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    Reference Books in Shipman Library


    Background Information: General Biology Sources

    A Dictionary of Biology. Oxford, 1996.

    A Dictionary of Biology. REF QH 302.5 .D54 2008

    Tubbs, James B. A Handbook of Bioethics Terms. Georgetown, 2009.


    Background Information: Botany

    Bailey, L.H. Hortus Third: A Concise Dictionary of Plants Cultivated in the United States and Canada. REF SB 45 .B22 1976

    Barnes, Burton V. and Warren H. Wagner, Jr. Michigan Trees. REF QK 167 .B27 2004

    Benvie, Sam. The Encyclopedia of North American Trees. REF QK 110 .B46 2000y

    Cafferty, Steve. The Firefly Encyclopedia of Trees. REF QK 474.87 .F57 2005

    Cassells, Alan C. and Peter B. Gahan. Dictionary of Plant Tissue Culture. REF QK 725 .C34 2006

    Dirr, Michael. Dirr's Encyclopedia of Trees and Shrubs. REF SB 435 .D57 2011

    Gledhill, D. The Names of Plants. Cambridge, 2008.

    Heywood, V.H. Flowering Plant Families of the World. REF QK 495 .A1 F58 2007

    Hickey, Michael and Clive King. The Cambridge Illustrated Glossary of Botanical Terms. REF QK 10 .H53 2000

    Jukofsky, Diane. Encyclopedia of Rainforests. REF QH 86 .J85 2002

    Le Hardy de Beaulieu, Antoine. An Illustrated Guide to Maples. REF QK 495 .A17 L413 2003

    Mabberley, David J. Mabberley's Plant-Book. REF QK 11 .M29 2008

    Ross, Ivan A. Medicinal Plants of the World. Humana, 1999.


    Background Information: Ecology and Evolution

    Allaby, Michael. A Dictionary of Ecology. Oxford, 1998.

    Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics (1970-). QH 540 .A53

    Beacham, Walton and Kirk H. Beetz, ed. Beacham's Guide to International Endangered Species (3v.). REF QL 82 .B435 1998

    Beacham, Walton, Frank V. Castronova and Suzanne Sessine, ed. Beacham's Guide to the Endangered Species of North America (6v.). REF QH 77 .N56 B43 2001

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    Calow, Peter. Blackwell's Concise Encyclopedia of Ecology. Blackwell, 1999.

    Collin, P.H. Dictionary of Ecology and the Environment. REF QH 540.4 .C65 2001

    Pagel, Mark, ed. Encyclopedia of Evolution (2v.). REF QH 360.2 .E54 2002

    Rice, Stanley A. Encyclopedia of Evolution. Facts on File, 2007.


    Background Information: Medicine

    Ammer, Christine. The Encyclopedia of Women's Health. Facts on File, 2009.

    Beers, Mark H., ed. The Merck Manual of Diagnosis and Therapy. REF RM 127 .M4 2006y

    Borden, Edward, ed. Black's Veterinary Dictionary. REF SF 609 .B53 2001y

    Carlson, Karen J., Stephanie A. Eisenstat and Terra Ziporyn. The New Harvard Guide to Women's Health. REF RA 778 .C2164 2004

    Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary. REF R 121 .D73 2007

    Fauci, Anthony S. Harrison's Manual of Medicine. McGraw-Hill Medical, 2009.

    Gaither, Carl C. Medically Speaking: A Dictionary of Quotations on Dentistry, Medicine, and Nursing. Institute of Physics, 1999.

    Hart, Tony. Microterrors: The Complete Guide to Bacterial, Viral and Fungal Infections That Threaten Our Health. REF QR 56 .H27 2004y

    Kahn, Ada P. The Encyclopedia of Work-Related Illnesses, Injuries, and Health Issues. Facts on File, 2004.

    Leikin, Jerrold B. and Martin S. Lipsky, ed. American Medical Association Complete Medical Encyclopedia. REF RC 81 .A2 A497 2003

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    Medical School Admission Requirements. REF R 838.4 .M43 2008

    Micheli, Lyle J., ed. Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine (4v.). REF RC 1206 .E53 2011

    Mosby's Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing and Health Professions. REF R 121 .M67 2009

    Mosby's Medical Dictionary. REF R121 .M89 2009

    Oakes, Elizabeth H. The Encyclopedia of Sports Medicine. REF RC 1206 .O355 2005

    Physicians' Desk Reference. REF RS 250 .P5 2009

    Porta, Miquel, ed. A Dictionary of Epidemiology. REF RA 651 .D553 2008

    Randall, Otelio Sye. The Encyclopedia of the Heart and Heart Disease. Facts on File, 2005.

    Rothfield, Glenn S. The Encyclopedia of Men's Health. Facts on File, 2005.

    Standring, Susan. Gray's Anatomy. REF QM 23.2 .G73 2005

    Turkington, Carol. The Encyclopedia of Cancer. Facts on File, 2005.

    Turkington, Carol. The Encyclopedia of Children's Health and Wellness. Facts on File, 2004.

    Turkington, Carol. The Encyclopedia of Infectious Diseases. Facts on File, 2007.

    Venes, Donald, ed. Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary.  REF R 121 .T33 2017


    Background Information: Microbiology

    Annual Review of Genetics (1967-). QH 431 .A1 A54

    Cammack, Richard, ed. Oxford Dictionary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. REF QP 512 .O94 2006

    Garrity, George M., ed. Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology (5v.). REF QR 81 .B46 2001

    Glick, David M. Glossary of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. REF QP 512 .G55 1997y

    King, Robert. A Dictionary of Genetics. REF QH 427 .K55 2006

    Lackie, J.M. The Dictionary of Cell and Molecular Biology. Elsevier, 2007.

    Singleton, Paul and Diana Sainsbury. Dictionary of Microbiology and Molecular Biology.REF QR 9 .S56 2001


    Background Information: Zoology

    Aldefer, Jonathan, ed. National Geographic Complete Birds of North America. REF QL 682 .N38 2006

    Allaby, Michael. A Dictionary of Zoology. Oxford, 1999.

    Allaby, Michael, ed. A Dictionary of Zoology. REF QL 9 .C66 2003

    Barrows, Edward M. Animal Behavior Desk Reference: A Dictionary of Animal Behavior, Ecology, and Evolution. REF QL 750.3 .B37 2001

    Bekoff, Marc, ed. Encyclopedia of Animal Behavior (3v.). REF QL 750.3 .E53 2004

    Bonin, Franck, Bernard Devaux and Alain Dupre. Turtles of the World. REF QL 666 .C5 B57 2006

    Bosanko, Dave. Fish of Michigan Field Guide. REF QL 628 .M45 B67 2007

    Burnie, David and Don E. Wilson, ed. Animal: The Definitive Visual Guide to the World's Wildlife. REF QL 45.2 .A56 2001

    Ernst, Carl H. and Evelyn M. Ernst. Snakes of the United States and Canada. REF QL 666 .O6 E763 2003

    Grzimek's Animal Life Encyclopedia (17v.). REF QL 7 .G7813 2003

    Grzimek's Encyclopedia of Mammals (5v.). REF QL 701 .G7913 1989

    Grzimek's Student Animal Life Resource. Gale, 2005.

    Halliday, Tim and Kraig Adler, ed. The Firefly Encyclopedia of Reptiles and Amphibians. REF QL 640.7 .F57 2002

    International Wildlife Encyclopedia (22 v.). REF QL 9 .B796 2002

    Jobling, James A. A Dictionary of Scientific Bird Names. Oxford, 1991.

    Lillywhite, Harvey B. Dictionary of Herpetology. REF QL 640.7 .L55 2008

    Nowak, Ronald M. Walker's Mammals of the World (2v.).REF QL 703 .W222 1999

    Perrins, Christopher, ed. Firefly Encyclopedia of Birds. REF QL 672.2 .I45 2003y

    Resh, Vncent H. and Ring T. Carde, ed. Encyclopedia of Insects. REF QL 462.3 .E485 2003

    Wilson, Don E. and Sue Ruff, ed. The Smithsonian Book of North American Mammals. REF QL 715 .S55 1999


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