Psychology Library Guide

    Reference Books in Shipman Library


    Annual Review of Psychology (1967-). BF 30 .A56

    Campbell, Robert Jean. Campbell's Psychiatric Dictionary. REF RC 437 .H5 2004

    Colman, Andrew M. A Dictionary of Psychology. REF BF 31 .C65 2006

    Concise Rules of APA Style. REF BF 76.7 .C66 2010

    Corsini, Raymond J. The Dictionary of Psychology. REF BF 31 .C72 1999

    Dana, Richard H. Handbook of Cross-cultural and Multicultural Personality Assessment. Lawrence Erlbaum, 2000

    Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders: DSM-5. REF RC 455.2.C4 D536 2013

    Eklund, Robert C., ed. Encyclopedia of Sport and Exercise Psychology (2v.). REF GV 706.4 .E5 2014

    Forgas, Joseph P. Handbook of Affect and Social Cognition. Lawrence Erlbaum, 2001

    Friedman, Matthew J. Handbook of PTSD: Science and Practice. Guilford, 2007

    Fundukian, Laurie J. and Jeffrey Wilson, ed. The Gale Encyclopedia of Mental Health (2v.). REF RC 437 .G36 2008

    Galanter, Cathryn C. DSM-IV-TR Casebook and Treatment Guide for Child Mental Health. American Psychiatric, 2009

    Gross, James J. Handbook of Emotion Regulation. Guilford, 2007

    Kazdin, Alan E., ed. Encyclopedia of Psychology (8v.). REF BF 31 .E52 2000

    Kemp, Donna R. Mental Health in America: A Reference Handbook. ABC-CLIO, 2007

    Koocher, Gerald P. Psychologists' Desk Reference. Oxford, 2005

    Koocher, Gerald P., John C. Norcross and Beverly A. Greene, ed. Psychologists' Desk Reference. REF RC 467.2 .P78 2013

    Levinson, David, et al, ed. Encyclopedia of Human Emotions (2v.).REF BF 531 .E55 1999

    Maddox, Teddy, ed. Tests: A Comprehensive Reference for Assessments in Psychology, Education, and Business. REF BF 176 .T43 2003

    Manstead, A.S.R. The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Social Psychology. Blackwell, 1999

    Mental Measurements Yearbook (2003-2007). REF Z 5814 .P8 B932

    Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA Manual). REF BF 76.7 .P83 2010

    Robins, Richard W. Handbook of Research Methods in Personality Psychology. Guilford, 2007

    Sheehy, Noel, et al, ed. Biographical Dictionary of Psychology. REF BF 109 .A1 B56 1997

    Sternberg, Robert J. Encyclopedia of Human Intelligence (2v.). REF BF 431 .E59 1994

    Tests in Print (1999-2006). REF Z 5814 .E9 T47

    Tuleya, Lisa Gallagher, ed. Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms. INDEX BF 1 .P654x 2007

    Turkington, Carol. Encyclopedia of the Brain and Brain Disorders. Facts on File, 2009

    VandenBos, Gary R., ed. APA Dictionary of Psychology. REF BF 31 .A65 2015

    Velasquez, Roberto. The Handbook of Chicana/o Psychology and Mental Health. Lawrence Erlbaum, 2004


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