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    General and Terminology

    Andrews, William L. The Oxford Companion to African American Literature. Oxford, 1997.

    Brackett, Virginia. The Facts on File Companion to British Poetry: 17th and 18th Centuries. Facts on File, 2008.

    Cox, Michael, ed.The Oxford Chronology of English Literature (2v.). REF PR 87 .O98 2002x

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    Summers, Claude J., ed. The Gay & Lesbian Literary Heritage. REF PN 56 .H57 G365 2002

    Wiget, Andrew. Dictionary of Native American Literature. Garland, 1994.



    Contemporary Authors. REF Z 1224 .C63y

    Contemporary Literary Criticism. REF PN 771

    Dictionary of Literary Biography. REF PS 21 .D5

    Use the following source to locate author entries in any of the three sets noted above:

    Contemporary Authors Cumulative Index. REF Z 1224 .C65x 2009


    Indexes and Bibliographies

    Book Review Digest (1905-84). INDEX Z 1219 .C96

    MLA International Bibliography (1921-2000). INDEX Z 7006 .M64

    Shattock, Joan, ed. The Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature (v.4). REF Z 2011 .N45 1999

    Watson, George, ed. The New Cambridge Bibliography of English Literature (5v). REF Z 2011 .B31x



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    Hendrickson, Robert. The Facts on File Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origins. Facts on File, 2008.

    The Oxford English Dictionary.

    Spears, Richard A. McGraw-Hill's Essential American Slang Dictionary. McGraw-Hill, 2007.


    Grammar and Usage

    Fowler, H.W. A Dictionary of Modern English Usage. Oxford, 2009.

    Garner, Bryan A. Garner's Modern American Usage. REF PE 2827 .G37 2003

    Huddleston, Rodney and Geoffrey K. Pullum. The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language. REF PE 1106 .H74 2002

    Wilson, Kenneth G. Columbia Guide to Standard American English. Columbia, 1993.



    2020 Writer's Market. REF PN 161 .W83 2020

    Espy, Willard R. Words to Rhyme With. REF PE 1519 .E87 2001

    Lunsford, Andrea A. The Everyday Writer. REF PE 1408 .L86 2020

    MLA Handbook. REF LB 2369 .G53 2016

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