 1997y
    Good, the bad and the ugly DVD PN1995.9 .W4 G663 2007 2 DVDs
    Goodfellas DVD PN1995.9 .G3 G66 2007
    Gosford Park DVD PN1997 .G6485
    Gospel at Colonus DVD M1500 .T46 G68 2008
    Goya Video N7113 .G6 G6 1986y
    Graduate DVD PN1997 .G7 2007
    Graduate Video PN1997 .G7y
    Grand hotel Video PN1997 .G73 1997y
    Grapes of wrath DVD PS3537 .T3234 G7 2004
    Grapes of wrath Video PS3537 .T3234 G7 1984y
    Grave of the fireflies DVD PN1997 .H678 2002y 2 DVDs
    Great depression Video E806 .G73 1993y 7 videos + guide
    Great dictator Video PN1997 .G74 1985x
    Great Gatsby DVD PS3511.I9 G743y
    Great Hollywood memories Video PN1993.5 .U65 G64x 2 videos
    Great Indian wars DVD E81 .G74 2005y 3 DVDs
    Great kings of England Video DA28.1 .G7 1998x 5 videos
    Great mansions of Europe: Belgium Video NA7725 .B411 1995x
    Great mansions of Europe: Denmark Video NA7730 .D417 1995x
    Great mansions of Europe: England Video NA7745 .E34 1995x
    Great mansions of Europe: Ireland Video NA7745 .I2 1995x
    Great mansions of Europe: Sweden Video NA7780 .S32 1995x
    Great mansions of Europe: The Netherlands Video NA7750 .N382 1995x
    Great philosophers Video B72 .G735 1997y 4 videos
    Great war and the shaping of the 20th century Video D521 .G732 1996y 8 videos
    Greatest show on earth Video PN1997 .G68915 1992y 2 videos
    Greatest story every told Video PN1995.9 .B53 G7 1990y 2 videos
    Greece: moment of excellence Video DF77 .G73 1995y
    Green acres v.1 Video PN1992.77 .G73 G73 v.1
    Greene & Greene: the art of architecture DVD NA737 .G73 2003x
    Grey gardens DVD CT3260 .B43 2006
    Greystoke DVD PN1997 .G75 2004
    Grindhouse DVD PN1995.9 .S87 G884 2007 2 DVDs
    Grocer's son DVD PN1997.2 .G76 2008
    Groundhog day DVD PN1997 .G76 2002y
    Grudge DVD PN1995.9.H6 G885 2005y
    Guess who's coming to dinner DVD PN1997 .G84 2008 2 DVDs
    Guess who's coming to dinner Video PN1997 .G84 1987y
    Guns, germs, and steel DVD HM206 .G86 2005y
    Hable con ella DVD PN1997.2 .H3354 2003
    Hallelujah DVD PN1995.9.N4 H35545 2006
    Halloween DVD PN1997 .H35 1978y
    Hamlet DVD PR2807 .A23 2000
    Hamlet DVD PR2807 .A23 2007 2 DVDs
    Hamlet DVD PR2807 .A23 2010
    Hamlet Video PR2807 .A23 1992 2 videos
    Hamoun Video PN1997 .H356 1993y
    Hana: the tale of a reluctant samuri DVD PN1997.2 .H363 2005
    Handmaid's tale DVD PN1997 .H36 2001y
    Happenstance DVD PN1997 .B345 2001y
    Happiness of the Katakuris DVD PN1997.2 .K383 2001y
    Happy feet DVD PN1195.9.A5 H3779 2007y
    Happy reading! DVD LB1525.7 .H37 2006y 2 DVDs +guide
    Harlan: in the shadow of Jew Suss DVD PN1998.3 .H368 H37 2010
    Harley Davidson and the Marlboro man DVD PN1995.9.A3 H37 2001y
    Harmonists DVD PN1997 .H276 2002y
    Harold and Maude DVD PN1997 .H37 2000
    Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets DVD PN1995.9.F36 H3773 2003y
    Harry Potter and the deathly hallows pt. 2 DVD PN1995.9.F36 H37795 2011
    Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Pt.1 DVD PN1995.9 .F36 H3779 2011
    Harry Potter and the goblet of fire DVD PN1995.9.F36 H3777 2006y
    Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince DVD PN1995.9 .F36 H37785 2009
    Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix DVD PN1995.9.F36 H3778 2007y
    Harry Potter and the prisoner of Azkaban DVD PN1995.9.F36 H3775 2004y
    Harry Potter and the sorcerer's stone DVD PN1995.9.F36 H377 2002y
    Harvey DVD PN1997 .H378 2000
    Hatachi no binetsu DVD PN1997 .H3848 2005
    Hate Video PN1997 .H283 K28y
    Haunted castle DVD PN1997.2 .M949 H293 2009
    Hawaiians Video DU625 .H3 1996x 2 videos
    Hawaii's last queen Video E185.93 .H3 H3 1997y
    He said, she said: gender, language and communication Video P96 .S48 H4 2001y +guide
    Headless woman DVD PN1997.2 .H43 2009
    Healing and the mind DVD R726.5 .H42 2009 3 DVDs
    Heart in winter Video PN1997 .C637 S28y
    Heiress Video PN1997 .H45 W85y
    Helen Hardin DVD N6537 .H347 H45 2003
    Helene Cixous DVD PQ2663.I9 Z48 2003y
    Hell DVD PN1995.9.H6 J54658y
    Hell's Hinges Video PN1997 .H443 1985y
    Helping skills in practice DVD BF637.C6 H464 2009
    Henri Cartier-Bresson DVD TR140 .C295 H46 2006
    Henrik Ibsen collection DVD PT8895 .H46 2007 6 DVDs
    Henry Fielding's Tom Jones Video PR3452 .H46 1998y 6 videos
    Henry IV Video PR2810 .A2 B34 1987y 2 videos
    Henry V DVD PR2812.A23 H4 2000y
    Hidden Blade DVD PN1995.9 .M27 H53346 2006
    Hidden fortress DVD PN1997 .K345 2001y
    High and low DVD PN1997 .T46 1998y
    High fidelity DVD PN1995.9 .C55 H53 2000
    High Noon DVD PN1997 .H51945 2002
    High noon Video PN1997 .H51945 1997y
    High plains drifter DVD PN1995.9 .W4 H545 2003
    His girl Friday Video PN1997 .H57 1991y
    Historical renovations DVD NA7123 .H57 2004y
    History detectives: season 8, episode 803 DVD E178 .H57 2010
    History detectives: season 8, episode 803 DVD E178 .H57 2010
    History of Adele H. Video PN1997 .H57 1999y
    History of black achievement in America DVD E185 .H57 2005y 4 DVDs
    History of God Video BT98 .H57 2001y
    History of rock 'n' roll DVD ML3534 .H57 2004y 5 DVDs + booklet
    History of women's achievement in America DVD CT3260 .H57 2006y 4 DVDs
    Hit the road Video PN1997 .H52 1996x
    Hitler: portrait of a tyrant Video D736 .W3756 1997 v.3
    Hitler's master race: the mad dream of the S.S. Video D736 .W3756 1997 v.6
    Holo mai Pele Video GR110 .H38 H65 2001y
    Hooked: illegal drugs and how they got that way DVD HV5825 .H66 2002y 2 DVDs
    Hoop dreams DVD GV884.A1 H66 2005y
    Hoosiers Video PN1997 .H66 1986y
    Horatio Hornblower DVD PN1992.77 .H67 2005y 8 DVDs
    Hotaru no haka DVD PN1997 .H678 2002y 2 DVDs
    House Video NA7125 .H68 2002y
    House of Bernarda Alba DVD PQ6613.A763 C33 2005
    House of Bernarda Alba Video PQ6613 .A763 C33y
    House of the spirits DVD PN1997 .H679 2001
    House styles DVD NA7105 .H816 2001x
    Houses of mystery: Cathedrals Video NA4830 .C28 2000y
    How about atoms and molecules? Video QD452 .D87 1990x 2 videos + script
    How difficult can this be? DVD LC4704 .H68 2004y +guide
    How green was my valley DVD PR6023 .L47 H78 2002
    How green was my valley Video PR6023 .L47 H78 1993y
    How I got into an argument… ("my sex life") DVD PN1997 .C662 2000y
    How the Earth was made: Loch Ness DVD QE28.3 .H693 2008
    How the West was won Video PN1997 .H688 1995y 2 videos
    How to avoid investment scams Video HV6695 .H69 1997y
    How to invest in mutual funds Video HG4930 .H6 1994y
    How to marry a millionaire Video PN1997 .H68 1992x
    How to plan your estate (or inheritance) Video KF750 .H83 1993x
    How to teach for critical thinking Video LB1590.3 .P7 1993x 9 videos + guide
    How Wall Street works Video HG4521 .H68 1999y
    Howdy doody show vol.4 DVD PN1992.77 .H680 2000y
    Hula girls DVD PN1997.2 .H853 2007 2 DVDs
    Human communications theory Video P94.7 .H86 1998y
    Human language series Video P106 .H85 1995 3 VHS
    Human resources DVD PN1997 .R4748 2004y
    Hunchback of Notre Dame Video PQ2288 .A32 1984y
    Hurricane Video QC944 .H8 1997y
    Hurricane! Video QC945 .H86 1989y
    Hurt locker DVD PN1997.2 .H87 2010
    I do DVD PN1997.2 .I5 2009
    I love you again Video PN1997 .I 1993x
    I, the worst of all DVD PN1997 .Y653y
    I.M. Pei DVD NA712 .I2 2003y
    I.O.U.S.A. DVD HJ7537 .I68 2009
    Ichi the killer DVD PN1997.2 .K67 2003y 2 DVDs
    ID Video PN1997 .P54 1998y
    If Video PN1997 .I35 1989y
    Ike Video E836 .E5 1997y 2 videos
    Im Juli DVD PN1997 .I40 2004x
    Imitation of life DVD PN1997 .I44 2004y
    Immortal beloved Video PN1997 .I446 1995y
    Importance of being Earnest DVD PR5818 .I4 2002y
    In a lonely place DVD PN1997 .I5 2003y
    In bed DVD PN1995.9.C55 E5 2008
    In cold blood DVD PN1997 .I52 2003
    In July DVD PN1997 .I40 2004x
    In our own words Video RC552 .A5 I6 1993 +guide
    In search of clarity: the architecture of Gwathmey Siegel Video NA737.G95 I6 1995y
    In search of the first language Video P131 .I5y
    In the heat of the night DVD PN1995.9 .D4 I5 2008
    In the heat of the night Video PN1995.9 .D4 I5 1998
    In the Navy Video PN1997 .I5453 1991y
    In the realm of the senses DVD PN1997 .A317 2009
    In the time of the butterflies DVD PN1997.2 .I527 2002
    Inca: secrets of the ancestors Video F3429 .I63 1995y
    Incident at Vichy DVD PS3525 .I5156 I5 2002y
    Inconscientes DVD PN1995.9.C55 U53667
    Inconvenient truth DVD QC981.8.G56 I53 2006y
    India and the infinite: soul of a people Video DS423 .I49 1997y
    Indiana Jones and the last crusade Video PN1997 .I648y
    Indochine Video PN1995.9 .L6 I6 1993y
    Infinite voyage: geometry of life Video QH430 .I3x
    Ingmar Bergman makes a movie DVD PN1997 .A1 B533 2003
    Inquiry circles in elementary classrooms DVD LB1027.23 .H37 2010
    Inside death row DVD HV8699 .U6 T456 2009
    Inside Hamas DVD DS119.76 .F76 2006y
    Inside Supermax DVD HV9475 .C22 K475 2007
    Interpreting nonverbal communication DVD P99.5 .I57 2004y
    Interrupters DVD HN80 .C5 F76 2012
    Into the woods DVD M1500.S66 I5 1999y
    Intolerance DVD PN1997 .I58 2002
    Intolerance Video PN1997 .I58 1990y 2 videos
    Introduction to designing experiments DVD BF181 .I58 2006y
    Introduction to interior design Video NK2115 .I55 2004y
    Introduction to universal design Video NA2545 .P5 U539 1994y
    Invasion of the body snatchers Video PN1997 .I682 1988y
    Invention DVD PN1997.A1 I58 2000y
    Investigative reports: IRS horror stories Video HJ5018 .K967 1999y
    Invisible man DVD PN1997 .I6858
    Iron and silk Video DS712 .S245 1991y
    Is there a gene for happiness? Video QH431 .I8 2003y
    Islam DVD BP161.2 .I8 2003y
    Islam and Christianity DVD BP163. .I8 2003y
    Islam, empire of faith DVD BP50 .I74 2005y
    Islam, the faith and people Video BP50 .I85 1991y +guide
    Islamic Center of Greater Toledo Video NA4670 .I86 2000y
    Islamic Spain Video DP102 .I853 2000y
    Island of temples DVD M1824 .I53 I85
    Israel's shattered dreams Video DS109.9 .I77 1990y
    It DVD PN1997 .I8 2003y
    It happened one night DVD PN1995.9 .C55 I8 1999
    It happened one night Video PN1995.9 .C55 I8 1993
    It's a wonderful life DVD PN1995.9.C5113 I9 2006
    It's a wonderful life Video PN1995.9 .C5113 I9 1995y
    Ivanhoe Video PN1995.9 .H5 S57 1997y 6 videos
    Jacob's ladder DVD PN1997 .J236 1998
    Jacques Derrida DVD B809.6 .J337 2004y
    Jailhouse rock DVD PN1997 .J295 2000y
    James Clavell's Shogun DVD PN1992.8.F5 S554 2003y 5 DVDs
    Jane Eyre DVD PN1992.77 .J364 2007y
    Janet Fish paints Video ND1392.6 .F57 1993y
    Japan 2000 Video DS835 .J355 1998y 4 videos
    Jaws DVD PN1997 .J38 2005 2 DVDs
    Jaws Video PN1997 .J38 1997y
    Jazz DVD ML3508 .J378 2010 10 DVDs
    Jazz Video ML3508 .J378 2000y 10 videos
    Jazz on a summer's day Video ML3506 .J44 1987y
    Jazz singer DVD PN1997 .J353 2007
    Jazz singer Video PN1997 .J353 1991
    Jean de Florette Video PN1997 .J4 2000y
    Jenseits der stille DVD PN1997 .J43 1999y
    Jerusalem: city of Heaven Video DS109.9 .J47 1997y
    Jesus Video BT301.2 .J4y
    Jew Seuss DVD PT2611 .E85 J722 2008
    Jew Suss DVD PT2611 .E85 J722 2008
    Jezebel DVD PN1997 .J494 2006
    Jigoku DVD PN1995.9.H6 J54658y
    Jihad: the men and ideas behind al Qaeda DVD BP182 .J54 2007y
    Jing ke ci quin wang DVD PN1995.9.F67 L54 2000y
    Jisatsu sakuru DVD PN1997.2 .J573 2006
    John F. Kennedy's lost pathway to peace Video E842 .J64 1985y
    Jonathan Miller on acting in opera Video MT956 .J66 1987y
    Jose Limon DVD GV1783 .J67 2002
    Jose Marti & Cuba Libre Video PQ7389 .M2 Z569 2002y
    Joseph Campbell and the power of myth Video BL304 .J674 1988y 6 videos
    Joy Luck Club DVD PN1997 .J694 2000y
    Jud Su DVD PT2611 .E85 J722 2008
    Jud Suss DVD PT2611 .E85 J722 2008
    Julius Caesar Video PR2808 .A23 1987
    Jumanji (Spanish language version) Video PN1995.9 .C4 J85 1996x
    Jungfrukallan DVD PN1997 .J8644 2006
    Juno DVD PN1995.9.C55 J866 2008y
    Jurassic Park DVD PN1995.9 .A3 J8737 2005 3 DVDs
    Jusannin no shikaku DVD PN1997.2 .T45 2011
    JVC vicdeo anthology of world music and dance Video M1627 .J3 1990y 30 videos + 9 guides
    Kagemusha, the shadow warrior Video PN1995.9 .S24 K3 1990y
    Kaidan DVD PN1995.9.F67 K83 2000y
    Kakushi toride no san akunin DVD PN1997 .K345 2001y
    Kakushiken oni no tsume DVD PN1995.9 .M27 H53346 2006
    Kamikaze girls DVD PN1993.5.J3 N3527 2005y
    Kamikaze: mission of death Video D736 .W3756 1997 v.7
    Kanzo sensei DVD PN1997 .D694 2002y
    Karibu: "Welcome" in Swahili Video BV3625 .K4 1992x
    Katakurike no kofuku DVD PN1997.2 .K383 2001y
    Katherine Graham: pillar of The Post Video Z473.G7 K38 1997y
    Kayapo: out of the forest Video F2520.1 .C45 K3 1989
    Keeping teams together Video HD66 .K44 1993y
    Kennedys DVD E843 .K43 K4 2009 2 DVDs
    Kennedys Video E843 .K43 K4 1997y 2 videos
    Kennedys of Massachusetts Video CT274 .F58 G66 1995x 3 videos
    Kennel murder case Video PN1995.9 .D4 K46 1933y
    Key constitutional concepts DVD KF5130.S9 K3 2006y
    Kid ability: one and two DVD HV1568 .K53 2001y
    Kidnapped by UFOs? Video TL789.3 .K44 1996y
    Kids return DVD PN1995.9 .J67 K599 2000y
    Kikujiro DVD PN1997 .K55 2000x
    Kill Bill v.1 DVD PN1997.2 .K551 2004
    Kill Bill v.2 DVD PN1997.2 .K552 2004
    Killer DVD PN1997 .K56 2010 2 DVDs
    Killer Video PN1997 .K56 1994x
    Killer quake Video QE535.2 .K555 1994x
    Killers DVD PN1995.9.F54 K55 2003 2 DVDs
    Killer's kiss DVD PN1997 .K562 1999
    Killing screens: media & culture Video P96 .V5 K4 1994y
    Killing us softly 4 DVD HF5822 .K55 2010
    Killing us softly: advertising's image of women Video HF5822 .K55 2000y
    Kindred spirits: contemporary African-American artists Video N6538 .N5 K55 1992y
    King and I DVD PN1995.9.M86 K564 2006y
    King Kong DVD PN1997 .K564 2006
    King Kong Video PN1997 .K564 1992
    King Lear DVD PR2819 .A23 2009
    King Lear Video PR2819 .A23 1992y 2 videos
    King's speech DVD PN1997.2 .K56 2011
    Kirov classics DVD GV1786.K57 K53 2000y
    Kiss me Kate DVD M1500 .P67 K5 2003
    Kiss the girls DVD PN1997 .K568 1998
    Knack, and how to get it Video PN1997 .K53 1994y
    Knute Rockne, all American Video GV939 .R6 K6 1992y
    Koran: the holy book of Islam Video BP130 .K67 1995y
    Koroshiya DVD PN1997.2 .K67 2003y 2 DVDs
    Koyaanisqatsi DVD PN1995.9 .E96 K69 2002
    Koyaanisqatsi: life out of balance Video PN1995.9 .E96 K6 1983y
    Kramer vs. Kramer Video PN1997 .K7 1998y
    Kwaidan DVD PN1995.9.F67 K83 2000y
    La cage aux folles Video PN1995.7 .C33 2000y
    La dolce vita Video PN1997 .D58 1989y 2 videos
    Lab conformity DVD HV6534 .M38 L2 2006y
    Laberinto del fauno DVD PN1995.9.F36 P367 2007y
    Ladron que roba a ladron DVD PN1995.9.C55 L33766 2008y
    Lady Eve Video PN1997 .L328 1995y
    Landscape in the mist Video PN1997 .T632 1993y
    Language of life DVD PS325 .L36 2003y 8 DVDs
    Lassie come home Video PN1997 .L34 1997y
    Last emperor Video PN1997 .L32 1999y 2 videos
    Last Laugh DVD PN1997.2 .M949 L339 2009
    Last metro Video PN1997 .D452 1999y
    Last picture show DVD PN1997 .L377 1999y
    Last picture show Video PS3563 .A319 L37 1999y
    Last samurai DVD DS827 .L37 2003y 2 DVDs
    L'Atalante DVD PN1997 .A8513 2003y
    Latin beat DVD E184 .S75 L35 2003y
    L'Auberge espagnole DVD PN1997.A23 A883y
    Lawrence of Arabia DVD PN1997 .L396 2002
    Lawrence of Arabia Video PN1997 .L396 1992y 2 videos + booklet
    Lazarillo Video PQ6407 .A713 1960y
    LBJ DVD E847 .L23 2009
    LBJ Video E847 .L23 1991y 4 videos
    LBJ Video E847 .L23 1997y 2 videos
    League of their own DVD PN1997 .L415 1997
    Leben der anderen DVD PN1997.2 L58 2007y
    Legacy Video CB311 .L4 1991y 6 videos
    Legend of the bison Video QL737 .U53 L523 1990x
    Legend of the mountain man DVD PN1995.9 .D35 L44 2008
    Leonard Bernstein: reaching for the note Video ML410 .B53 L46 1998x
    Les miserables DVD M1503.S3685 M6 2008y
    Letters from Iwo Jima DVD D743.23 .L488477 2007y 2 DVDs
    Letzte Mann DVD PN1997.2 .M949 L339 2009
    Lewis & Clark: the journey of the Corps of Discovery DVD F592.7 .L679y
    L'histoire d' Adele H. DVD PN1997 .H578 2001
    Liaisons dangereuses DVD PQ1993 .L22 L5 2002y
    Liberation of KZ Dachau Video D805 .G3 L5y
    Liberty: the American Revolution Video E210 .L534 1997y 6 videos
    Life and legend of Sojourner Truth Video E185.97 .T8 L54 2001y
    Life and times of Frida Kahlo DVD ND259.K33 L54 2005y
    Life and times of Rosie the riveter Video D810 .W7 L5 1999y
    Life aquatic with Steve Zissou DVD PN1997.2 .L54 2005
    Life during Mesozoic times Video QE731 .L626 1990x
    Life during the Paleozoic Era Video QE914.5 .L626 1990x
    Life is beautiful DVD PN1997 .L574 2002y
    Life is rosy Video PN1997 .V53y
    Life is to whistle DVD PN1997 .L42 P45
    Life of Emile Zola Video PQ2528 .L54y
    Life of Henry the Fifth Video PR2812 .A23 B722 1987y
    Life of mammals DVD QL703 .L53 2003y 4 DVDs
    Life of mammals Video QL703 .L45 2002y 4 videos
    Life of Oharu Video PN1995.9.F67 S35 1992y
    Light of the gods Video N5630 .L53 1988y
    Lightning Video QC966 .L53 1997y
    Lightning! Video QC966 .L533 1995y
    Like water for chocolate DVD PQ7298.15 .S638 C6613 2000
    Lillies of the field DVD PN1997 .L54 2001y
    Lilo and Stitch DVD PN1997 .L47 2002x
    Lincoln Video E457 .L56 1992y 4 videos + 3 booklets
    Linda Linda Linda DVD PN1997.2 .L5633 2006
    Lindbergh Video TL540 .L5 L5 1990y
    Lion King Video PN1997.5 .L56 1995y
    Lion, the witch and the wardrobe DVD PR6023.E926 L56 2006y
    Listen to the silence DVD ML350 .L57 2004
    Listen up Video BF697.5 .S47 L5y +3 guides
    Listening to opera Video ML3858 .L697 1993x +guide
    Little Caesar Video PN1997 .L57 1997y
    Little miss sunshine DVD PN1995.9.C55 L58854 2006y
    Little tough guy Video PN1997 .L588 Y6 1993y
    Lives of others DVD PN1997.2 L58 2007y
    Living daylights DVD PN1997 .L589 2008 2 DVDs
    Living voice Video MT820 .L761 2000x
    Log on to investing Video HG4515.95 .L828 1998
    Lola rennt DVD PN1997 .L653 1999y
    Long day's journey into night DVD PS3529.N5 L637 2003y 2 DVDs
    Long riders Video PN1997 .L65 1984x
    Longitude Video Z1035 .A1 B66y
    Looking Glass: inside television news Video HE8700.6 .L66 1997y
    Looney Tunes premiere collection DVD PN1997.5 .L65 2003y
    Loong Boonmee raleuk chat DVD PN1997.2 .U5354 2011
    Lord of the flies DVD PN1995.9 .C45 L6 1999
    Lord of the rings, the fellowship of the ring DVD PN1997 .L675 2002y 2 DVDs
    Lord of the rings, the return of the king DVD PN1997 .L675 2004y 2 DVDs
    Lord of the rings, the two towers DVD PN1997 .L675 2003y 2 DVDs
    L'Orfeo Video M1500 .M78 O7 1988y
    Losing it DVD TX360 .U6 L67 2004y
    Lost at sea: search for longitude Video QB225 .L67 1998y
    Lost in La Mancha DVD PN1995.9 .P7 L67 2003 2 DVDs
    Lost weekend Video PN1997 .L69 1990y
    Love and honor DVD PN1997.2 .B8745 2008
    Love finds Andy Hardy Video PN1997 .L941 1990x
    Love in the time of cholera DVD PN1995.9 .M45 L684 2008
    Love lab: putting marriages back together DVD HQ10 .L683 2003y
    Love.com DVD PN1995.9 .C55 L6843 2008
    Love's a bitch DVD PN1997 .A46 2001y
    Love's labour's lost Video PR2822 .A23 S8 1987y
    Luther DVD PN1997.2 .L88 2004y
    M DVD PN1997 .M2 2004y 2 DVDs
    Ma vie en rose DVD PN1997 .M115 1999y
    Maboroshi DVD PN1997 .M33 2000y
    MacArthur: the defiant general Video D736 .W3756 1997 v.1
    Macbeth DVD PR2823 .A23 C283 2004
    Macbeth DVD PR2823 .A23 M323 2010
    Macbeth Video PR2823 .A23 B758 1987y
    Madness DVD RC480.5 .M246 2004
    Magnificent Ambersons Video PN1995.9 .F4 M33 1996y
    Magnificent Seven DVD PN1995.9.W4 M3 2001y
    Mahanagar Video PN1997 .M277 1997x
    Make way for tomorrow DVD PS3523 .A9354 M35 2010 2 DVDs
    Making a world of difference Video SK361 .M29x
    Making the message: the fight for the presidency DVD JK526 2004 .M35 2005
    Making your presentation DVD PN4121 .M34 2002
    Mala educacion DVD PN1997.2 .M35 2005
    Malcolm X DVD BP223 .Z8 L57943 2005 2 DVDs
    Malentendu colonial DVD BV3625.N42 M25 2004y
    Maltese Falcon DVD PN1997 .M355 2006 3 DVDs
    Maltese falcon Video PN1997 .M355 1992y
    Man and a woman Video PN1997 .M356 1966y
    Man for all seasons Video PN1995.9 .H5 M3 1995
    Man of Aran Video DA990 .A8 M36 1996y
    Man of iron Video PN1997 .F67 M36 1981
    Man who shot Liberty Valance DVD PN1995.9.W4 M358 2001y
    Manchurian candidate DVD PN1995.9 .S68 M3 2004
    Manchurian candidate Video PN1995.9 .S68 M3 1996y
    Mandate: the president and the people DVD JK511 .M35 2006y
    Manhattan Video PN1995.9 .C55 M25y
    Manhattan project DVD QC773.3.U5 M255 2005y
    Man-made love Video RC889 .M311 2000x
    Manon des sources Video PN1997 .M21 2000y
    Manon of the spring Video PN1997 .M21 2000y
    Mar adentro DVD PN1997 .M3722 2005
    March of the penguins DVD QL696.S473 M37 2005y
    Marching band director's video toolbox DVD MT733.4 .W66 2011
    Maria full of grace DVD PN1997.2 .M37 2004y
    Marius and Jeannette Video PN1997 .M3585 1999y
    Mark of Zorro DVD PN1997 .M379 2005
    Martha Graham DVD GV1785 .G7 M37 2007 2 DVDs
    Martin Luther King: I have a dream DVD E185.97.K5 M295 2005y
    Marty Video PN1997 .M38 1988y
    Mary Cassatt DVD ND195 .M379 2006
    MASH DVD PN1995.9.C55 M28 2002
    MASH Video PN1995.9 C55 M28
    MASH: season 1 DVD PN1992.8.C66 M28x 3 DVDs
    MASH: season 2 DVD PN1992.8.C66 M28x 3 DVDs
    Mask of Zorro Video PS3562 .U243 M37 1998y
    Massie affair DVD HV6565 .H3 M37 2005
    Masterpieces of Italian art. Video NA405 .M377 1990y
    Masters of illusion Video NC750 .M37 1991y
    Matisse, voyages Video ND553 .M37 M3 1989y
    Maya Angelou, rainbow in the clouds Video HN31 .M3 1992y
    Maya: blood of kings Video F1435 .M44y
    McCabe & Mrs. Miller DVD PN1997 .M333 2002
    Me yu an' mi taxi Video PN1997 .M68 1990y
    Mean streets DVD PN1995.9 .G3 M43 2004
    Mean streets Video PN1995.9 .G3 M43 1997y
    Measure for measure Video PR2824 .A23 B75 1987y
    Media and the war Video DS79.72 .M4 1991x 2 videos
    Media ethics Video P94 .M42 1997y
    Meet me in St. Louis Video PN1997 .M4275 1999y
    Melies Video PN1998.3 .M45 1994x
    Melies le cinemagicien DVD PN1998.3 .M453 2001x
    Melies the magician DVD PN1998.3 .M453 2001x
    Memory of two mondays DVD PS3525 .I5156 M466 2002y
    Menace II society Video PN1997 .M4643 1993y
    Men's work: how to stop the violence that tears our lives apart Video HN90 .V5 K5 1992y +guide
    Merchant of Venice Video PR2825 .A2 B64 1987y
    Merci pour le chocolat DVD PN1997 .M4324 2002y
    Merrie Monarch Festival 1994 Video GV1796.H8 M4 1994x
    Merrie Monarch Festival 1997 Video GV1796.H8 M4 1997x
    Merrie Monarch Festival 1999 Video GV1796.H8 M4 1999x
    Merrie Monarch Festival 2003 Video GV1796.H8 M4 2003x
    Merrie Monarch Festival 2005 DVD GV1796 .H8 M4y 3 DVDs
    Merry wives of Windsor Video PR2826.A2 B757 1987y
    Mesopotamia: return to Eden Video DS69.5 .M38 1995y
    Message DVD PN1997.2 .M477344 2005
    Meth epidemic DVD HV5822 .M38 M484 2011
    Metropolis DVD PN1995.9 .S26 M48
    Metropolis Video PN1995.9 .S26 M48y
    Mexican American War DVD E404 .M47 2008
    Mexico's drug wars DVD HV5840 .M4 M495 2011
    Mi abuelo mi papa y yo! DVD PN1995.9.F67 M5 2006
    Miami vice: season two DVD PN1997 .M4382 2005y 3 DVDs
    Mic ro credit for women DVD HG3290.6 .A8 W66 2006y 2 DVDs
    Mickey Mouse monopoly Video PN1999 .W27 M53 2001y
    Midaq alley DVD PN1997 .C183 2004
    Middle Ages DVD D117 .M53 2007
    Midnight cowboy DVD PN1997 .M475 2006
    Midnight cowboy Video PN1997 .M475 1994
    Midsummer night's dream Video PR2827 .A22 1993x
    Midsummer night's dream Video PR2827 .A23 1993y
    Midsummer night's dream Video PR2827 .A23 B758 1987y
    Midwife's tale DVD F29.H15 M54 2005
    Midwife's tale Video F29.H15 M54 2004
    Mildred Pierce Video PN1997 .M54 1993y
    Millenium: tribal wisdom and the modern world Video GN380 .M39 1992y 5 videos
    Miller's crossing DVD PN1997 .M57492 2003y
    Miller's crossing Video PN1995.9 .G3 M55y
    Mind of a serial killer Video HV8079 .H6 M56 1992y
    Mind's storehouse DVD BF371 .M556 2006y
    Minna yatteru ka DVD PN1997.A124 M56 2002y
    Miracle in Milan Video PN1997 .M573 1951y
    Miracle in the land of coffee DVD PN1997.2 .M483 2007
    Miracle of agriculture Video S589.7 .M57y
    Miracle of Morgan's Creek Video PN1995.9 .C55 M57 1993y
    Miracle on 34th Street DVD PN1997 .M57 1999y
    Mishima DVD PN1997 .M56 2001y
    Misma Luna DVD PN1997.2 .M487 2008
    Miss Julie DVD PN1997 .M5697 2000y
    Miss Julie Video PN1997 .M5697 1997y
    Missing Video PN1997 .M577 1999y
    Mission Video PN1995.9 .I48 M57 1986y
    Mission impossible DVD PN1995.9 .A3 M5771 2011
    Mission impossible 2 DVD PN1995.9 .A3 M5772 2011
    Mission impossible 3 DVD PN1995.9 .A3 M5773
    Mission to Mars DVD PN1997 .A23 M57736
    Mississippi America Video E185.93 .M6 M5 1995x +guide
    Mississippi burning DVD PN1997 .M57 2001y
    Modern recording and mixing DVD TK7881.4 .M644 2006y
    Modern times DVD PN1997 .M634 2 DVDs
    Modern Times Video PN1997 .M634 1992y
    Modernism Video NA680 .M72 1998x
    Mon oncle DVD PN1995.9.F67 M65 2001y
    Mon oncle d'Amerique DVD PN1997.A23 M65183y
    Monet, legacy of light Video ND553 .M7 1989x
    Monkees: season 1 DVD PN1992.8.M87 M749 2003x 6 DVDs
    Monsieur Ibrahim et les fleurs du Coran DVD PN1995.9.F67 M667 2004y
    Monsieur Rene Magritte Video ND673 .M35 M6 1978y
    Moolaade DVD PN1995.9 .M45 M6653 2007
    Moon child DVD PN1997 .M655 2006
    Morality: a historical perspective DVD BJ66 .M67 2006y
    More the merrier Video PN1997 .M67 1993x
    More treasures from American film archives, 1894-1931 DVD PN1995.3.U6 M6552 2004y 3 DVDs
    Morocco Video PN1997 .M74 1993y
    Mosque Video BP161.2 .M67 1992y
    Motorcycle diaries DVD PN1995.9.A3 M683 2005
    Mr. Deeds goes to town Video PN1997 .M795y
    Mr. Hex Video PN1995.9 .C55 M7 1996x
    Mr. Holland's opus DVD PN1997 .M798 1999
    Mr. Smith goes to Washington DVD PN1997 .F726 2008
    Mr. Smith goes to Washington Video PN1997 .F726 1997y
    Mrs. Brown Video PN1997 .M77 1998y
    Mrs. Miniver DVD PR6025 .A9 M5 2004
    Mrs. Miniver Video PR6025 .A9 M5 2000
    Much ado about nothing Video PR2828 .A23 1987y
    Mujer sin cabeza DVD PN1997.2 .H43 2009
    Multiple personality puzzle Video RC569.5 .M8 M85 2000y
    Mummy Video PN1995.9.H6 M84 1999y
    Mummy: the mummy collection DVD PN1995.9.H6 M85 2002y 2 DVDs
    Muppet movie DVD PN1995.9 .C55 M87 2005
    Murder on a Sunday morning DVD KF224 .M34 M87 2003
    Museum on the mountain DVD NA712 .I2 2003y
    Mushi-shi DVD PN1997.2 .M87 2009
    Music man DVD M1503.W642 M47 1999y
    Music of Bunraku Video M1812 .M885 1991
    Music of the Noh theatre DVD PN2924.5 .N6 Y3638 2009
    Music Scene: the best of 1969-1970 vol.2 DVD ML156.4 .R6 2001y
    Mutiny on the Bounty DVD PS3527 .O437 M88 2004
    Mutiny on the Bounty Video PS3527 .O437 M88 1989y
    My darling Clementine Video PN1997 .M894 1992y
    My fair lady DVD PS3523 .E376 M93 2009
    My fair lady Video PS3523 .E736 M93 1996y
    My father's glory Video PQ2631 .A26 Z53 1998y
    My favorite broadway DVD M1505 .M94 1999y
    My life in pink DVD PN1997 .M115 1999y
    My mother's castle Video PQ2631 .A26 Z52 1999y
    My perestroika DVD HN530.2 .A8 M9274 2011
    My uncle from America DVD PN1997.A23 M65183y
    Mysterious stranger Video PS1322 .M8 1982y
    Mystery of the senses: vision DVD BF241 .M97 2007
    Mystery of the senses: vision Video BF241 .M97 1995
    Nadie conoce a nadie DVD PN1997 .N335y
    Naked city DVD PN1995.9.D4 J8547 2007y
    Napoleon Bonaparte: glory of France Video DC203 .N37 1997y
    Narayamabushi ko Video PN1997 .B2459 1988y
    Nashville DVD PN1997 .N35 2000
    Nasty Girl Video PN1997 .S358 1989y
    Nat Turner: a troublesome property Video E169.12 .N39 2002y
    National Lampoon's Animal house Video PN1997 .N38 1998y
    National velvet DVD PN1997 .N38 2000y
    Natural born killers DVD PN1997 .N389 2009 2 DVDs
    Nature of Michigan Video QH76.5 .M5 N219 1990x
    Nature vs. nurture: the dance of life Video BF721 .H47 2003y
    NBR guide to stock market strategy Video HG4515 .N37 1992y
    Nelly and Monsieur Arnaud Video PN1997 .N392 1997y
    Network DVD PN4784 .T4 N4 2006 2 DVDs
    Network Video PN4784 .T4 N4 1996y
    Networking your way to success Video HD69.S8 N47 1991y
    Neuron and neural transmission Video QP364.5 .N48 2001y
    Neverending story DVD PN1995.9 .F34 N25 2001y
    New asylums DVD RC451.4 .P68 N49 2005y
    New medicine DVD R733 .N49 2006
    New solor system Video QB501.2 .N49 1994y
    Niagara DVD PN1997 .N434 2006
    Nicholas Nickleby DVD PR4565 .N4 2002y
    Night and Fog DVD D805 .G3 N84 2003y
    Night at the opera DVD PN1995.9 .C55 N53 2004
    Night at the opera Video PN1995.9 .C55 N53 1990y
    Night in Casablanca Video PN1995.9 .C55 N5y
    Night of the living dead Video PN1997 .N53 1995y
    Night Tulsa burned DVD F704.T92 N544 1999y
    Nightcap DVD PN1997 .M4324 2002y
    Nikita DVD PN1997 .F46 2003
    Ninotchka Video PH3281 .L6 N513 1989
    Nixon Video E856 .N59 1997y 2 videos
    No body's perfect; everybody's special! Video BF697.5 .H3 1998y +guide
    No country for old men DVD PN1995.9.S87 N6 2008y
    No dogs or philosophers allowed: everyday ethics DVD BJ1548 .E9 2002
    No God but God DVD BL221 .N659 2005x
    Nobody knows DVD PN1997 .D3746 2004y
    Nora inu DVD PN1997 .A124 N672 2004
    Norma Rae DVD PN1997.2 .N67 2001
    North DVD PN1995.9 .H47 N67 1983
    North by northwest Video PN1997 .N677 1996y
    Nosferatu DVD PN1997.2 .M949 N842 2009
    Nosferatu: a symphony of horror DVD PN1995.9.V3 N67 2000y
    Not for ourselves alone: the story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony DVD HQ1412 .W36 2004y
    Nouveau russe DVD PN1997.2 .T93 2004
    NOW hosted by David Brancaccio DVD RC550 .N86 2005x
    Now, voyager DVD PN1997 .N69 2005y
    Nuclear aftershocks DVD TK1365 .J37 N83 2012
    Nuit et brouillard DVD D805 .G3 N84 2003y
    Nuremberg trials DVD KZ1176.5 .N87 2006
    Nutcracker Video GV1790 .N8 2000y
    Nutty Professor DVD PN1995.9.C55 N877 2004y
    Oedipus Rex DVD PN1997 .O33 2002y
    Oklahoma! DVD M1500 .O57y 2 DVDs
    Okuribito DVD PN1997.2 .D47 2009
    Oliver! Video PN1997 .O377 1998y
    Omar & Pete DVD HV9305 .M3 O43 2005
    On the waterfront DVD PN1997 .O542 2001y
    Once upon a time DVD DS36.85 .W574 1999x V.2
    Once upon a time in the West DVD PN1997.2 .O53 2010
    One fish two fish red fish blue fish (Spanish language version) Video PN1997.5 .P53 1994y
    One flew over the cuckoo's nest DVD PN1997 .O545 1997
    One flew over the cuckoo's nest Video PN1997 .O546 1997
    One hundred and one dalmatians (Spanish language version) Video PN1995.9 .C4 O53 1992x
    One last dance DVD PN1997.2 .O2 2005x
    One woman, one vote DVD JK1896 .O53 2005y
    Onibaba DVD PN1997 .O6 2004y
    Only mine DVD PN1997 .S642 2004y
    Only son DVD PN1995.9 .J36 O659 2010 2 DVDs
    Open your eyes DVD PN1995.9.D4 A26 2001y
    Opening all doors Video KF5709.3.H35 O92 1992y 2 videos
    Ordinary people Video PN1997 .O64 1988y
    Organizational communication Video HD30.3 .H724 1982y
    Osbournes: the 2nd season DVD PN1992.8 .M87 O2 2003x 2 DVDs
    Oscar Wilde collection DVD PR5815 2002
    Oscar's greatest moments Video PN1993.92 .O8 1992y
    Othello Video PR2829 .A55 1987y 2 videos
    Our constitution: a conversation DVD KF4550 .O87 2005y
    Our daily bread Video PN1997 .O85 1984x
    Our disappearing forests Video SD418 .O97 1991y +guide
    Our island heritage: story of Hawaii Video DU625 .O7 1997x
    Our man Flint DVD PN1995.9.S68 Ou7 2002x
    Our town DVD PN6120.T4 O97 2005y 2 DVDs
    Out of Africa DVD PN1997 .O98 2000
    Out of Africa Video PN1997 .O98 1997y
    Outlaw Josey Wales Video PN1997 .O87 1990x
    Overview of Chinese history Video DS735 .O93 1991y
    Ox-Bow incident Video PN1995.9 .W4 O9 1990
    P.T. Barnum: America's greatest showman Video GV1811 .B3 P44 1996y
    Padre padrone Video PN1997 .P328 1998y
    Palm Beach story Video PN1995.9 .C55 P25y
    Pandora's Box DVD PN1997 .P36 2006 2 DVDs
    Pandora's box Video PN1997 .P36 1990y
    Pan's labyrinth DVD PN1995.9.F36 P367 2007y
    Paper moon DVD PN1997 .P37 2003
    Papillon DVD PN1997 .P372 2005
    Parapluies de Cherbourg Video M1527 .L42 P3 1997y
    Paris DVD PN1997.2 .P36 2010
    Partridge Family: the complete first season DVD PN1992.8.C66 P37 2005y 2 DVDs
    Passion DVD M1500 .S66 P37 2003
    Passion of the christ DVD PN1997.2 .P37 2004y
    Paths of glory Video PN1997 .P3787y
    Patton DVD PN1997 .P375
    Patton Video PN1997 .P375 1998y
    Patton: the man behind the myth Video D736 .W3756 1997 v.2
    Paul Cezanne: man and his mountain Video N6853 .C4 P38 1985y
    Paul Gauguin: the savage dream Video ND553 .G27 P395 1988y
    Pawnbroker DVD PN1997 .P38 2003
    Pecker DVD PN1997 .P39 1999
    Pee-Wee's playhouse DVD PN1992.8.C46 P4 2004y 5 DVDs
    People will talk Video PN1997 .P4 1994x
    People with diabetes can enjoy healthier lives Video RC660 .P46y
    People's century Video D422 .P46 1998y 26 videos + 2 booklets
    Perder es cuestion de metodo DVD PQ8180.17.A395 P472 2005
    Performing arts of China: the opera DVD ML1751 .C4 P47 2003
    Personality disorders Video RC554 .P47 1998y
    Perspective made easy Video NC750 .P54 P84 2002y 2 videos
    Peter & the wolf DVD PN1997.85 .P48 2008
    Peter Sellars: exploding the avant garde DVD PN2287 .S344 P48 2006
    Phantom of the opera DVD PQ2623.E6 F215 2005y 2 DVDs
    Phantom of the opera Video PN1995.9 .H6 P4 1995
    Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall DVD ML50 .L56 P43 2012
    Philadelphia story DVD PN1995.9 .C55 P4 2000
    Philip Johnson; diary of an eccentric architect Video NA737.J6 P47 1996y
    Piano Video PN1997 .P474 1997y
    Piano lesson DVD PN1997 .P4745 H3 2006
    Picture bride Video PN1995.9 .L6 P5 1995
    Pieces d'identites Video PN1997 .P54 1998y
    Pillow talk DVD PN1997 .P494 2009
    Pink panther DVD PN1997 .P498 2008
    Pinocho (Spanish language version) Video PN1995.9 .C4 P55 1993x
    Pirates of the Caribbean: at world's end DVD PN1997.2 .P57 2007 2 DVDs
    Pirates of the Caribbean: dead man's chest DVD PN1997.2 .P57 2006 2 DVDs
    Pirates of the Caribbean: the curse of the Black Pearl DVD PN1997.2 .P57 2003 2 DVDs
    Placard Video PN1997 .P50 2000x
    Places within Video NA705 .P7 1986y
    Plan 9 from outer space Video PN1997 .P54 1999y
    Planet Earth DVD QL50 .P583 2007y 5 DVDs
    Planet of the apes DVD PN1997 .P53 2003 2 DVDs
    Planet of the apes Video PN1997 .P53 1998y
    Plata quemada DVD PN1995.9.G3 B873y
    Platoon DVD PN1995.9 .W3 P52 2006
    Platoon Video PN1995.9 .W3 P52y
    Playing unfair: the media image of the female athlete Video GV709 .P53 2002y
    Plea DVD KF9654 .P529 2004
    Pleasantville DVD PN1997 .P59 1999
    Pocahontas (Spanish language version) Video PN1995.9 .P6 1995y
    Point break DVD PN1997 .P63
    Poor little rich girl Video PN1997 .P667 1994y
    Por la libre DVD PN1997.2 .P67 2003
    Porgy & Bess Video M1500 .G47 P77 1993y 2 videos
    Post modernism Video NA682 .P67 P678 1998y
    Powaqqatsi DVD PN1995.9 .E96 P59 2002
    Power and control: domestic violence in America DVD HV6626.2 .P69 2010
    Power of nightmares DVD HV6431 .P68 2005
    Power of place: world regional geography Video G128 .P69 1996y 13 videos
    Power of the word DVD PN1031 .M6 2003y 6 DVDs
    Prelude to war (Why we fight) Video PN1997 .W48 no. 1 1986x
    Preparez vos mouchoirs DVD PN1997 .G468 2002y
    Prete-moi ta main DVD PN1997.2 .I5 2009
    Pretty devils DVD PN1997.2 .P74y
    Pride & prejudice DVD PR4034 .P72 2006x
    Pride and prejudice DVD PR4034 .P75 2001 2 DVDs
    Pride of place: building the American dream Video NA705 .P7 1986y 8 videos
    Prime time South Africa Video PN1995.9 .A43 P7 1996x
    Princess Mononoke DVD PN1997 .P745 2000y
    Principles of design Video N7430 .P7 1996y
    Pro Tools DVD: Vol.1 DVD TK7881.4 .P76 2005y
    Pro Tools: tips & tricks with Kenny Gioia DVD TK7881.4 .P765 2008
    Prohibition DVD HV5089 .P964 2011 3 DVDs
    Proof Video QA244 .P7 1997y
    Prostitution Video HQ144 .P78 1996y
    Protecting human subjects Video KF3827.M38 P76 2003y
    Proud to be a Teamster Video HD6515 .T3 P75y
    Proud towers Video NA705 .P7 1986y
    Psycho (Hitchcock) DVD PN1997.P7927 P419 1999x
    Psycho (Hitchcock) Video PN1997.P7927 P419 1987x
    Psycho (remake) DVD PN1997.P7927 V465 1999x
    Public enemy Video PN1995.9 .G3 P8 1991
    Public eye DVD TR140 .W44 P83 2011
    Public mind: image and reality in America Video P92 .U5 P8 1994x 4 videos
    Public speaking Video PN4130 .P832 2002y
    Public Speaking: how to demonstrate Video PN4121 .P96y
    Puffin isles Video QL696 .C42 P963 1990x
    Punch-drunk love DVD PN1995.9 .C55 P86 2003 2 DVDs
    Purity myth DVD HQ29 .P875 2011
    Purple triangles: the true story of a German family Video D803 .P87x
    Qian li zou dan qi DVD PN1995.9 .A3 R53564 2007
    Quartier Mozart Video PN1995.9 .A43 Q3 1992x
    Queen DVD PN1995.9.B55 Q446 2007y
    Quick and the dead DVD PN1997 .Q46 2005
    Race against prime time Video PN4888 .T4 R33y
    Race: the power of an illusion Video GN269 .R33 2003y 3 videos
    Raging bull DVD PN1997 .R126 2005 2 DVDs
    Raging bull Video PN1997 .R126 1991
    Raging bull Video PN1997 .R126 1997
    Raiders of the lost ark DVD PN1997 .R351 2008
    Raiders of the lost ark Video PN1997 .R351 1999y
    Rain man Video PN1997 .R36 1997y
    Raise ravens Video PN1997 .C742 1998y
    Raisin in the sun DVD PN1995.9.N4 R35756 2008y
    Raisin in the sun Video PN1997 .R34 1987y
    Raising cain DVD PN1997 .R37 1998
    Ran DVD PN1997 .R175 2003y
    Rashomon DVD PL801 .K8 R382 2002y
    Ratatouille DVD PN1995.9.C55 R38 2007y
    Ray Kroc: fast-food mcmillionaire Video TX910.5.K76 R3 1998y
    Reagan DVD E877 .R43 2009 2 DVDs
    Reagan Video E877 .R43 1998y 2 videos
    Real women have curves DVD PN1997.2 .R43 2005
    Rear window DVD PN1997 .R42 2001y
    Rebecca DVD PN1997.85 .R422 2008
    Rebecca Video PN1997.85 .R422 1998y
    Rebel without a cause DVD PN1997 .R43 2005 2 DVDs
    Rebel without a cause Video PN1997 .R43 1997y
    Red kiss Video PN1997 .R69 1991y
    Red river Video PN1995.9 .W4 R42 1997y
    Reds Video PN1997 .R435 1991y
    Regeneration Video PN1995.75 .R262 1994x
    Regle du jeu DVD PN1997 .R44 2004y 2 DVDs
    Relief painting DVD NE1330 .R4 2006y
    Religion, war, and violence: the ethics of war and peace DVD BL65.V55 R45 2003y
    Rembrandt, painter of man Video ND653 .R4 R43 1990y
    Remembering the cosmos flower DVD PN1997 .R394 1999y
    Remote controlwar: the future of unmanned combat DVD UG479 .R46 2011
    Rennaisance DVD CB361 .R46 2008
    Rent DVD PN1995.9.M86 R468 2006y
    Reservoir dogs DVD PN1997 .R47 2002y 2 DVDs
    Resorts, paradise reclaimed Video NA705 .P7 1986y
    Ressources humaines DVD PN1997 .R4748 2004y
    Restoration Video PR6070 .R364 R472 1996y
    Retour de Martin Guerre DVD PN1997 .R476 1997
    Retour de Martin Guerre Video PN1997 .R476 1996y
    Return of Allah: Shiite muslims in Iraq DVD DS70.8.S55 I73 2004y
    Return of Martin Guerre DVD PN1997 .R476 1997
    Return of Martin Guerre Video PN1997 .R476 1996y
    Return of the vampire Video PN1995.9.V3 R48 1988y
    Return to glory: Michelangelo Video N2950 .R4 1986y
    Richard II Video PR2753 .A2 R37 1987y
    Richard III Video PN1995.9 .D48 R44 1995y
    Ride the high country Video PN1997 .R545 1991y
    Ridicule Video PN1997 .R53 1997y
    Riding alone for thousands of miles DVD PN1995.9 .A3 R53564 2007
    Riff, who sees words with my eyes DVD PN4151 .R447 2007x
    Rikyu DVD PN1995.9.F67 R55 2002y
    Rinda Rinda Rinda DVD PN1997.2 .L5633 2006
    Ring DVD PN1997 .R56 2003y
    Ringu DVD PN1997 .R56 2003y
    Rio Bravo Video PN1997 .R526 1984x
    Rise and fall of Jim Crow Video E185.61 .R57 2002y 4 videos
    Ritchie boys DVD D810.J4 R54 2007
    Road to 9/11 DVD HV6432 .R63 2005y
    Road to Brown Video KF373 .H644 R63 1990y
    Road to Morocco Video PN1995.9 .C55 R53 1992y
    Road to Perdition DVD PN1997 .R62
    Road to the presidency: inside the Clinton campaign DVD E884 .R6 2004y
    Road warrior Video PN1997 .R63 1982x
    Robert Drew Kennedy films collection DVD E839 .R63 2008 2 DVDs
    Robocop Video PN1997 .R632 1987y
    Rocky DVD PN1997 .R633 2005
    Rocky Video PN1997 .R633 1996y
    Rocky horror picture show DVD PN1995.9 .F36 R59 2002y
    Roger & me Video HC108 .F5 R6 1990y
    Role reversal DVD BF692.2 .R65 2002y
    Roman holiday Video PN1997 .R65 1992y
    Rome: ultimate empire Video DG208 .R65 1995y
    Romeo and Juliet DVD PR2831 .A23 2002
    Romeo and Juliet DVD PR2831 .A23 2007
    Romeo and Juliet Video PR2831 .A23 1979
    Romeo and Juliet Video PR2831 .A23 1987
    Rommell: the strange death of the desert fox Video D736 .W3756 1997 v.5
    Room with a view DVD PN1995.9 .L6 R66 2000y
    Roots Video E185.97 .H24 A332 1997y 6 videos
    Roots of rage: inside Islam DVD BP161.3 .R679 2004x 2 DVDs
    Roots of resistance: a story of the underground railroad Video E450 .R78 1990
    Rosemary's baby DVD PS3523 .E87 R622 2006
    Rosetta Video PN1995.9 .F78 R72 2000x
    Rouge baiser Video PN1997 .R69 1991y
    Roy Lichtenstein Video ND237 .L627 R692 1991y
    Rue Cases-Negres Video PN1997 .R84 1995y
    Rules of the game DVD PN1997 .R44 2004y 2 DVDs
    Run Lola run DVD PN1997 .L653 1999y
    Runaway universe Video QB991 .B54 R8 2000y
    Running the Sahara DVD GV1065 .R86 2008
    Running water Video QE571 .R8 1992y
    Sabrina Video PN1997 .S13 2001y
    Sabu DVD PN1997.2 .S22 2004
    Safely managing low-level radioactive waste in Michigan Video TD812 .S33 1989x +transcript
    Saikaku ichidai Video PN1995.9.F67 S35 1992y
    Salaire de la peur Video PQ2613 .I64 S3 1991y
    Salem witch trials DVD F74.S1 S35 2005y
    Salome Video PN1995.75 .S36 1995x
    Sam Walton: bargain billionaire Video CT275.W3 S3 1997y
    Sanbiki no samurai DVD PN1995.9 .S24 S35 2012
    Sands of Iwo Jima Video PN1997 .S1714 1993y
    Sangre de mi sangre DVD PN1997.2 .S26 2008
    Saturday night fever DVD PN1995.9 .M86 S288 2007
    Saturday Night Live: 25 years of music DVD M1 .S28 2003y 5 DVDs
    Savage Dream Video ND553 .G27 P395 1988y
    Saving Private Ryan DVD PN1995.9 .W3 S38 1999y
    Scarecrow Video PN1997 .S200 1989x
    Scared straight! 20 years later DVD HV7431 .S27 2003
    Scarface DVD PN1997 .S25 2003y 2 DVDs
    Schindler's list DVD PN1997 .S355 2004
    Schindler's list Video PN1997 .S355 1994y 2 videos
    Schizophrenia & delusional disorders Video RC514 .S35 1998y
    Schloss Vogelod DVD PN1997.2 .M949 H293 2009
    Schoolboy crush DVD PN1997.2 .S36 2008
    Schrecklicke Madchen Video PN1997 .S358 1989y
    Science of addiction Video HV5824 .Y68 R57 1999
    Scottsboro: an American tragedy DVD KF224.S36 S36 2005y
    Scrubs: the complete first season DVD PN1992.8.C66 S37 2005y 3 DVDs
    Sea inside DVD PN1997 .M3722 2005
    Search for a usable past Video NA705 .P7 1986y
    Searchers DVD PN1997 .S36 2007
    Searchers Video PN1997 .S36 1998y
    Seasons of a Navajo Video E99 .N3 S427 1990y
    Secret in their eyes DVD PN1997.2 .S4356 2010
    Secret of the wild child DVD RJ506 .D47 S5 2006
    Secret of the wild child Video RJ506.D47 S5 1994y
    Secreto de su ojos DVD PN1997.2 .S4356 2010
    Secrets & lies Video PN1995.9 .L6 S4 1997
    Secrets of the mind Video RC351 .S43 2001y
    Sense and sensibility Video PN1997 .S362 1996y
    Separation Video PQ2666 .R2664 S462 1999y
    Sergeant York Video PN1997 .S37 1990y
    Seven brides for sever brothers DVD PN1997 .S374 2004y 2 DVDs
    Seven cities of gold Video F864 .S44 S4 1988y
    Seven samurai DVD PN1995.9 .S24 S4 1998y
    Seventh seal DVD PN1997 .S59 2009 2 DVDs
    Seventh seal Video PN1997 .S59 1985y
    Seventh voyage of Sinbad DVD PN1997.2 .S484 2008
    Sex, lies, and videotape DVD PN1997 .S385 2005x
    Sex: unknown Video RC560.G45 S59 2001y
    Shadow of a doubt Video PN1995.9 .F54 S45 1995y
    Shadow of the vampire DVD PN1997 .S433y
    Shaft Video PN1997 .S438 2000y
    Shakespeare in London Video PR2918 .S5 1999y
    Shakespeare in love DVD PN1997 .S52 1998y
    Shall we dance? Video PN1995.9 .F67 S43 1996y
    Shane DVD PN1997 .S53 2000
    Shane Video PN1997 .S53 1988
    Shark skin man and peach hip girl DVD PN1995.9.J34 Sh23 2003x
    Shaw collection DVD PR5365.5 .S539 2006 6 DVDs
    Shawshank redemption DVD PN1995.9.P68 S5397 2007
    She done him wrong Video PN1997 .S537 1993y
    Sherman's march Video PN1997 .S539 1991y
    Shiites, followers of Ali DVD BP193.5 .S54 2000y
    Shimotsuma monogatari DVD PN1993.5.J3 N3527 2005y
    Shining DVD PN1997 .S54 2007 2 DVDs
    Shinobi DVD PN1995.9 .F67 S5566 2005 2 DVDs
    Shogun DVD PN1992.8.F5 S554 2003y 5 DVDs
    Shogun assassin DVD PN1995.9 .V5 S56486 2006
    Shoot the piano player DVD PN1997 .T55 2005 2 DVDs
    Show boat DVD PS3511.E5 S47 1997y
    Show business DVD ML1711.8 .N3 S56 2007
    Sick around America DVD RA418.3 .U6 S53 2009
    Sick around the world DVD RA393 .S53 2008
    Sicko DVD RA395 .A3 S53 2007
    Signs DVD PN1995.9 .S26 S546 2003
    Silence DVD PN1997 .A1 B533 2003
    Silence of Neto DVD PN1997 .S5415 2004y
    Silence of the lambs DVD PN1997 .S541 2006 2 DVDs
    Silence of the lambs Video PN1997 .S541 1999y
    Silencio de Neto DVD PN1997 .S5415 2004y
    Silencio roto DVD PN1997.2 .S59 2004y
    Silent light DVD PN1997.2 .S595 2009
    Silent movie Video PN1997 .S542 1988x
    Silkwood Video PN1997 .S544 1987y
    Simone de Beauvoir Video PQ2603 .E362 Z8799 1982
    Sin nombre DVD PN1997.2 .S63 2009
    Singin' in the rain DVD PN1997 .S58 2002 2 DVDs
    Singin' in the rain Video PN1997 .S58 1993y
    Singular impressions: the art of the monotype Video NE2242 .S5 1997y
    Six characters in search of an author Video PQ4835 .I7 S5 1996y +guide
    Six wives of Henry VIII Video DA333 .A2 S59 1992y 6 videos
    Sixth sense DVD PN1997 .S585 2000
    Sjunde inseglet Video PN1997 .S57 1985y
    Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow DVD PN1995.9 .S26 S59 2005
    Slamnation: the sport of spoken word DVD PS617 .S536 2005y
    Slave catchers, slave resistors DVD E443 .S53 2005y
    Slavery and the making of America DVD E441 .S523y 4 DVDs
    Slavery and the middle passage DVD HT975 .S16 2006x
    Sleep famine Video RC547 .S25 2001x
    Sleeping beauty Video GV1790 .S54 2001x
    Sleepy heads DVD PN1997 .S60 2002y
    Sleuth DVD PN1995.9 .S87 S54884 2008
    Slight fever of a 20 year old DVD PN1997 .H3848 2005
    Slim hopes DVD BF697.5 .B63 S642
    Slim hopes Video BF697.5 .B63 S64 '95
    Slumdog millionaire DVD PN1997.2 .S65 2009
    Small happiness: women of a Chinese village Video HQ1768 .S6 1984y + guide
    Smothered: the censorhip struggles of The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour DVD PN1992.77.S63 S66 2002y
    Smultronstallet DVD PN1997 .W54 2002
    Snow White and the seven dwarfs DVD PN1997 .S61 2001 2 DVDs
    Snow White and the seven dwarfs Video PN1997 .S61 2001x
    Sociology of crime and deviance DVD HV6025 .S635 2009
    Sol del Membrillo Video PN1997 .A122 S65 1990y
    Solitary confinement DVD HV8728 .S655 2010
    Solo mia DVD PN1997 .S642 2004y
    Some like it hot DVD PN1997 .S66 2001
    Some like it hot Video PN1997 .S66 1992
    Son DVD PN1995.9.F67 F55 2004y
    Sondheim! DVD M1505 .S66 S66 2010
    Son's room Video PN1997 .S67 2002y
    Sophie Scholl: the final days DVD PN1995.9 .F67 S664 2006
    Sophie's choice DVD PN1997 .S67 1999
    Sound of music DVD PN1997 .S685 2002y
    Sous le soleil de Satan Video PN1997 .S687 1989y
    South Pacific DVD PN1995.9.M86 S6884 2006y
    Soylent green DVD PN1997 .S695 2007
    Soylent green Video PN1997 .S695 1983y
    Spain: everything under the sun Video DP43 .S7 1988y
    Spanish-American war: birth of a nation DVD E715 .S63 1997y
    Spartacus DVD PN1997 .S698 1998
    Speaking with confidence: presentational aids DVD PN4121 .P74 1996y
    Speaking with confidence: special occasion speeches DVD PN4121 .S64 1997y
    Spirit of the beehive DVD PN1997 .E87 E87 2006 2 DVDs
    Spirited away DVD PN1995.9 .F67 S425 2003y
    Stachka Video PN1995.75.S87 E58y
    Stage beauty DVD PN1997.2 St13 2005x
    Stagecoach DVD PN1997 .S72 1997
    Stagecoach Video PN1997 .S72 1993y
    Stagecoach Video PN1997 .S72 1997y
    Stalingrad DVD PN1995.9.H5 S823y
    Stand and deliver Video PN1995.9 .E35 S7y
    Standard Deviants: Accounting 1 & 2 Video HF5635 .A27 1997x
    Star is born Video PN1997 .S72 1997y 2 videos
    Star wars trilogy DVD PN1997 .S727 2004y 4 DVDs
    Starsky & Hutch DVD PN1992.8.D48 St28 2004x 5 DVDs
    Starsky & Hutch DVD PN1992.8.D48 St288 2004x
    State fair DVD PN1995.9.M86 S83 2005y
    Stellet licht DVD PN1997.2 .S595 2009
    Stephen Hawking's universe Video QB981 .S828 1997y 3 videos
    Sting Video PN1997 .S74 1998y
    Stormy weather Video PN1997 .S76 1991y
    Story of Adele H. DVD PN1997 .H578 2001
    Story of English Video PE1075 .B58 1987bx
    Story of floating weeds DVD PN1997 .A1 U45 2004 2 DVDs
    Story of Women Video PN1997 .S77 1990y
    Storytellers of the Pacific Video DU28.3 .S76 1996y 2 videos
    Stravinsky portrait Video ML410 .S932 1996x
    Stray dog DVD PN1997 .A124 N672 2004
    Streetcar named Desire DVD PN1997 .S78 2006 2 DVDs
    Streetcar named Desire Video PN1997 .S78 1985
    Strike Video PN1995.75.S87 E58y
    Stubnitz Environmental Education Center Video QH76.5 .M5 S93 2001x
    Suburbs, Arcadia for everyone Video NA705 .P7 1986y
    Sugar Cane Alley Video PN1997 .R84 1995y
    Suicide club DVD PN1997.2 .J573 2006
    Sullivan's travels DVD PN1997 .S877 J65 2001
    Sullivan's travels Video PN1997 .S877 J65y
    Summer of terror: the Son of Sam story Video HV6248 .B483 1999y
    Summer's tale DVD PN1997 .C663 2000y
    Sunday in the country DVD PN1997 .D54y
    Sunday in the park with George DVD M1527.S6 S8 1999y
    Sunset Boulevard DVD PN1997 .S9 2008 2 DVDs
    Sunset Boulevard Video PN1997 .S9 1994y
    Super size me DVD TX945.5.M33 S87 2004y
    Surveying the first decade: video art Video N6494 .V53 1995 9 videos + guide
    Swamp DVD PN1997.2 .C546 2005y
    Swan lake Video GV1790 .S8y
    Swarming hordes: conquest of the waters Video QH366.2 .A87 L626y
    Sweeney Todd DVD M1500 .S933 2008
    Sweet smell of success Video PN1997 .S94 2000y
    Swing time DVD PN1997 .S9655 2005
    Swiss profiles Video DQ17 .C66 1991y
    Tableau ferraille Video PN1995.9 .A43 T3 1997x
    Taboo DVD PN1997 .T114 2002x
    Taking a ride on the clay cart Video PK3798 .S91 M737 1995y
    Taking of power by Louis XIV DVD PN1997 .T139 2008
    Tale of springtime DVD PN1995.9.F78 C767 2002x
    Tale of two cities DVD PN1992.77 .T354 2009
    Taming of the shrew Video PR2832 .A2 B2 1987y
    Tampopo DVD PN1997 .T36 1998y
    Targeting terror DVD HV6431 .T37 2010
    Tartuffe DVD PN1997.2 .M949 T179 2009
    Taste of cherry Video PN1997 .T325 1997y
    Taxi driver DVD PN1997 .T38 S363y
    Taxing woman DVD PN1995.9 .C55 T28y
    Te busco DVD PN1995.9.C55 T4 2005
    Teenage brain DVD HQ799.15 .T4463 2008
    Tempest Video PR2753 .A2 T45 1987y
    Temple Grandin DVD PN1992.77 .T46 2010
    Ten Commandments Video PN1997 .T384 1996y 2 videos
    Ten trillion and counting DVD HJ2051 .T46 2009
    Terminator Video PN1995.9.S26 T47y
    Terminator 2 DVD PN1995.9 .S26 T472 2003 2 DVDs
    Terms of endearment Video PN1997 .T468 1996y
    Tess of the d'Urbervilles Video PR4748 .T372 1993y 2 videos
    Tess of the storm country DVD PN1997.A23 T475y
    That's not what I meant!: language, culture and meaning Video GN345.6 .T366 2004y +guide
    The Bang Bang Club DVD PN1997.2 .B36 2011
    Thelma & Louise DVD PN1997 .T39 2010
    There was a father DVD PN1995.9 .J36 O659 2010 2 DVDs
    Thesis Video PN1997 .T395 1999y
    They surveyed the world DVD DS36.85 .W574 1999x V.4
    Thief of Baghdad Video PN1995.75 .T44 1996y
    Thin blue line Video HV6542 .T45 1988y
    Thin man Video PN1997 .T476 1988y
    Thing from another world Video PN1995.9 .H6 T585 2001y
    Things I left in Havana DVD PN1995.9.C55 C6737 2005
    Think-Pair-Share Video LB1032 .T45 1988y
    Third man DVD PN1997 .T452 2007 2 DVDs
    Third man Video PN1997 .T452 1998y
    Thirteen assassins DVD PN1997.2 .T45 2011
    This earth, this realm, this England DVD PE1075 .T448 2004y
    This is Edward Steichen DVD TR140 .S68 T497 2006
    Thomas Jefferson DVD E332 .T38 2010
    Thomas Jefferson Video E332 .T38 1997y 2 videos
    Thousand acres Video PS3569 .M39 T47y
    Thousand and one nights DVD DS36.85 .W574 1999x V.6
    Three colors: blue DVD PN1997 .T76 B617 2003x
    Three colors: red DVD PN1997 .T76 R754 2003x
    Three colors: white DVD PN1997 .T76 B591 2003x
    Three English cathedrals Video NA5463 .T48 1995y +guide
    Three men and a baby DVD PN1997 .T68 2002y
    Three outlaw samurai DVD PN1995.9 .S24 S35 2012
    Three penny opera DVD PN1997 .D745 1984y
    Three sovereigns for Sarah DVD PN1995.9.H5 T47 2005y
    Three Stooges Video PN1995.9 .T5 T7 1993
    Throne of blood DVD PR2823.A23 T47 2003y
    Throne of blood Video PN1995.9 .S24 K85 1993y
    Through a glass darkly DVD PN1997 .A1 B533 2003
    Through African eyes Video N7380 .T4 1995y
    Through deaf eyes DVD HV2530 .T57 2007
    Through the lens DVD TR790 .T472 2003
    Thunderbolt and Lightfoot DVD PN1995.9 .A3 T48 2000
    Tibet: the end of time Video DS786 .T43 1995
    Tibetan Buddhist meditation Video BQ5612 .O44y
    Tidal wave Video GC221.2 .T5 1997y
    Tigress Video PN1997 .T519 1990y
    Time for burning DVD E185.61 .T56 2005y
    Time of fear DVD D769.8.A6 T56 B2005y
    Tin Drum DVD PN2654 .B55 2004 2 DVDs
    Tin drum Video PN2654 .B55 1996y
    Tintypes DVD M1500 .T498 2005x
    Tirez sur le pianiste DVD PN1997 .T55 2005 2 DVDs
    Titanic DVD PN1997 .T57 2006
    Titanic Video PN1997 .T57 1998y 2 videos
    Titus Video PN1997 .T58 2001y
    Titus Andronicus Video PR2835 .A2 B757 1987y
    To be and to have DVD LB2832.4 .F8 E87 2004y
    To have and have not Video PN1997 .T605 2000y
    To kill a mockingbird DVD PS3562 .E353 T62 2012 2 DVDs
    To kill a mockingbird Video PS3562 .E353 T62 1998
    To rob a thief DVD PN1995.9.C55 L33766 2008y
    Todo el poder DVD PN1997.2 .T636 2003
    Todo sobre mi madre DVD PN1995.9.F67 T646 2000y
    Tokyo godfathers DVD PN1997.2 .T659 2004
    Tokyo pop Video PN1995.9 .C55 T573 1988x
    Tol'able David DVD PN1997 .T653354 1997y
    Tom Jones Video PR3454 .T6 1992y
    Tombstone DVD PN1995.9 .W4 T66 2002 2 DVDs
    Tony Takitani DVD PN1995.9.M27 T669 2006y
    Tootsie DVD PN1997 .T668 2001y
    Top Gun Video PN1997 .T6577 1987y
    Top hat Video M1505 .T67 1999y
    Torchbearers Video DS38.3 .M52 1984y
    Torment Video PN1997.85.D4 T67y
    Tornado Video QC955 .T66 1997y
    Tornado video classics Video QC955.5 .U5 G74 1992 +guide
    Touch of evil DVD PS3563 .A835 T68 2008 2 DVDs
    Touch of evil Video PS3563 .A835 T68 1990y
    Touch of fever DVD PN1997 .H3848 2005
    Tough guise Video BF692.5 .T68 1999y
    Toxic sludge is good for you Video HD59.6 .U6 T69 2002y
    Toy story DVD PN1995.9.C55 T69 2005y
    Toy story 3 DVD PN1997.2 .T69 2010
    Trade DVD PN1995.9.S87 T7334 2008y
    Trading places Video PN1997 .T72 1989y
    Trans generation DVD HQ77.7 .T73 2006 2 DVDs
    Treasure of the Sierra Madre DVD PN1995.9 .M5 T74 2003
    Treasure of the Sierra Madre Video PN1995.9 .M5 T74 1992
    Treasures from American film archives: 50 preserved films DVD PN1993.5.U6 T74 2005y 4 DVDs
    Treasures from royal tombs of Ur Video CC75 .T71 1999x
    Tree of wooden clogs Video PN1997 .T73 1978y 2 videos
    Tretia meshchanskaia DVD PN1995.9.S665 B43 2004 2 DVDs
    Tribute to Alvin Ailey Video GV1783 .T75 1990y
    Tricky life DVD PN1997.2 .E5 2004y
    Triumph of the will DVD DD253.25 .T7 2006
    Triumph of the will Video DD253.25 .T7 1996y
    Troi coleurs: blanc DVD PN1997 .T76 B591 2003x
    Troi coleurs: bleu DVD PN1997 .T76 R754 2003x
    Troi coleurs: rouge DVD PN1997 .T76 B617 2003x
    Troilus and Cressida Video PR2836 .A55 1987y 2 videos
    Truman DVD E814 .T78 2009 2 DVDs
    Truman Video E814 .T78 1997y 2 videos
    Truman show DVD PN1997 .T786 2010
    Trumpeter's resource DVD MT440 .T78 2000y
    Tune in tomorrow… Video PN1997 .T8 1990x
    TV violence & you Video HQ784 .T4 T9 1997y
    Twelfth night Video PR2837 .A55 1987y
    Twelfth night, or, What you will Video PR2837 .A23 N8 1997y
    Twelve o'clock high Video PN1997 .T856 1994y
    Twilight -- Los Angeles Video PN1997 .T855 2001y
    Twilight samurai DVD PN1995.9.S24 T92 2004y
    Twilight zone: the complete definitive collection DVD PN1992.77 .T87 2004x 28 DVDs
    Two faces of the 17th century Video N7592.3 .T86 1984y
    Two gentlemen of Verona Video PR2838 .A2 B757 1987y
    Tycoon DVD PN1997.2 .T93 2004
    UFO files DVD TL789 .U35 2008 2 DVDs
    UFO files: alien engineering DVD TL789 .U35 A42 2008
    UFO hunters: season one DVD TL789 .U36 2008 4 DVDs
    Ugetsu DVD PN1997 .U35 2005 2 DVDs
    Ukigusa DVD PN1997 .A1 U45 2004 2 DVDs
    Ultimate guide: tyrannosaurus rex Video QE862 .S3 U5 1996y
    Ultimate guide: volcanoes Video QE523.T86 V65 2003y
    Ultimate Matrix collection DVD PN1995.9 .S26 U18 2009 10 DVDs
    Umbrellas of Cherbourg Video M1527 .L42 P3 1997y
    Un pez dos peces pez rojo pez azul Video PN1997.5 .P53 1994y
    Unagi DVD PN1997 .U63 1998y
    Uncle Boonmee who can recall his past lives DVD PN1997.2 .U5354 2011
    Unconcious DVD PN1995.9.C55 U53667
    Under fire DVD PN1997 .U534 2001
    Under the sun of Satan Video PN1997 .S68 1989y
    Underground Video PN1997 .U45 1998y
    Underground Railroad Video E450 .U5 1999y
    Unforgiven DVD PN1995.9 .W4 U54 2010
    Unforgiven Video PN1995.9 .W4 U54 1996y
    United States, 1902-1914 Video PN1993.5 .A1 W492 1989 v.2
    Universal design in architecture Video NA2545 .P5 U54 1994y
    Universal signs: sense the life around you DVD PN1995.9 .D35 Un3 2009
    Universe within Video QP38 .U55 1995y
    Untold story of Emmett Louis Till DVD E185.6 .U58653 2006y
    Untouchables DVD PN1995.9 .G3 U57 1987
    Up DVD PN1997.2 .U6 2009
    Urban cowboy DVD PN1997 .U77 2002y
    Using color: creating color harmony DVD ND1488 .U79 2006y
    Usual suspects DVD PN1995.9 .D4 U78 2008
    Vagabond Video PN1997 .S175 1997y
    Vanity Fair Video PR5618 .M8 1998y 6 videos
    Variety & virtuosity: American ballet theatre now DVD GV1786 .A43 A46 2002y
    Venus beaute institut Video PN1997 .V46 2001y
    Venus beauty institute Video PN1997 .V46 2001y
    Vertigo Video PN1997 .V378 1997y
    Vespro della beata vergine Video M1500 .M78 V4 1990y +guide
    Victor / Victoria DVD PN1995.9.C55 V5 2000y
    Vida es silbar DVD PN1997 .L42 P45
    Video dictionary of classical ballet DVD GV1585 .V52 2003y
    Videodrome DVD PN1995.9 .S26 V54 2004 2 DVDs
    Vie est belle Video PN1997 .V53y
    Vietnam experience Video DS558 .V548y
    Vietnam: a television history Video DS557.7 .V55 1983y 7 videos
    Vietnam: in the year of the pig Video DS557.7 .V548 1987y
    Vietnam: remember Video DS557.73 .V6x
    Viewing of contemporary art in Taiwan DVD N6490 .V54 2007y
    Vikings Video DL65 .V55 2000y
    Village of dreams DVD PN1997 .A124 E56 1996y
    Virgen de la lujuria DVD PN1997.2 .V574 2005y
    Virgin of lust DVD PN1997.2 .V574 2005y
    Virgin spring DVD PN1997 .J8644 2006
    Viridiana Video PN1997 .V57 1996y
    Visual merchandising Video HF5845 .V57 2001y
    Viva La Causa!: 500 years of Chicano history Video E184 .M5 V58 1995 2 videos
    Vocalists DVD ML3506 .V851 2004x
    Voices of civil rights DVD E185.61 .C5855 2006y 2 DVDs
    Volcano! Nature's inferno Video QE522 .V64 1997y
    Volver DVD PN1995.9.C55 V65847 2007y
    Voyage of La Amistad: a quest for freedom DVD E447 .V69 2005y
    Voyous voyelles DVD PN1997.2 .P74y
    W.E.B. Du Bois: biography in four voices Video PS3507 .U147 Z93 1995y
    Wages of fear Video PQ2613 .I64 S3 1991y
    Wall Street DVD PN1997 .W32 2010 2 DVDs
    WALL-E DVD PN1995.9.F36 W3554 2008
    Walls of light Video NK5304 .W35 1997y
    Wandafuru raifu DVD PN1997 .A43 H57y
    War DVD D811.5 .W37 2007y 6 DVDs
    War and peace DVD PG3366 .W28 2002y
    War in the Gulf Video DS79.72 .W37 1991y
    War lover Video PN1997 .W337y
    War photographer DVD TR820.6 .W376 2003
    War room DVD JK526 .W37 2004y
    Watergate Video KF228 .W37 1994y 5 videos
    Wayfinders: a Pacific odyssey DVD GN440.2 .W38 1999x
    We the people: the President and the constitution Video JK515 .W42 1991 4 videos
    Wearing hijab DVD BP67.U6 W42 2004y
    Web of steel Video QL458.4 .W38 1990x
    Weisse band DVD PN1997.2 .W55 2010
    Welcome back, Mr. McDonald DVD PN1997 .W449 2003x
    West DVD F591 .W45 2010 5 DVDs
    West Video F591 .W45 1996y 9 videos
    West side story DVD PN1995.9 .M86 W47 2003
    West side story Video PN1995.9 .M86 W47 1961x
    Whale rescue Video QL737 .C4 W4 1990y
    Whale rider DVD PN1997.2 .W4354 2003
    What a girl wants Video HQ798 .W46 2000y
    When father was away on business Video PN1995.9 .F4 O83 1991y
    When Harry met Sally DVD PN1995.9 .C55 W446 2007
    When the world spoke Arabic DVD DS36.85 .W574 1999x 7 DVDs
    Whispers of angels: a story of the underground railroad DVD E450 .W57 2004y
    White material DVD PN1997.2 .W4578 2011
    White ribbon DVD PN1997.2 .W55 2010
    Who killed the electric car? DVD TL220 .W46 2006y
    Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf? DVD PN1995.9.S87 W467 2006 2 DVDs
    Why sex? Video QH361 .E78 2001y v.5
    Why we fight World War II DVD D743 .W49 2001y 4 DVDs
    Wild bunch DVD PN1997 .W52 1997
    Wild bunch Video PN1997 .W52 1995y
    Wild One DVD PN1997.A23 W55466
    Wild strawberries DVD PN1997 .W54 2002
    Wild strawberries Video PN1997 .W54 1957
    Will success spoil Rock Hunter? Video PN1997 .W55 1996y
    Wind that shakes the barley DVD PN1997.2.W56 W56 2007y
    Wings Video PN1997 .W56 1989y
    Winning the mind game DVD RC464 .W56 2004y
    Winter light DVD PN1997 .A1 B533 2003
    Winter's tale Video PR2753 .A2 W2 1987y
    With fingers of love Video NK9112 .W57 1994y
    Within our gates Video PN1997 .W57 1993x +pamphlet
    Witness DVD PN1995.9 .D4 W57 2005
    Wizard of Oz DVD PN1997.85 .B38 W592 1999
    Wizard of Oz Video PN1997.85 .B38 W592 1991y
    Woman next door Video PN1997 .F42 1992x
    Women DVD PN1997 .W663 2005y
    Women and money Video HG179 .A5 W6 1996y
    Women in Islam DVD BP173.4 .W65 1993y
    Women with open eyes Video HQ1788 .F45 1994y
    Wonder pill Video R726.5 .W845 2003x
    Wonderful, horrible life of Leni Riefenstahl DVD PN1998.3 .R54 W66 1998
    Woodstock, 3 days of peace & music Video ML38 .W66 W66 1994y 2 videos
    Working for social justice DVD HV10.5 .W67 2008
    Works by women: art from ancient to modern times Video N8354 .W892 1993x
    World Association for Symphonic Bands and Ensembles presents three icons DVD MT85 .W67 2012 3 DVDs
    World at war DVD D743.23 .W64 2001y 5 DVDs
    World of Abbott and Costello Video PN1997 .W6 1995x
    Wrong game DVD PN1995.9 .D35 W944 2007
    Wuthering heights DVD PN1997 .W88 2005
    Wuthering heights Video PN1997.85 .W87 1989y
    Y tu mama tambien DVD PN1997 .Y22 2002y
    Yakuza papers DVD PN1997 .Y224 2004 6 DVDs
    Yamato shinkyokusho DVD PN2924.5 .N6 Y3638 2009
    Yankee doodle dandy DVD PN1997 .Y364 2003
    Yankee doodle dandy Video PN1997 .Y364 1991y
    Year of the slacker DVD PN1995.9 .C55 A5656 2005
    Yellowstone: imprints of geologic time Video QE79 .Y4 1992y +guide
    Yo, la peor de todas DVD PN1997 .Y653y
    You can't take it with you Video PN1997 .Y683 1997y
    Young and the damned Video PN1997 .Y65 1984x
    Young Frankenstein DVD PN1995.9 .C55 Y68 2006
    Your financial future Video HG179 .Y88 1997x
    Zulu DVD PN1997 .Z85 2006
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