Adrian College faculty welcomed, promoted, honored with awards

The founder and CEO of Student African American Brotherhood (SAAB), Tyrone Bledsoe, Ph.D., received a standing ovation after delivering his convocation address in Herrick Chapel on the campus of Adrian College on Wednesday.

Bledsoe gave a personal reflection of his life and influences, with tales of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and others who inspired him to do good for anyone and everyone he encountered. His speech was titled, “Learning Throughout a Lifetime.”

Adrian College’s new faculty, newly promoted, and tenured faculty were recognized during the convocation, and teaching awards were presented.

“These accomplished professors, and in fact, all our professors here at Adrian College, incorporate some form of “Learning Throughout a Lifetime” into our mindset and throughout our curriculum every day,” Adrian College Faculty President David Bartley, Ph.D., said. “I am so proud of this faculty before you, and am honored to be a part of them… We teach the understanding and patience of the process of dissecting, analyzing, and synthesizing a new concept, idea or approach to a problem. In the end, our hope is to help graduate students who can appreciate different views of our society having learned to look beyond the surface, by thinking critically and through the lens a liberal arts education.”

This year’s Ross Newsom Award for Outstanding Teaching was presented to Tina Claiborne, Ph.D. She joined Adrian College in 2007, and is a respected leader in the field of athletic training, specializing in injury prevention, sport performance enhancement, and athletic training education.

This year’s Teaching Excellence Award was presented to Professor Vic Liberi from the Department of Exercise Science and Athletic Training. Liberi joined Adrian College in 2009. His passion for athletic training has allowed him to give back to his field as he serves on a number of professional committees.

Adrian College’s Creative Activity, Research and Scholarship Award was created to honor and recognize significant contributions to a faculty member’s field of study. Cedrick Heraux, Ph.D. and Zavin Nazaretian, Ph.D. from the Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice were this year’s co-recipients. 

Heraux joined Adrian College in 2012. He is passionate about his field of study and contributed most recently to the City of East Lansing for his report on “East Lansing Policing and National Models of Community Police Oversight.”

Nazaretian joined Adrian College in 2016. He has several publications, and has presented at multiple conferences, with his most recent presentation at the American Society of Criminology, titled, “A Racial Analysis of Suspect Survival in Officer Related Shootings.”

The two were co-recognized for their work on their most recent scholarly article, “Perceived threat and officer-involved shootings: Characteristics leading to fatal vs. non-fatal instances,” published in “Policing: An International Journal.”

Adrian College faculty promoted to the rank of assistant professor were: JoLynne Hall, M.S., Department of Mathematics, and Mike Neal, M.H., Department of Communication Arts and Sciences.

Kristin Clark, Ph.D., Department of Performing Arts, was promoted to the rank of associate professor.

Faculty promoted to the rank of associate professor with tenure were: Timothy Clark, Ph.D., Department of Mathematics, Ben Pawlisch, Ph.D., Department of Biology, and Zavin Nazaretian, Ph.D., Department of Sociology and Criminal Justice.

Faculty promoted to the rank of full professor with tenure were: David Bartley, Ph.D., Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Pete Ford, M.A., Department of Performing Arts, Vic Liberi, M.S., Department of Exercise Science and Athletic Training, and Greg Thompson, Ph.D., Department of Physics.