Adrian College Professor Returns to Jeopardy!

Stephanie Jass to challenge victors during the ‘Battle of the Decades.’

ADRIAN, Mich. – Adrian College professor, Stephanie Jass took to L.A. for another trip to the Jeopardy stage this time for the ‘Battle of the Decades.’ In celebration of their 30th season, the famed television show selected 15 candidates from each decade for a head-to-head meeting of the minds. The contestants are vying for a grand prize worth one million dollars.

The best and the brightest met on the vibrant stage in the most notorious quiz-show game of its kind. This is the third trip to the show for Jass, who has been recognized as one of the most personable candidates to grace the stage. She notes that this journey is no different. Well-known for her banter with Alex Trebek, she assures their quips continue with this visit. 

“Eighteen months ago, I hadn’t even been on the show yet, and now I am a part of a very select crowd. It is both exciting and humbling,” Jass said of the experience.

Jass acknowledges that this journey was incredibly challenging. Referencing the competition as incredibly tough. This return places her among an elite crowd – pushing her competitiveness to a more serious level. But, Jass notes, they still have fun.

“You really get to know each other,” she remarked about her competition. “They are so smart, so fun. It’s like discovering a tribe of your own.”

“I definitely have a whole bunch of new Facebook friends because of this [experience.]”

Jass will begin her quest on April 1. To learn more about the exploits of this Jeopardy Champion, visit