Adrian College launches new online bookstore for course materials

ADRIAN — Adrian College will be providing a full-service online ordering option for course materials to its growing educational community. The streamlined technology solution will be fully integrated for Adrian College students, faculty and administration beginning next spring.

“We’re pleased to be expanding our offerings and capabilities of our bookstore to better meet the needs of our students,” said Rachelle Duffy, Adrian College director, auxiliary services/bookstore manager. “This decision contributes to our overall mission to provide our students with the tools they need to achieve excellence in their academic, personal, and professional lives.”

This new technology provides students an online platform to easily access a wide variety of affordable textbooks and course materials through a convenient, personalized shopping experience. This student-focused move was incorporated to streamline online ordering and offer superior customer service.

The online bookstore will additionally support Adrian College’s faculty and administrators with a comprehensive platform that offers a modernized process for managing all aspects of course materials adoption with a step-by-step guide for selections, recommendations, past adoption history, and the ability to compare prices in real time. Duffy said the paired analytics dashboard was incorporated to provide academic leadership with a high level of visibility with superior technology that tracks critical data, including student purchasing and utilization.

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