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    B481 .N3813 2013 Natali, Carlo. Aristotle : his life and school. Princeton : Princeton University Press, [2013] B802 .P26 2013 Pagden, Anthony. The Enlightenment : and why it still matters. First edition. New York : Random House, 2013. BF637.S8 S82 1998 Summitt, Pat Head. Reach for the summit : the definite dozen system for succeeding at whatever you do. 1st ed. New York : Broadway Books, 1998. BL74 .N67 2015 The Norton anthology of world religions. First edition. New York : W.W. Norton & Company, [2015] BP190.5.H44 A535 2014 Amer, Sahar. What is veiling? Chapel Hill : The University of North Carolina Press, [2014] BS621 .E885 2013 Evans, Craig A., author. Jesus and his world : the archaeological evidence. Louisville, Kentucky : Westminster John Knox Press, 2013. BS1285.52 .C66 2014 Coogan, Michael David. The ten commandments : a short history of an ancient text. New Haven : Yale University Press, 2014. BT303.2 .B365 2009 The historical Jesus : five views. Downers Grove, Ill. : IVP Academic, c2009. BT303.2 .M397 2013 McDonald, Lee Martin. The story of Jesus in history and faith. Grand Rapids, Michigan : Baker Academic, a Division of Baker Publishing Group, [2013] BX1377 .K47 2014 Kertzer, David I. The Pope and Mussolini : the secret history of Pius XI and the rise of Fascism in Europe. First edition. New York : Random House, [2014] BX3706.3 .O425 2014 O'Malley, John W. The Jesuits : a history from Ignatius to the present. Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield, [2014] BX4827.B57 M37 2015 Marsh, Charles, author. Strange Glory : A Life of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. First Vintage books edition. New York : Vintage Books, 2015. BX5145 .J27 2013 Jacobs, Alan. The Book of Common Prayer : a biography. Princeton and Oxford : Princeton University Press, [2013] HISTORY
    CB465 .P34 2013 Paine, Lincoln P. The sea and civilization : a maritime history of the world. First Edition. New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2013. D157 .C58 2014 Cobb, Paul M. The race for paradise : an Islamic history of the crusades. New York : Oxford University Press, [2014] D511 .M268 2014 Martel, Gordon, author. The month that changed the world : July 1914. First edition. Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2014. D523 .T46 2014 Tooze, J. Adam. The deluge : the Great War, America and the remaking of the global order, 1916-1931. New York : Viking Adult, 2014. D743.22 .R47 2006 Restricted films of World War II [videorecording] secrets revealed. Eugene, OR : Timeless Media Group, c2006. D767.92 .A88 2007 The attack on Pearl Harbor [videorecording] a day of infamy. Eugene, OR : Timeless Media Group, 2007. D767.92 .P42 2001 Pearl Harbor [videorecording]. New York, N.Y. : New Video, [2001] D843 .F456 2014 Fink, Carole. Cold War : an international history. Boulder, CO : Westview Press, a member of the Perseus Books Group, [2014] DC103 .H25 2014 Harrison, Kathryn. Joan of Arc : a life transfigured. First edition. New York : Doubleday, 2014. DC147.8 .I87 2014 Israel, Jonathan I. author. Revolutionary ideas : an intellectual history of the French Revolution from the Rights of Man to Robespierre. Oxford ; Princeton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, [2014] DC203 .R678 2014 Roberts, Andrew, author. Napoleon : a life. New York, New York : Viking, 2014. DC337 .B68 2011 Brown, Frederick. For the soul of France : culture wars in the age of Dreyfus. 1st Anchor Books ed. New York : Anchor Books 2011, c2010. DC389 .B76 2015 Brown, Frederick, author. The embrace of unreason : France, 1914-1940. First Anchor Books edition. New York : Anchor Books, a division of Random House, 2015. DK286 .P57 2014 Plokhy, Serhii, author. The last empire : the final days of the Soviet Union. New York : Basic Books, a member of the Perseus Books Group, [2014] DK552 .K45 2014 Kelly, Catriona, author. St. Petersburg : shadows of the past. New Haven : Yale University Press, [2014] DL65 .W63 2014 Winroth, Anders. The age of the Vikings. Princeton : Princeton University Press, [2014] DS254.5 .K386 2013 Katouzian, Homa, author. Iran : a beginner's guide. London, England : Oneworld, 2013. DS288.3 .S73 2013 Starr, S. Frederick. Lost enlightenment : Central Asia's golden age from the Arab conquest to Tamerlane. Princeton : Princeton University Press, 2013. DS777.53 .M555 2014 Mitter, Rana, author. Forgotten ally : China's World War II, 1937-1945. First Mariner Books edition. Boston : Mariner Books, [2014]. DS918 .M56 2013 Mitchell, Arthur. Understanding the Korean War : the participants, the tactics and the course of conflict. Jefferson, North Carolina : McFarland & Company, Inc., Publishers, [2013] E83.863 .K45 2013 Kelman, Ari. A misplaced massacre : struggling over the memory of Sand Creek. Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2013. E98.F39 S56 2006 Shoemaker, Nancy. A strange likeness : becoming red and white in eighteenth- century North America. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, 2006. E99.P85 P5797 2005 Townsend, Camilla. Pocahontas and the Powhatan dilemma. 1st pbk. ed. New York : Hill and Wang, 2005. E184.A1 C4425 2014 Chang, Jeff. Who we be : the colorization of America. First edition. New York : St. Martin's Press, 2014. E184.A1 F739 2015 Frey, William H. Diversity explosion : how new racial demographics are remaking America. Washington, D.C. : Brookings Institution Press, [c2015] E184.A1 P725 2013 Prewitt, Kenneth. What is your race? : the census and our flawed efforts to classify Americans. Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, c2013. E185.18 .W57 2014 Winch, Julie. Between slavery and freedom : free people of color in America from settlement to the Civil War. Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., [2014] E185.615 .W69 2013 Wright, Gavin. Sharing the prize : the economics of the civil rights revolution in the American South. Cambridge, Mass. : Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2013. E185.97.C27 J63 2014 Joseph, Peniel E. Stokely : a life. New York : Basic Civitas, a member of the Perseus Books Group, 2014. E185.97.K5 A2 1992 v.7 King, Martin Luther, Jr., The papers of Martin Luther King, Jr., v.7 To share the soul of America, January 1961-August 1962. Berkeley : University of California Pr., 2014. E210 .B94 2014 Bunker, Nick. An empire on the edge : how Britain came to fight America. First edition. New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2014. E342 .C48 2014 Cheney, Lynne V. James Madison : a life reconsidered. New York : Viking, 2014. E377 .K34 2014 Kaplan, Fred. John Quincy Adams : American visionary. First edition. New York, NY : HarperCollins Publishers, 2014. E449 .D749 2003 Douglass, Frederick. Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass, an American slave : with related documents. 2nd ed. Boston : Bedford/St. Martin's, 2003. E453 .B84 2014 Brewster, Todd. Lincoln's gamble : the tumultuous six months that gave America the Emancipation Proclamation and changed the course of the Civil War. First Scribner hardcover edition. New York : Scribner, 2014. E453 .H644 2012 Holzer, Harold. Emancipating Lincoln : the Proclamation in text, context, and memory. Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2012. E467 .D66 2013 Don't hurry me down to Hades : the Civil War in the words of those who lived it. Oxford, UK ; New York, NY : Osprey Publishing, 2013. E467.1.D26 M26 2014 McPherson, James M. Embattled rebel : Jefferson Davis as commander in chief. New York : The Penguin Press, 2014. E469 .P47 2013 Peraino, Kevin. Lincoln in the world : the making of a statesman and the dawn of American power. First Edition. New York : Crown Publishers, [2013] E540.N3 K56 2013 King, William S. To raise up a nation : John Brown, Frederick Douglass, and the making of a free country. Yardley, Pennsylvania : Westholme, [2013] E540.N3 S67 2013 Smith, John David. Lincoln and the U.S. Colored Troops. Carbondale : Southern Illinois University Press, 2013. E621 .H86 2013 Humphreys, Margaret. Marrow of tragedy : the health crisis of the American Civil War. Baltimore : The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2013. E741 .C465 2009 A Century of war [videorecording]. Commemorative 75th anniversary ed. Renton, WA : Topics Entertainment, c2009. E748.R673 S65 2014 Smith, Richard Norton. On his own terms : a life of Nelson Rockefeller. First edition. New York : Random House, [2014] E757 .G66 2014 Goodwin, Doris Kearns. The bully pulpit : Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, and the Golden Age of journalism. First Simon & Schuster paperback edition. New York : Simon & Schuster Paperbacks, 2014. E806 .K336 2014 Kaiser, David E., author. No end save victory : how FDR led the nation into war. New York : Basic Books, a member of the Perseus Books Group, [2014] E807 .B745 2014 Breitman, Richard. FDR and the Jews. Cambridge, Massachusetts : The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2013. E873.2 .B35 2014 Balmer, Randall Herbert. Redeemer : the life of Jimmy Carter. New York : Basic Books, A Member of the Perseus Books Group, [2014] GEOGRAPHY, ANTHROPOLOGY, FOLKLORE, ETC. G870 .D296 2013 Day, David. Antarctica : a biography. New York : Oxford University Press, c2013. GV31 .G53 2000 Gladiators and caesars : the power of spectacle in ancient Rome. Berkeley : University of California Press, 2000. GV742.3 .E84 2004 Evey, Stuart. ESPN : the no-holds-barred story of power, ego, money, and vision that transformed a culture. Chicago : Triumph Books, 2004. GV863.A1 M654 2010 Morris, Peter. A game of inches : the stories behind the innovations that shaped baseball. Rev. and expanded 1-vol. ed. Chicago : Ivan R. Dee, c2010. GV865.A1 H33 2003 Halberstam, David. The teammates. 1st ed. New York : Hyperion, 2003. GV865.C313 A3 2005 Canseco, Jose. Juiced : wild times, rampant 'roids, smash hits, and how baseball got big. 1st ed. New York : Regan Books, 2005. GV865.J29 G76 1995 Gropman, Donald. Say it ain't so, Joe! : the true story of Shoeless Joe Jackson. Rev. ed., Carol Pub. Group ed. New York, NY : Carol Pub. Group, 1995. GV865.R8 M56 2006 Montville, Leigh. The Big Bam : the life and times of Babe Ruth. 1st pbk. ed. New York : Broadway Books, 2006. GV875.D6 E35 2007 Ebling, Jack. Tales from the Detroit Tigers dugout. Champaign, Ill. : Sports Pub., 2007. GV878.4 .H35 1995 Halberstam, David. October 1964. 1st Ballantine books ed. New York : Fawcett Columbine, 1995. GV958.P47 B57 2004 Bissinger, Buzz. Friday night lights : a town, a team, and a dream. Da Capo Press movie tie-in ed. Cambridge, MA : Da Capo Press, 2004. GV1839 .J65 2004 Johnson, Paul E. Sam Patch, the famous jumper. 1st ed. New York : Hill and Wang, 2003. SOCIAL SCIENCES
    HC85 .N32 2013 Naam, Ramez. The infinite resource : the power of ideas on a finite planet. Hanover [N.H.] : University Press of New England, 2013. HD31.D776 C64 2014 Cohen, William A., author. The practical Drucker : applying the wisdom of the world's greatest management thinker. New York : AMACOM, American Management Association, [2014] HD6509.C48 P38 2014 Pawel, Miriam, author. The crusades of Cesar Chavez : a biography. First U.S. edition. New York : Bloomsbury Press, [2014]. HD9565 .G65 2015 Gold, Russell. The boom : how fracking ignited the American energy revolution and changed the world. New York : Simon & Schuster, [2014] HD9696.8.U64 G66647 2014 Schmidt, Eric. Google : how Google works. First edition. New York : Grand Central Publishing, 2014. HF5415.153 .B463 2013 Berger, Jonah, author. Contagious : why things catch on. 1st Simon & Schuster hardcover edition. New York : Simon & Schuster, 2013. HF5813.G4 C53 2011 Ciarlo, David. Advertising empire : race and visual culture in imperial Germany. Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2011. HM1166 .I67 2013 Inside relationships : a creative casebook on relational communication. Walnut Creek, California : Left Coast Press, Inc., [2013] HQ799.2.V56 E26 2013 Economics and youth violence : crime, disadvantage, and community. New York : NYU Press, [2013] HV7936.R3 E77 2014 Epp, Charles R., author. Pulled over : how police stops define race and citizenship. Chicago ; London : The University of Chicago Press, 2014.
    POLITICAL SCIENCE JC11 .F85 2012 Fukuyama, Francis. Origins of political order : from prehuman times to the French revolution. New York, N.Y. : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2012. JC11 .F853 2014 Fukuyama, Francis. Political order and political decay : from the industrial revolution to the globalization of democracy. First edition. New York : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2014. JZ1320 .G55 2014 Global interdependence : the world after 1945. Cambridge, Massachusetts : The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2014. LAW KF224.R68 S77 2013 Strub, Whitney. Obscenity rules : Roth v. United States and the long struggle over sexual expression. Lawrence, Kansas : University Press of Kansas, [2013] KF373.S74 A3 2014 Stevenson, Bryan, author. Just mercy : a story of justice and redemption. First edition. New York : Spiegel & Grau, [2014]
    LC213.2 .D86 2014 Duncan, Greg J. Restoring opportunity : the crisis of inequality and the challenge for American education. Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard Education Press, [2014] LC1011 .R75 2015 Roth, Michael S., author. Beyond the university : why liberal education matters. Paperback edition with a new preface. New Haven : Yale University Press, [2015] MUSIC ML400 .N28 1999 Nathan, David. The soulful divas : personal portraits of over a dozen divine divas, from Nina Simone, Aretha Franklin & Diana Ross to Patti LaBelle, Whitney Houston & Janet Jackson. New York : Billboard Books, 1999. ML410.B4 S94 2014 Swafford, Jan. Beethoven : anguish and triumph : a biography. Boston : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, [2014] ML410.E44 C6 1989 Collier, James Lincoln. Duke Ellington. New York : Oxford University Press, 1989, c1987. ML420.B365 D5 1985 DeWitt, Howard A. Chuck Berry, rock 'n' roll music. 2nd ed. Ann Arbor, MI : Pierian Press, 1985. ML421.B4 B42 1984 The Beatles reader : a selection of contemporary views, news & reviews of the Beatles in their heyday. Ann Arbor, MI : Pierian Press, 1984. ML421.S86 R53 2009 Ribowsky, Mark. The Supremes : a saga of Motown dreams, success, and betrayal. Cambridge, MA : Da Capo Press, 2009. ML3477 .N34 1998 Nager, Larry. Memphis beat : the lives and times of America's musical crossroads. 1st ed. New York : St. Martin's Press, 1998. ML3521 .G87 Guralnick, Peter. Sweet soul music : rhythm and blues and the southern dream of freedom. 1st Back Bay pbk. ed. New York : Back Bay Books/Little, Brown and Co., 1999. ML3531 .E38 2015 Edwards, Paul. The concise guide to hip-hop music : a fresh look at the art of hip-hop, from old-school beats to freestyle rap. First edition. New York : St. Martin's Griffin, 2015. ML3561.B25 S73 2013 Stauffer, John. The battle hymn of the republic : a biography of the song that marches on. Oxford : Oxford University Press, [2013] ML3776 .H33 2014 Haas, Michael, author. Forbidden music : the Jewish composers banned by the Nazis. New Haven : Yale University Press, 2014. ML3792.S73 B69 1997 Bowman, Robert M. J. Soulsville, U.S.A. : the story of Stax Records. New York : Schirmer Books, 1997. FINE ARTS N72.P6 L37 2013 Lampert, Nicolas. A people's art history of the United States : 250 years of activist art and artists working in social justice movements. New York : The New Press, 2013. N72.P6 P655 2012 Pollini, John. From republic to empire : rhetoric, religion, and power in the visual culture of ancient Rome. 1st. Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, c2012. N72.S6 D37 2011 Davis, Whitney. A general theory of visual culture. Princeton, N.J. : Princeton University Press, 2011. N5220.G886 G55 2002 Gill, Anton. Art lover : a biography of Peggy Guggenheim. 1st ed. New York : HarperCollins, 2002. N5220.G886 T33 1996 Tacou-Rumney, Laurence. Peggy Guggenheim : a collector's album. Paris ; New York : Flammarion, 1996. N6350 .T5 1981 Time-Life Books. Seven centuries of art : survey and index. Rev. ed. Alexandria, Va. : Time-Life Books, 1981, 1970. N6420 .A78 2000 Art in theory 1648-1815 : an anthology of changing ideas. Oxford, UK ; Malden, Mass. : Blackwell Publishers, 2000. N6537.R576 A4 2007 Pero, Linda Szekely. American chronicles : the art of Norman Rockwell. Stockbridge, Mass. : Norman Rockwell Museum ; [United States] : Excelsior Print. Co., 2007. N6537.W4 S88 2014 Sutherland, Daniel E. Whistler : a life for art's sake. New Haven : Yale University Press, [2014] N6550 .F47 2014 Fernandez, Maria. Cosmopolitanism in Mexican visual culture. First edition. Austin : University of Texas Press, 2014. N6921.F7 M43 2002 The Medici, Michelangelo, & the art of late Renaissance Florence. New Haven ; London : Yale University Press in association with the Detroit Institute of Arts, c2002. N7345 .W84 2014 Wu Hung, author. Contemporary Chinese art : a history, 1970s-2000s. London ; New York : Thames & Hudson, 2014. N8214.5.G7 C76 2011 Crowley, John E. Imperial landscapes : Britain's global visual culture, 1745-1820. New Haven [Conn.] : Published for the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art by Yale University Press, 2011. N8232 .I46 2010 The image of the Black in western art. New ed. Cambridge, Mass. : Belknap Press of Harvard University Press : In collaboration with the W.E.B. Du Bois Institute for African and African American Research ; [Houston, Tex.] : Menil Collection, 2010- N9160 .B64 2013 Bohm-Duchen, Monica. Art and the Second World War. Princeton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press [2013]. NA737.W7 C47 2006 Cheek, Larry. Frank Lloyd Wright in Arizona. Tucson, Ariz. : Rio Nuevo Publishers, 2006. NB237.P734 A4 2012 Barron, Stephanie. Ken Price Sculpture : a Retrospective. Los Angeles, CA : Los Angeles County Museum of Art ; Munich, Germany : Prestel Verlag, [2012] NB237.S3868 A4 2014 Judith Scott : bound & unbound. Brooklyn, NY : Brooklyn Museum ; Munich ; New York : DelMonico Books-Prestel, c2014. NB623.B5 W3 1970 Wallace, Robert. The world of Bernini, 1598-1680. New York, Time-Life Books [1970] NB1203 .F53 2014 Fiber : sculpture 1960-present. Munich ; New York : Prestel, 2014. NC257.L4 L46 2004 Leonardo : art and science. Cobham, UK : TAJ Books, 2004. NC997 .B368 2014 Beard, Christina, author. Critiqued : inside the minds of 23 leaders in design. San Francisco : Peachpit Press, [2014] NC998.4 .D48 2012 Design/paper : a seductive collection of alluring paper graphics. Beverly, MA : Rockport Publishers, 2012. NC998.4 .H45 2014 Heller, Steven, author. Design literacy : understanding graphic design. Third edition. New York, NY : Allworth Press, an imprint of Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. : School of Visual Arts, [2014] NC1001 .V586 2013 Visocky O'Grady, Jennifer, author. Design currency : understand, define and promote the value of your design work. [San Francisco, California] : New Riders, [2013] NC1002.L63 H68 2014 Howalt, Paul. Design : logo : an exploration of marvelous marks, insightful essays, and revealing reviews. Beverly, Massachusetts : Rockport Publishers, 2014. ND237.O5 R5313 2001 Richter, Peter-Cornell. Georgia O'Keeffe and Alfred Stieglitz. Munich ; New York : Prestel, 2001. ND547.5.I4 T243 1990 Taylor, John Russell. Impressionist dreams : the artists and the world they painted. London : Barrie and Jenkins, 1990. ND553.M3 R413 1986 Rey, Robert. Manet. New revised edition. New York : Crown Publishers, 1986. ND553.P5 W45 1980 Wertenbaker, Lael Tucker. The world of Picasso, 1881-1973. Rev. [ed.]. Alexandria, Va. : Time-Life Books, 1980. ND653.G7 L44 1994 Leeuw, Ronald de. 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    PE1417 .B373 2014 Bartholomae, David. Ways of reading : an anthology for writers. Tenth edition. Boston : Bedford/St. Martins, 2014. PE1431 .G73 2014 Graff, Gerald. "They say / I say" : the Moves that Matter in Academic Writing. Third Edition. New York : W. W. Norton & Company, [2014] PJ7737 .W283 2013 Warner, Marina. Stranger magic : charmed states and the Arabian nights. Cambridge : Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2013. PN1995.9.G3 W37 2005 Warner Bros. Pictures Gangsters collection [videorecording]. [S.l.] : Warner Bros. Entertainment, [2005] PN1995.9.G3 W37 2008 Gangsters collection. Vol. 2 [videorecording]. Burbank, CA : Warner Home Video, 2008. PN1995.9.W6 W666 2011 Women on screen : feminism and femininity in visual culture. Basingstoke ; New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2011. PN1997.2 .B54 2015 Big Hero 6. [DVD version]. [Burbank, California?] : Disney, [2015] PN1998.A3 H573 1984 Truffaut, Francois. Hitchcock. Rev. ed., 1st Touchstone ed. New York : Simon & Schuster, 1985, 1984. PN2270.A35 L36 2015 Lane, Stewart F. Black Broadway : African Americans on the great white way. Garden City Park, NY : Square One Publishers, [2015] PN2287.M69 A5 1995 Monroe, Marilyn. Marilyn--her life in her own words : Marilyn Monroe's revealing last words and photographs. Secausus, NJ : Carol Pub. Group, 1995. PN2287.M69 M28 1973 Mailer, Norman. Marilyn : a biography. [New York] : [Grosset & Dunlap], [1973] PN6727.B3757 Z46 2006 Bechdel, Alison. Fun home : a family tragicomic. Boston : Houghton Mifflin, 2006. PR6119.H398 O54 2014 Shaykh, Hanan. One thousand and one nights : a retelling by Hanan al-Shaykh. First Anchor Books Edition. New York : Anchor Books, 2014. PS153.N5 H17 2013 Hager, Christopher. Word by word : emancipation and the act of writing. Harvard University Press : Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2013. PS285.S3 T37 2015 Tarnoff, Ben. The Bohemians : Mark Twain and the San Francisco writers who reinvented American literature. New York : Penguin Books, 2015. PS3562.E353 Z765 2015 Mills, Marja, author. The mockingbird next door : life with Harper Lee. New York : Penguin Books, 2015. PS3570.A657 G65 2015 Tartt, Donna. The goldfinch. First Back Bay paperback edition. New York : Back Bay Books, Little Brown and Company, 2015. PS3601.K53 D57 2013 Akhtar, Ayad, author. Disgraced : a play. First edition. New York : Back Bay Books, 2013. PS3601.L335 F59 2003 Albom, Mitch. The five people you meet in heaven. 1st ed. New York : Hyperion, 2003. PS3602.A5842 F58 2014 Baker, Annie. The Flick. New York : Theatre Communications Group, 2014. PS3604.O34 A77 2014 Doerr, Anthony. All the light we cannot see : a novel. First Scribner hardcover edition. New York : Scribner, 2014. PS3619.T636 H45 2011 Stockett, Kathryn. The help. Berkley trade pbk. ed. New York, N.Y. : Berkley Books, 2011, c2009. SCIENCE QA99 .B195 2014 Bellos, Alex, author. The grapes of math : how life reflects numbers and numbers reflect life. First Simon & Schuster hardcover edition. New York : Simon & Schuster, 2014. QA99 .E45 2014 Ellenberg, Jordan, author. How not to be wrong : the power of mathematical thinking. New York : The Penguin Press, 2014. QC173.57 .B46 2014 Bennett, Jeffrey O. What is relativity? : an intuitive introduction to Einstein's ideas, and why they matter. New York : Columbia University Press, [2014] QD466 .C42 2014 Challoner, Jack, author. The elements : the new guide to the building blocks of our universe. London : Andre Deutsch, 2014. QL88.3 .L69 2013 Loxton, Daniel. Abominable science! : origins of the Yeti, Nessie, and other famous cryptids. New York : Columbia University Press, [2013] QL568.A6 O858 2013 O'Toole, Christopher, author. Bees : a natural history. Richmond Hill, Ontario : Firefly Books, 2013. QL638.9 .K568 2013 Klimley, A. Peter, author. The biology of sharks and rays. Chicago ; London : The University of Chicago Press, 2013. QP363.3 .D66 2015 Doidge, Norman. The brain's way of healing : remarkable discoveries and recoveries from the frontiers of neuroplasticity. New York, New York : Viking, 2015. MEDICINE R690 .P78 2014 Prusiner, Stanley B., author. Madness and memory : the discovery of prions--a new biological principle of disease. New Haven : Yale University Press, [2014] RA638 .C66 2015 Conis, Elena, author. Vaccine nation : America's changing relationship with immunization. Chicago ; London : University of Chicago Press, 2015. RA651 .F652 2014 Fox, Renee C. author. Doctors without borders : humanitarian quests, impossible dreams of Medecins sans frontieres. Baltimore : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014. RJ240 .B57 2014 Biss, Eula, author. On immunity : an inoculation. Minneapolis, Minnesota : Graywolf Press, [2014] AGRICULTURE SB295.C35 C54 2013 Clarke, Robert Connell. Cannabis : evolution and ethnobotany. Berkeley : University of California Press, 2013. SD409 .C525 2014 Chazdon, Robin Lee, author. Second growth : the promise of tropical forest regeneration in an age of deforestation. Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2014. TECHNOLOGY TR575 .R36 2014 Rand, Glenn. The portrait : understanding portrait photography. 2nd edition. Santa Barbara, CA : Rocky Nook, 2014. TT922 .B754 2014 Britt, John. The complete guide to mid-range glazes : glazing & firing at cones 4-7. New York, NY : Lark Ceramics, [2014]

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    PE1408 .L86 2013 Lunsford, Andrea A. The everyday writer. 5th ed. Boston : Bedford/St. Martin's, c2013..


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    947.08 F629 Fleming, Candace, author. The family Romanov : murder, rebellion & the fall of Imperial Russia. First edition. New York : Schwartz & Wade Books, [2014]

    y F869f Frazee, Marla, author, illustrator. The farmer and the clown. First edition. New York : Beach Lane Books, [2014] y R871c Rundell, Katherine. Cartwheeling in thunderstorms. First US edition. New York : Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers, 2014.
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