AC Chaplain Asked to Help Write United Methodist Document on Economic Justice

Adrian, Michigan — Dr. Christopher Momany, Adrian College chaplain and part-time professor of Philosophy/Religion, has been invited by The United Methodist Church to help draft the denomination’s new statement on economic justice. This statement serves as one of six sections among The United Methodist Church’s “Social Principles,” the official teaching regarding ethics for the whole denomination. Over two years, Momany has been involved in a formal review of the church’s existing document.

This is the first comprehensive revision of the United Methodist Social Principles since the early 1970s. The overall text addresses “the natural world,” “the nurturing community,” “the social community,” “the economic community,” “the political community,” and “the world community.” Originally conceived within a larger movement of post-World War II human rights instruments, the Social Principles have been amended many times over the past several decades. The United Methodist Church hopes to create a new document that is faithful to the church’s established witness – yet more consistently grounded in its theological commitments and applicable to today’s challenges.

The “writing teams” will work for the next several months, in response to a call from the denomination’s authoritative body: the General Conference. The General Board of Church and Society, located in Washington, D.C., will oversee the process, and the final document will be presented to the General Conference in 2020 for perfection and affirmation.

“I am honored to receive an invitation to this very important, international project,” said Dr. Momany. “Most of all, I feel (along with others) the responsibility to craft a document that might help make the world a better place.”

The United Methodist Church is an international body of 12 million Christians, serving God and the cause of humanity all over the globe. Adrian College is affiliated with The United Methodist Church and seeks to resource the mission of the denomination in any way possible.