Economics Library Guide

    Reference Books in Shipman Library

    A. Background Information and Statistics

    Breit, William. Lives of the Laureates: Twenty-Three Nobel Economists. MIT, 2009.

    Carson, Thomas. Gale Encyclopedia of U.S. Economic History. Gale, 1999.

    Durlauf, Steven N. and Lawrence E. Blume, ed. The New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics (8v.). REF HB 61 .N49 2008

    Economic Report of the President. REF HC 106.5 .A272 2013

    Handbook of U.S. Labor Statistics. REF HD 8051 .A63y 2009

    Hsu, Robert C. The MIT Encyclopedia of the Japanese Economy. REF HC 462.9 .H73 1999

    Pass, Christopher, et al, ed. The HarperCollins Dictionary of Economics. REF HB 61 .P39 1991

    Pearce, David W., ed. The MIT Dictionary of Modern Economics. REF HB 61 .M49 1986

    Segura, Julio. An Eponymous Dictionary of Economics: A Guide to Laws and Theorems Named after Economists. Edward Elgar, 2004.

    Snowdon, Brian, and Howard R. Vane, ed. An Encyclopedia of Macroeconomics. REF HB 172.5 .E55 2002

    Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2013. REF HA 202 2013

    Strawser, Cornelia J., ed. Business Statistics of the United States. REF HC 101 .A13122 2007

    Wahid, Abu N.M., ed. Frontiers of Economics: Nobel Laureates of the Twentieth-Century. REF HB 87 .F76 2002


    B. Bibliography

    Journal of Economic Literature (2005-). LOCATED IN PERIODICALS

    Social Sciences Index (1974-2003). INDEX AI 3 .S61y

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