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    BD216 .T215 2013 Taylor, Jan Edith. Heritage of hope : lives touched by God's transforming power. Bloomington, IN : Inspiring Voices, 2013. BF109.F74 P485 2014 Phillips, Adam. Becoming Freud : the making of a psychoanalyst. New Haven : Yale University Press, 2014. BF408 .S4484 2014 Shenk, Joshua Wolf. Powers of two : finding the essence of innovation in creative pairs. Boston : Eamon Dolan/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2014. BF637.B85 B39 2014 Bazelon, Emily, author. Sticks and stones : defeating the culture of bullying and rediscovering the power of character and empathy. Random House Trade Paperback edition. New York : Random House Trade Paperbacks, 2014. BF724 .S753 2014 Steinberg, Laurence D. Age of opportunity : lessons from the new science of adolescence. Boston : Eamon Dolan/Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2014. BJ1476 .T88 2014 Tutu, Desmond. The book of forgiving : the fourfold path for healing ourselves and our world. FIRST edition. New York, New York : HarperOne, [2014] BL240.3 .A39 2014 Aczel, Amir D., author. Why science does not disprove God. First edition. New York, NY : William Morrow, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, [2014] BP190.5.H44 K67 2014 Korteweg, Anna C., author. The headscarf debates : conflicts of national belonging. Stanford, California : Stanford University Press, [2014] BR115.A8 S57 2008 Siedell, Daniel A. God in the gallery : a Christian embrace of modern art. Grand Rapids, MI : Baker Academic, c2008. BR1642.U5 S58 2013 Smidt, Corwin E. American evangelicals today. Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield, [2013] HISTORY
    CB19 .C476 2014 Christian, David, author. Big history : between nothing and everything. New York, NY : McGraw Hill Education, [2014] D13 .M294 2015 Marius, Richard. A short guide to writing about history. Ninth edition. Boston : Pearson, [2015] D431 .B87 2014 Burleigh, Michael, author. Small wars, faraway places : global insurrection and the making of the modern world, 1945-1965. New York, New York : Penguin Books, 2014. D803 .H57 2012 Hirsch, Marianne. The Generation of postmemory : writing and visual culture after the Holocaust. New York : Columbia University Press, 2012. D804.3 .M398 2014 McMillan, Dan, Ph.D., author. How could this happen : explaining the Holocaust. New York : Basic Books, a member of the Perseus Books Group, [2014] D810.J4 J49 2014 Jewish resistance against the Nazis. Washington, D.C. : The Catholic University of America Press, [2014] D840 .B88 2014 Buruma, Ian. Year zero : a history of 1945. New York : The Penguin Press, 2013. DD247.E5 S7313 2014 Stangneth, Bettina, author. Eichmann before Jerusalem : the unexamined life of a mass murderer. First edition. New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2014. DK32 .E776 2015 Everyday life in Russia past and present. Bloomington ; Indianapolis : Indiana University Press, [2015] DK266 .S495 1998 Service, Robert. A history of twentieth-century Russia. Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 1998. DS35.63 .L37 2014 Lapidus, Ira M. A history of Islamic societies. Third edition. New York : Cambridge University Press, 2014. DS146.E85 N57 2014 Nirenberg, David. Anti-Judaism : the Western tradition. 1st ed. New York : W. W. Norton & Co., c2013. DS558 .A56 2015 Appy, Christian G. American reckoning : the Vietnam War and our national identity. New York : Viking, 2015. DU280.G68 M44 2014 McCalman, Iain, author. The reef : a passionate history. First American edition. New York : Scientific American : Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2014. E77 .N553 2014 Nichols, Roger L. American Indians in U.S. history. Second edition. Norman : University of Oklahoma Press, [2014] E93 .A42 2014 Alvarez, Alex, author. Native America and the question of genocide. Lanham, Maryland : Rowman & Littlefield, [2014] E98.E2 M55 2012 Miller, Robert J. Reservation "capitalism" : economic development in Indian country. Santa Barbara : Praeger, 2012. E169.Z83 M33 2012 Magee, Carol L. Africa in the American imagination : popular culture, racialized identities, and African visual culture. Jackson [Miss.] : University Press of Mississippi, 2012. E183.8.P18 H24 2013 Haqqani, Husain, author. Magnificent delusions : Pakistan, the United States, and an epic history of misunderstanding. First edition. New York : PublicAffairs, [2013] E183.8.P18 M375 2013 Markey, Daniel Seth, author. No exit from Pakistan : America's tortured relationship with Islamabad. New York : Cambridge University Press, 2013. E184.A1 B233 2013 Bailey, Eric J. The new face of America : how the emerging multiracial, multiethnic majority is changing the United States. Santa Barbara, California : Praeger, an imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, [2013] E184.A1 R4467 2014 Roithmayr, Daria, author. Reproducing Racism : How Everyday Choices Lock In White Advantage. New York : New York University Press, [2014] E184.M5 F65 2014 Foley, Neil. Mexicans in the making of America. Cambridge, Massachusetts : The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2014. E185.6 .W57 2013 Whitaker, Matthew C. Peace be still : modern black America from World War II to Barack Obama. Lincoln : University of Nebraska Press, [2013] E185.86 .J647 2013 Jones, D. Marvin. Fear of a hip-hop planet : america's new dilemma. Santa Barbara : Praeger, c2013. E185.97.K5 A5 2014 King, Martin Luther, Jr. The radical King. Boston, Massachusetts : Beacon Press, 2014. E441 .B337 2014 Baptist, Edward E. The half has never been told : slavery and the making of American capitalism. New York : Basic Books, a member of the Perseus Books Group, [2014] E450 .F66 2015 Foner, Eric. Gateway to freedom : the hidden history of the underground railroad. First edition. New York : W. W. Norton & Company, 2015. E457 .O97 2009 Our Lincoln : new perspectives on Lincoln and his world. New York ; London : W. W. Norton, 2009, c2008. F7 .N53 2012 New views of New England : studies in material and visual culture, 1680-1830. Boston : The Colonial Society of Massachusetts : Distributed by the University of Virginia Press, 2012. F566 .D23 2015 Daldin, Tom, author. Under the Radar Michigan : the first 50. First edition. Royal Oak, Michigan : Scribe Publishing Company, [2015] GEOGRAPHY, ANTHROPOLOGY, FOLKLORE, ETC. GE197 .A58 2014 Allitt, Patrick, author. A climate of crisis : America in the age of environmentalism. New York : The Penguin Press, 2014. GT2853.U5 L47 2003 Levenstein, Harvey A. Paradox of plenty : a social history of eating in modern America. Rev. ed. Berkeley, CA : University of California Press, 2003. GT2853.U5 L48 2003 Levenstein, Harvey A. Revolution at the table : the transformation of the American diet. Berkeley : University of California Press, 2003. GT2869 .M56 1986 Mintz, Sidney Wilfred. Sweetness and power : the place of sugar in modern history. New York : Penguin Books, 1986, 1985. GT2884 .P45 2014 Phillips, Roderick. Alcohol : a history. Chapel Hill : University of North Carolina Press, [2014] GV706.5 .G533 2005 Giulianotti, Richard. Sport : a critical sociology. Oxford : Malden, MA : Polity, 2005. GV865.S795 B35 1995 Bak, Richard. Turkey Stearnes and the Detroit Stars : the Negro leagues in Detroit, 1919-1933. 1st pbk ed., 1995. Detroit, Mich. : Wayne State University Press, 1994. GV1469.3 .R55 2011 Rigby, Scott. Glued to games : how video games draw us in and hold us spellbound. Santa Barbara, Calif. : ABC-CLIO, c2011. SOCIAL SCIENCES
    HB3722 .W63 2014 Wolf, Martin. The shifts and the shocks : what we've learned -- and have still to learn -- from the financial crisis. New York : Penguin Press, 2014. HC106.84 .M336 2014 Madrick, Jeffrey G. Seven bad ideas : how mainstream economists have damaged America and the world. New York : Alfred A. Knopf, 2014. HC108.G26 B76 2015 Broughton, Chad. Boom, bust, exodus : the Rust Belt, the maquilas, and a tale of two cities. New York : Oxford University Press, [2015] HD53 .C394 2014 Catmull, Edwin E., author. Creativity, Inc. : overcoming the unseen forces that stand in the way of true inspiration. First edition. New York : Random House, [2014] HD62.5 .S3547 2015 Schroeder, Bernhard. Fail fast or win big : the start-up plan for starting now. First Edition. New York : AMACOM - American Management Association, 2015. HD1691 .C44 2013 Chellaney, Brahma. Water, peace, and war : confronting the global water crisis. Lanham : Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Inc., [2013] HD6053 .W477 2014 Williams, Joan. What works for women at work : four patterns working women need to know. New York : New York University Press, [2014] HD6053 .W598 2013 Wolf, Alison. The XX factor : how the rise of working women has created a far less equal world. First edition. New York : Crown, [2013] HD9870.5 .R54 2013 Riello, Giorgio. Cotton : the fabric that made the modern world. Cambridge ; New York : Cambridge University Press, 2013. HF3128 .R63 2014 Roach, Stephen S. Unbalanced : the codependency of America and China. New Haven : Yale University Press, [2014] HF5382.7 .G45 2012 Ghilani, Mary E. Working in your major : how to find a job when you graduate. Santa Barbara, Calif. : Praeger, c2012. HF5383 .E424 2013 Eischen, Clifford W. Resumes, cover letters, networking, & interviewing. 4th ed. Mason, OH : South-Western Cengage Learning, 2013. HF5415.2 .W454 2012 Wenzel, Anne M. The entrepreneur's guide to market research. Santa Barbara, Calif. : Praeger, 2012. HM851 .C75 2011 Cross, Mary. Bloggerati, twitterati : how blogs and Twitter are transforming popular culture. Santa Barbara, Calif. : Praeger, 2011. HQ35.2 .S39 2012 Sex in college : the things they don't write home about. Santa Barbara, Calif. : Praeger, 2012. HQ784.V55 M43 2014 Media violence and children : a complete guide for parents and professionals. Second edition. Santa Barbara, California : Praeger, [2014] HT1521 .B474 2013 Bethencourt, Francisco. Racisms : from the Crusades to the Twentieth Century. Princeton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, [2013] HV5825 .H234 2015 Hari, Johann. Chasing the scream : the first and last days of the war on drugs. First U.S. edition. New York : Bloomsbury, 2015. HV5825 .M3427 2012 Marijuana. Farmington Hills, MI : Greenhaven Press, 2012. HV6025 .P665 2013 Presser, Lois. Why we harm. New Brunswick, New Jersey : Rutgers University Press, [2013] HV6080 .T546 2014 Thomas, David J. Understanding violent criminals : insights from the front lines of law enforcement. Santa Barbara, California : Praeger, An imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, [2014] HV6250.4.W65 S79 2014 Stewart, Mary White. Ordinary violence : everyday assaults against women worldwide. Second edition. Santa Barbara, California : Praeger, an imprint of ABC-CLIO, LLC, [2014] HV6431 .N3654 2005 Napoleoni, Loretta. Terror incorporated : tracing the dollars behind the terror networks. 1st U.S. ed. New York : Seven Stories Press, 2005. HV6433.I722 I8563 2014 Napoleoni, Loretta. The Islamist phoenix : The Islamic State and the redrawing of the Middle East. New York : Seven Stories Press, [2014] HV6558 .B68 2007 Bourke, Joanna. Rape : sex, violence, history. [Emeryville, CA] : Shoemaker & Hoard : Distributed by Publishers Group West, 2007. HV9304 .L427 2014 Leverentz, Andrea M. The ex-prisoner's dilemma : how women negotiate competing narratives of reentry and desistance. New Brunswick, New Jersey : Rutgers University Press, [2014] HV9471 .G76 2014 The growth of incarceration in the United States : exploring causes and consequences. Washington, D.C. : The National Academies Press, [2014]
    POLITICAL SCIENCE JC421 .R86 2013 Runciman, David. The confidence trap : a history of democracy in crisis from World War I to the present. Princeton ; Oxford : Princeton University Press, c2013. JK275 .L5 2014 Levin, Yuval. The great debate : Edmund Burke, Thomas Paine, and the birth of right and left. New York : Basic Books, [2014] JQ1805 .C338 2014 Cagaptay, Soner. The rise of Turkey : the twenty-first century's first Muslim power. Lincoln : Potomac Books, An imprint of the University of Nebraska Press, [2014] LAW KF4770 .H67 2013 Horwitz, Paul. First Amendment institutions. Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2013. KFV2967.S3 P34 2003 Pagan, John Ruston. Anne Orthwood's bastard : sex and law in early Virginia. New York : Oxford University Press, 2003.
    LA212 .G65 2014 Goldstein, Dana. The teacher wars : a history of America's most embattled profession. First edition. New York : Doubleday, [2014] LA227.4 .D74 2014 Deresiewicz, William. Excellent sheep : the miseducation of the American elite and the way to a meaningful life. First Free Press hardcover edition. New York, NY : Free Press, 2014. LA229 .C43 2014 Chambliss, Daniel F. How college works. Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 2014. LB43 .R625 2014 Ripley, Amanda. Smartest kids in the world : and how they got that way. First Simon & Schuster Paperbacks trade paperback edition. New York, NY : Simon & Schuster Paperbacks, 2014. LB1025.3 .G736 2014 Green, Elizabeth, author. Building a better teacher : how teaching works (and how to teach it to everyone). First edition. New York : W. W. Norton & Company, [2014] LB1060 .B768 2014 Brown, Peter C. Make it stick : the science of successful learning. Cambridge, Massachusetts : The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, [2014] LB2806.36 .R38 2014 Ravitch, Diane. Reign of error : the hoax of the privatization movement and the danger to America's public schools. First Vintage Books edition. New York : Vintage Books, 2014. LC191.94 .A78 2014 Arum, Richard, author. Aspiring adults adrift : tentative transitions of college graduates. Chicago : The University of Chicago Press, 2014. LC2330 .Y69 2013 Yousafzai, Malala, author. I am Malala : the girl who stood up for education and was shot by the Taliban. First edition. New York, NY : Little, Brown, & Company, 2013. MUSIC ML1035 .M66 2002 Montagu, Jeremy. Timpani and percussion. New Haven ; London : Yale University Press, 2002. ML3792.M67 S65 1999 Smith, Suzanne E. Dancing in the street : Motown and the cultural politics of Detroit. Cambridge, Mass. : Harvard University Press, 1999. ML3849 .R82 2013 The Routledge companion to music and visual culture. New York : Routledge, [2013] FINE ARTS N325 .W49 2011 White, Kit. 101 things to learn in art school. Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press, 2011. N6537.O39 E38 1992 Eisler, Benita. O'Keeffe and Stieglitz : an American romance. New York : Penguin Books, 1992, 1991. N6537.S755 S76 2002 Overvoorde, Chris Stoffel. Passing the colors : engaging visual culture in the 21st century. Grand Rapids, Mich. : William B. Eerdmans Pub. Co., 2002. N6537.T35 A4 1991 Mosby, Dewey F. Henry Ossawa Tanner. 1st trade ed. Philadelphia, PA : Philadelphia Museum of Art ; New York, NY : Rizzoli International Publications, 1991. N6853.D8 T6 1982 Tomkins, Calvin. The world of Marcel Duchamp, 1887-1968. rev. [ed.]. Alexandria, Va. : Time-Life Books, 1982, 1977. N7399.N5 O43 2013 Ola, Yomi. Satires of power in Yoruba visual culture. Durham, N.C. : Carolina Academic Press, 2013. N7430 .A74 1980 The Artist's manual : equipment, materials, techniques. 1st American ed. New York : Mayflower Books, 1980. N7430 .G67 Graham, Donald W. Composing pictures. New York, Van Nostrand Reinhold Co. [1970] N8222.M38 G46 1999 Gender and art. New Haven, CT : Yale University Press, 1999. N8350 .C58 2014 Congdon, Lisa, author. Art, Inc. : the essential guide for building your career as an artist. San Francisco : Chronicle Books, [2014] NB623.B9 C6 1978 Coughlan, Robert. The world of Michelangelo, 1475-1564. Revised. Alexandria, Va. : Time-Life Books, 1978. NC890 .W29 1978 Watson, Ernest William. Ernest W. Watson's Course in pencil sketching : four books in one. New York : Van Nostrand Reinhold Co., 1978. NC998 .E85 2012 Eskilson, Stephen. Graphic design : a new history. 2nd ed. New Haven, Conn. : Yale University Press, 2012. ND237.W6 P7 1981 Prideaux, Tom. The world of Whistler, 1834-1903. Revised [edition]. Alexandria, Virginia : Time-Life Books, 1981, 1970. ND547.5.I4 H7 1997 Howard, Michael. Encyclopedia of impressionism. San Diego, Calif. : Thunder Bay Press, 1997. ND553.M36 R82 Rubin, William. Andre Masson. New York : Museum of Modern Art, 1976. ND553.M37 R8 1979 Russell, John. The world of Matisse, 1869-1954. Revised [edition]. Alexandria, Virginia : Time-Life Books, 1979, 1969. ND553.W3 S35 1977 Schneider, Pierre. The world of Watteau, 1684-1721. Rev. [ed.]. Alexandria, Va. : Time-Life Books, 1977. ND623.L5 W32 1979 Wallace, Robert. The world of Leonardo, 1452-1519. Revised [edition]. Alexandria, Va. : Time-Life Books, 1979, 1966. ND653.R4 W27 1979 Wallace, Robert. The world of Rembrandt, 1606-1669. Revised [edition]. Alexandria, Virginia : Time-Life Books, 1979, 1968. ND699.K3 W45 Whitford, Frank. Kandinsky. London : Hamlyn, 1967. ND1475 .H45 1983 Henning, Fritz. Concept and composition. 1st ed. Cincinnati, Ohio : North Light, 1983. ND1475 .W43 1994 Webb, Frank. Strengthen your paintings with dynamic composition. Cincinnati, Ohio : North Light Books, 1994. ND1484 .K38 1993 Katchen, Carole. Dramatize your paintings with tonal value. 1st ed. Cincinnati, Ohio : North Light Books, c1993. ND1484 .M48 1993 Metzger, Philip W. Enliven your paintings with light. 1st ed. Cincinnati, Ohio : North Light Books, c1993. ND1488 .B55 1981 Blake, Wendon. The color book. New York : Watson-Guptill Publications, 1981. ND1488 .L43 1993 Lehrman, Lewis Barrett. Energize your paintings with color. 1st ed. Cincinnati, Ohio : North Light Books, c1993. ND1500 .B22 1994 Band, David M. Enrich your paintings with texture. Cincinnati, Ohio : North Light Books, c1994. ND1500 .L44 1994 Lehrman, Lewis Barrett. Freshen your paintings with new ideas. 1st ed. Cincinnati, Ohio : North Light Books, c1994. ND2133 .K35 Kent, Norman. 100 watercolor techniques. New York, Watson-Guptill Publications [1968] ND2420 .S52 1985 Shapiro, Irving. How to make a painting. New York : Watson-Guptill, 1985. NE2056.5.C45 A4 1987 Rosensaft, Jean Bloch. Chagall and the Bible. New York : Universe Books : [Distributed by St. Martin's Press], 1987. NX458 .V58 2013 The visual culture reader. 3rd ed. London ; New York : Routledge, 2013.

    P96.S74 I45 2011 Images that injure : pictorial stereotypes in the media. 3rd ed. Santa Barbara, Calif. : Praeger, 2011. PA4414.O7 B4 Sophocles. Oedipus tyrannus; a new translation. Passages from ancient authors. Religion and psychology: some studies. Criticism. New York, Norton [1970] PE1421 .P56 2014 Pinker, Steven, author. The sense of style : the thinking person's guide to writing in the 21st century! New York, New York : Viking, 2014. PN1992.8.A34 A48 2013 African Americans on television : race-ing for ratings. Santa Barbara, California : Praeger, [2013] PN1995.75 .D73466 2008 The dragon painter [videorecording]. Harrington Park, N.J. : Milestone Film & Video : Distributed by New Yorker Video, 2008. PN1995.9.M86 G3647 2007 The gang's all here [videorecording]. Beverly Hills, Calif. : 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, [2007] PN1997 .D685 2006 Down Argentine way [videorecording]. Beverly Hills, Calif. : Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, [2006] PN1997 .F467 2011 Ferris Bueller's day off [videorecording]. Bueller-- Bueller-- ed. Hollywood, CA : Paramount, 2011. PN1997 .H679 2009 House of wax (Motion picture : 1953). House of wax [videorecording]. [Standard version]. Burbank, CA : Distributed by Warner Home Video, 2009. PN1997 .L56 2003 Little Big Man [videorecording]. Widescreen. Hollywood, Calif. : Paramount Home Entertainment, 2003, c1970. PN1997 .R57 2010 Rio bravo [DVD]. Burbank, CA : Warner Bros. Entertainment : Distributed by Warner Home Video, c2010. PN1997 .W557 2011 Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory (Motion picture). Willy Wonka & the chocolate factory [videorecording]. [Widescreen format, 40th anniversary ed.]. Burbank, CA : Warner Home Video : Warner Bros. Family Entertainment, a Time Warner Entertainment Company : Distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, 2011. PN1997.2 .B57 2015 Birdman, or, (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance). Beverly Hills, California : 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment, [2015] PN1997.2 .B58 2014 Blue is the warmest color : la vie d'Adele - chapitre 1 et 2. DVD edition. [New York] : Criterion Collection, [2014] PN1997.2 .H6334 2015 Hobbit, the battle of the five armies (Motion picture). The hobbit. The battle of the five armies. DVD two-disc special edition. [Place of publication not identified] : [Publisher not identified], 2014. PN6727.S6 I5 2004 Spiegelman, Art. author. In the shadow of no towers. New York, New York : Pantheon Books, 2004. PQ7292.C582 S26 2013 Sangre mia : poesia de la frontera : violencia, genero e identidad en Ciudad Juarez. [Delaware, Ohio] : Ohio Wesleyan University ; Las Cruces, New Mexico : Center for Latin American and Border Studies, NMSU, [2013] PR6019.O9 U6257 2014 Birmingham, Kevin, author. The most dangerous book : the battle for James Joyce's Ulysses. New York : The Penguin Press, 2014. PS153.N5 W349 2014 Washington, Mary Helen, author. The Other Blacklist : the African American Literary and Cultural Left of the 1950s. New York : Columbia University Press, [2014] PS1449.C85 Z866 2014 Sorrentino, Paul, author. Stephen Crane : a life of fire. Cambridge, Massachusetts ; London, England : The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2014. PS3551.N95 B6 2012 Anzaldua, Gloria. Borderlands : the new mestiza = la frontera. 4th ed., 25th anniversary. San Francisco : Aunt Lute Books, 2012. PS3570.A48 V35 2014 Tan, Amy, author. Valley of amazement. First Ecco paperback edition. New York, NY : Ecco, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishing, 2014. PS3571.P4 Z556 2013 Begley, Adam. Updike. First Edition. New York : Harper, [2014] SCIENCE Q172.5.E77 L58 2014 Livio, Mario, author. Brilliant blunders : from Darwin to Einstein : colossal mistakes by great scientists that changed our understanding of life and the universe. First Simon & Schuster trade paperback edition. London : Simon & Schuster, 2014. QD467 .P27 2014 Parsons, Paul. The periodic table : a visual guide to the elements. New York : Quercus, 2014, c2013. QH31.C33 M87 2014 Musil, Robert K. Rachel Carson and her sisters : extraordinary women who have shaped America's environment. New Brunswick, New Jersey : Rutgers University Press, [2014] QH304 .P43 2016 Pechenik, Jan A. A short guide to writing about biology. Ninth edition. Boston : Pearson, [2016] QL568.A6 W557 2014 Wilson-Rich, Noah, author. The bee : a natural history. Princeton, New Jersey : Princeton University Press, 2014. QL737.C23 S862 2014 Sunquist, Fiona, author. The wild cat book. Chicago ; London : University of Chicago Press, [2014] QP363.3 .D65 2007 Doidge, Norman. The brain that changes itself : stories of personal triumph from the frontiers of brain science. New York : Penguin, 2007. MEDICINE RC390 .C24 2013 Cahalan, Susannah. Brain on fire : my month of madness. 1st Simon & Schuster trade pbk. ed. New York : Simon & Schuster, 2013. RC489.A7 H365 2012 Handbook of art therapy. 2nd ed. New York : Guilford Press, c2012. RC506 .D63 1998 Dolnick, Edward. Madness on the couch : blaming the victim in the heyday of psychoanalysis. New York : Simon & Schuster, 1998. RC552.P67 V358 2014 Van der Kolk, Bessel A., author. The body keeps the score : brain, mind, and body in the healing of trauma. New York : Viking, [2014] RG137.5 .E37 2014 Eig, Jonathan. The birth of the pill : how four crusaders reinvented sex and launched a revolution. First edition. New York : W. W. Norton & Company, [2014] RJ506.P66 C74 2015 Creative interventions with traumatized children. Second edition. New York : The Guilford Press, [2015] RJ507.M54 W67 1992 Working with culture : psychotherapeutic interventions with ethnic minority children and adolescents. 1st ed. San Francisco : Jossey-Bass Publishers, 1992. RM315 .W46 2015 Wenk, Gary Lee, author. Your brain on food : how chemicals control your thoughts and feelings. Second edition. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, [2015] AGRICULTURE SF140.B54 D48 2012 Designer animals : mapping the issues in animal biotechnology. Toronto : University of Toronto Press, [2012] TECHNOLOGY TL799.M3 L36 2014 Lambright, W. Henry, author. Why Mars : NASA and the politics of space exploration. Baltimore : The Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014. TN880.2 .P78 2014 Prud'homme, Alex, author. Hydrofracking. Oxford ; New York : Oxford University Press, [2014] TP248.65.F66 N49 2014 Newton, David E., author. GMO food : a reference handbook. Santa Barbara, California : ABC-CLIO, [2014] TR161 .R36 2015 Rand, Glenn, author. Teaching photography : tools for the imaging educator. Second edition. New York : Focal Press, Taylor & Francis Group 2015. TT922 .T39 2014 Taylor, Brian. Glaze : the ultimate ceramic artist's guide to glaze and color. First edition for the United States and Canada. Hauppauge, New York : Barron's Educational Series, 2014. MILITARY SCIENCE U264.3 .S45 2014 Schlosser, Eric. Command and control : nuclear weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the illusion of safety. New York : Penguin Books, 2014. UA10.5 .W57 2015 Wittes, Benjamin. The future of violence : robots and germs, hackers and drones : confronting a new age of threat. New York : Basic Books, [2015] UA23 .M19 2014 Mazzetti, Mark. The way of the knife : the CIA, a secret army, and a war at the ends of the earth. New York : Penguin Books, 2014. BIBLIOGRAPHY AND LIBRARY SCIENCE Z246 .L87 2010 Lupton, Ellen. Thinking with type : a critical guide for designers, writers, editors, & students. 2nd rev. and expanded ed. New York : Princeton Architectural Press, c2010. Z246 .T87 2014 Type on screen : a guide for designers, developers, writers, and students. New York : Princeton Architectural Press, [2014] Z1003 .B57 2006 Birkerts, Sven. The Gutenberg elegies : the fate of reading in an electronic age. Pbk. ed. New York : Faber and Faber, 2006. ZA3075 .I537 2013 Information literacy instruction that works : a guide to teaching by discipline and student population. Second edition. Chicago : Neal- Schuman, an imprint of the American Library Association, 2013.

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    Reference Collection
    BF31 .A65 2015 APA dictionary of psychology. Second Edition. Washington, DC : American Psychological Association, [2015] SOCIAL SCIENCES
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    Youth Collection
    379.2 T61 Tonatiuh, Duncan, author, illustrator. Separate is never equal : Sylvia Mendez & her family's fight for desegregation. New York : Abrams Books for Young Readers, [2014] 759.972 M792 Morales, Yuyi, author. Viva Frida! First edition. New York : Roaring Brook Press, [2014] 811 W864b Woodson, Jacqueline. author. Brown girl dreaming. New York : Nancy Paulsen Books, an imprint of Penguin Group (USA), [2014]

    y Ag75i Agosin, Marjorie, author. I lived on Butterfly Hill. First edition. New York : Atheneum Books for Young Readers, [2014] y A268c Alexander, Kwame. The crossover. Boston ; New York : Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, [2014] y C79f Copeland, Misty, author. Firebird : ballerina Misty Copeland shows a young girl how to dance like the firebird. New York, NY : G.P. Putnam's Sons, an imprint of Penguin Group (USA), [2014] y C347t Chai, May-Lee. Tiger girl : a novel. Boston : GemmaMedia, 2013. y L328d Larson, Kirby, author. Dash. First edition. New York : Scholastic Press, [2014]. y Q48g Quintero, Isabel. Gabi, a girl in pieces. First edition. El Paso, Texas : Cinco Puntos Press, [2014] y Sa58a Santat, Dan, author, illustrator. The adventures of Beekle : the unimaginary friend. First edition. New York ; Boston : Little, Brown and Company, [2014]
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