Web Page Evaluation Checklist (print and fill out)

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    1. What is the URL (aka "address") of the web page?

    2. Who is the author? (The author may be a person or a group.)

    3. What are their credentials? (What is their job title?, have they written other books or articles? Do they have a degree?)

    4. What is the purpose of the page? (to inform, to persuade, to sell something?)

    5. Is the information objective (presents both sides of an argument), or subjective (presents the authors viewpoint only)?

    6. Is the information credible and why do you think so? (Are sources cited?, Is opinion presented as fact?, Is there a bibliography?, etc.)

    7. How current is the information?

    8. Is the page sponsored by a group or institution, or is it a personal web page?

    9. If it is sponsored by a group, what is the main purpose of the group?

    10. Please describe anything in particular about the design and/or functionality of the page that makes the page more or less helpful? (organization of the page, clarity of instructions, dead links, incomplete information, etc.)

    11. Considering all of the above, briefly explain why you think this web page is acceptable as a research source for this project.

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