Adrian College Professor, Dr. Stephanie Jass, Concludes Her Jeopardy! Streak

History Professor takes four in a row

ADRIAN, Mich – Dr. Stephanie Jass may have ended her Jeopardy! domination, but her records will remain intact. The Adrian College history professor recorded an eight-game total of $147,570 and the female winning streak record previously held at six wins. Another record, earned during her second show, Jass secured the season’s highest single-game win total.

Her streak would conclude after Jass had won seven straight games. It would be final Jeopardy that would prove to be her nemesis this round. Jass had entered the final round leading with $16,400.

“It was an exhilarating run – easily the best two days of my life,” said Jass. “It was also very hard to keep it a secret, so I’m glad I can finally talk about it.”

Alex Trebek had stated during the previous game that seven straight wins had put Jass into a tie for the female record. In fact, college student Larissa Kelly had recorded the previous record of six straight wins in 2008. Ken Jennings holds the all-time winning streak at 74 games. Jass joins the elite competitors as being in the show’s top-10 for those having seven or more wins.

“I really wanted the women’s record, so I wasn’t overly disappointed when I lost. It was an amazing experience, and I really hope that I get to go back for the Tournament of Champions,” Jass continued.

No official word has been given rather Jass will be invited back to challenge the trivia game once again in the Tournament.

Jass will be taking questions today from 1:00 – 2:00 P.M. during a live chat hosted by Mlive’s Leanne Smith. You can access the live chat, and submit your questions here: