Additional Graduate Programming Offered At Adrian College

ADRIAN, Mich. – Adrian College announces the addition of three 4+1 Master’s programs. These programs offer Adrian College students the opportunity to earn their Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in five years at a single institution. In addition to the previously offered Master’s degree in Athletic Training, the college will now offer a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice, a Master of Science in Accounting and a Master of Professional Science in Industrial Chemistry.

The Higher Learning Commission’s Institutional Actions Council approved the additional program offerings on July 18, 2012.

“These five-year masters programs are a wonderful addition to our academic offerings at the College,” said Dr. Jeffrey R. Docking, Adrian College president. “They give students the option to stay one additional year and graduate with an advanced degree from a nationally ranked institution.”

“Our success, growth and momentum in recent years is driven by a student-centered approach to education; we believe these programs are consistent with this focus.” The Master of Arts in Criminal Justice program will broaden and deepen its students understanding of the criminal justice system through advanced analysis and research combined with extensive experiential learning. This program will provide more advanced academic training to students interested in pursuing a criminal justice profession or doctoral-level degree including: criminal justice policy, criminology, homeland security, policing, organizational management, and the legal system. “We are excited to be offering more advanced academic training to students interested in pursuing a criminal justice profession or continuing their studies at the doctoral level,” said Nathan Goetting, Director, George Romney Institute for Law and Public Policy. “Our Master of Arts program is designed to help students become educated leaders in their chosen criminal justice area. We will offer a wide array of rigorous courses on subjects like law enforcement, homeland security, and the court system. As part of their coursework, students will spend a semester working with professionals in the field to satisfy the program’s experiential learning requirement. The final requirement of the program will have them submit a substantial masters thesis that they will have to defend before a committee of professors.”

More information regarding the Master of Arts in Criminal Justice can be found online by visiting:

The Master of Science in Accounting will provide interactive ongoing training from faculty with experience in the field. This one-year intensive program will be offered to highly qualified and dedicated candidates. These 30 credit hours will be focused on specifically preparing students for the CPA exam and successful careers in public accounting. The program will include offerings for those enrolled both part and full time.

The 4+1 degree program in Chemistry is designed to provide students working toward their Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Chemistry a means to earn a Master of Science (M.S.) degree in Chemistry in one additional year. The Master of Science (M.S.) 4+1 degree will give students the opportunity to obtain a highly marketable chemistry degree and prepare them for a career as an industrial chemist, technical manager or business manager.

In addition to the standard chemistry curriculum, students will take courses relevant to the chemical industry, for example, polymer chemistry, rheology, industrial chemistry and catalysis as well as business courses, such as management, marketing, supply chain management, production and operations management and international business.

“The goal is to develop graduates with a strong chemistry capability combined with business skills to enable them to be effective members of cross-functional business teams,” said Dr. Paul Rupert, Assistant Professor and Chemistry Department Chair.

“The graduate programs will enhance our growing academic reputation by focusing on unique aspects in the disciplines offered,” said Dr. Agnes Caldwell, Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs. “We are excited about the possibilities for our students to earn two degrees in five years.”