Chemistry Library Guide
    Reference Books in Shipman Library

    Bennett, H., ed. Concise Chemical and Technical Dictionary. REF QD 5 .B4 1986y

    Coghill, Anne M., ed. The ACS Style Guide: Effective Communication of Scientific Information. REF QD 8.5 .A25 2006

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    Daintith, John, ed. The Facts on File Dictionary of Chemistry. REF QD 5 .F33 1999

    Emsley, John. The Elements. REF QD 466 .E48 1998

    Emsley, John. Nature's Building Blocks: An A-Z Guide to the Elements. REF QD 466 .E485 2002y

    Firestone, Richard B. and Coral M. Baglin, ed. Table of Isotopes. REF QD 601.2 .F57 1996 Supp.2

    Lagowski, Joseph J., ed. Macmillan Encyclopedia of Chemistry (4v.).REF QD 4 .M33 1997

    Lide, David R., ed. CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 2004-2005. REF QD 65 .H3 2004y

    The Merck Index: An Encyclopedia of Chemicals, Drugs, and Biologicals. REF RS 51 .M4 2006

    Myers, Richard L. The 100 Most Important Chemical Compounds: A Reference Guide. REF TP 9 .M94 2007

    Oakes, Elizabeth H. A to Z of Chemists. REF QD 21 .O34 2002

    Perry, Robert. Perry's Chemical Engineers' Handbook. McGraw-Hill, 2008.

    Pollock, J.R.A. and R. Stevens, ed. Dictionary of Organic Compounds: The Constitution and Physical, Chemical and Other Properties of the Principal Carbon Compounds and their Derivatives, together with Relevant Literature References (5v. with supp.). QD 251 .D49 1965

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    Trost, Barry M. and Ian Fleming, ed. Comprehensive Organic Synthesis (9v.). QD 262 .C535 1991

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