AC Original Documentary Earns Second Prize

Gabriel Schray earns top honors at 2016 Michigan Student Broadcast Awards

ADRIAN, Mich (April 22, 2016)—A documentary by Adrian College’s very own, Gabriel Schray, won second place at the 2016 Michigan Student Broadcast Awards. “Adrian College Football: Behind the Jaws,” an original documentary was directed and edited by Adrian College sophomore, Gabriel Schray. The film focuses on the 2015 pre-season for the Adrian College football program. He gained his inspiration from past NFL films due, in part, due to his own interest in football and contact sports. Schray’s 40-minute film earned him second place in the mini-documentary category of the Awards.

Gabriel is a communications major at Adrian with an additional minor in both public relations and journalism. He is a student-athlete that loves working with sports, often lending his voice to commentary through his role with ACTV. He notes that he has been involved in nearly every sport on campus with the exception of volleyball, equestrian, golf and bowling.

The winning documentary was the first Schray created this year, and he says that he came close to not submitting it at all.

“I wasn’t sure it was good enough,” Shray stated. “Ultimately it was a great learning experience and I am glad I did submit it for consideration.” He went on to note that the documentary “was fun to do, despite having over 100 hours to create it.”

“Winning the 2016 Michigan Student Broadcast Awards is a big honor,” Shray says. “It definitely changes how others view my work.”

For more information about the Student Broadcast Awards, please visit MABF online. To watch “Behind The Jaws,” click this link.