Geology Library Guide

    Reference Books in Shipman Library

    Allaby, Michael, ed. A Dictionary of Earth Sciences. REF QE 5 .D54 2008

    The Astronomical Almanac for the Year 2010. REF QB 8 .U6 A77 2010

    Bates, Robert L. and Julia A. Jackson, ed. Glossary of Geology. REF QE 5 .B38 1987

    Cambridge Astronomy Dictionary. REF QB 14 .C34 1996

    Challinor, John. Challinor's Dictionary of Geology. University of Wales, 1998.

    Greeley, Ronald and Raymond Batson. The NASA Atlas of the Solar System. ATLAS STAND REF G 1000 .G7 1997

    Gunn, John, ed. Encyclopedia of Caves and Karst Science. REF GB 601 .E535 2004

    Hancock, Paul L. and Brian J. Skinner, ed. Oxford Companion to the Earth. REF QE 5 .O94 2000

    Heinrich, E.W. The Mineralogy of Michigan. REF QE 375.5 .M5 H35 2004y

    Henderson, Paul. The Cambridge Handbook of Earth Science Data. Cambridge, 2009.

    Illingworth, Valerie and John O.E. Clark, ed. The Facts on File Dictionary of Astronomy. REF QB 14 .F3 2000

    Long, Douglas. Global Warming. REF QC 981.8 .G56 L66 2004

    Moore, Patrick, ed. Astronomy Encyclopedia. REF QB 14 .A875 2002

    Murdin, Paul, ed. Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics (4v.). REF QB 14 .E534 2001y

    The Nautical Almanac for the Year 2010. REF QB 8 .U3 2010

    Norton, O. Richard. The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Meteorites. REF QB 755 .N65 2002

    Ridpath, Ian. A Dictionary of Astronomy. REF QB 14 .D52 2003

    Schneider, Stephen H., ed. Encyclopedia of Climate and Weather (2v.). REF QC 854 .E523 1996

    Schumann, Walter. Gemstones of the World. REF QE 392 .S54513 1997

    Seyfert, Carl K., ed. The Encyclopedia of Structural Geology and Plate Tectonics. REF QE 601 .E53 1987

    Sigurdsson, Haraldr. Encyclopedia of Volcanoes. REF QE 522 .E53 2000

    Smith, David G., ed. The Cambridge Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences. REF QE 26.2 .C35 1982y

    Thomas, David S.G. and Andrew Goudie, ed. The Dictionary of Physical Geography. REF GB 10 .D53 2000

    Tirion, Wil. The Cambridge Star Atlas. REF QB 65 .T537 2001

    U.S. Geological Survey. Minerals Yearbook: Metals and Minerals 2005. REF TN 23 .U612 2005

    Weissman, Paul R., et al, ed. Encyclopedia of the Solar System. REF QB 501 .E53 1999

    Wood, Richard, ed. The Weather Almanac: A Reference Guide to Weather, Climate and Related Issues in the United States and its Key Cities. REF QC 983 .R83 2004y

    Zumerchik, John, ed.Macmillan Encyclopedia of Energy (3v.). REF TJ 163.28 .M33 2001

    UPDATED: 5/20/11

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