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    Asian History Reference Books in Shipman Library


    A. Background Information

    Adamec, Ludwig W. Historical Dictionary of Islam. Scarecrow, 2009.

    Agoston, Gabor. Encyclopedia of the Ottoman Empire. Facts on File, 2009.

    Allinson, Gary D. The Columbia Guide to Modern Japanese History. REF DS 881.9 .A75 1999

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    B. Statistics

    Mitchell, B.R. International Historical Statistics: Africa, Asia and Oceania, 1750-2000. REF HA 39 .M57 2003x v.1


    C. Indexes and Bibliography

    Chang, Chun-shu. Premodern China: A Bibliographical Introduction. DS 735 .C43 1971x

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    New York Times Index (1851-2005). INDEX AI 21 .N45

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    Readers' Guide to Periodical Literature (1900-2008). INDEX AI 3 .R48


    D. Atlases

    Benewick, Robert and Stephanie Donald. The State of China Atlas. REF G 2305 .B4 1999

    Blunden, Caroline and Mark Elvin, ed. Cultural Atlas of China. REF DS 721 .B56 1998

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    Herrmann, Albert. An Historical Atlas of China. REF G 2306 .S1 H4 1966

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