Adrian College retains national recognition as College of Distinction

Adrian College has once again been recognized for its committed implementation of High-Impact Educational Practices, earning its title as one of the nation’s “Colleges of Distinction.”

Adrian College has proven itself to be at the forefront of American higher education with a modern, student-centered approach to teaching, according to Colleges of Distinction. With a unique learning environment, its programming engages students with character-building CORE programming, cutting-edge internship programs, extensive undergraduate research, a robust study-abroad program, an innovative cluster of Institutes and state-of-the-art facilities. It is a model for true community involvement.

“We are honored to name Adrian College as a 2019-2020 College of Distinction for its continued commitment to student success,” said Chief Operating Officer for Colleges of Distinction Tyson Schritter. “Colleges of Distinction applauds Adrian College for pushing the envelope with its up-to-date curriculum, enriching the college experience with High-Impact Educational Practices, and providing every student with an education that stretches far beyond what’s typically required from an academic major.”

The annual process of selecting the nation’s Colleges of Distinction requires that institutions adhere to Four Distinctions — “Engaged Students,” “Great Teaching,” “Vibrant Community,” and “Successful Outcomes.” This process also includes a review of each institution’s freshman experience, as well as its general education program, strategic plan, alumni success, satisfaction measures and more.

“Adrian’s designation, as a College of Distinction, is richly rewarding. Clearly, it recognizes the depth of the College’s programming and reaffirms a consistent commitment to student engagement,” Dr. Frank Hribar, vice president for enrollment and student affairs, said of the announcement. “We understand that this engagement is vital to our students’ success in the attainment of their degrees. This recognition demonstrates our commitment to assuring that each of our students ultimately achieves their personal, academic and professional goals.”

In addition, Adrian College was also recognized as a Michigan College of Distinction and a Business College of Distinction.

“Colleges of Distinction is much more than an annual ranking of colleges and universities. Our goal is to select the best schools that are one-hundred percent focused on the student experience, and producing the most well-rounded graduates that are prepared for a global society and economy,” said Schritter. “Becoming a College of Distinction, like Adrian College, is proof that the institutions we select are fully invested in their students’ success, beginning on day one, and continuing through the rest of their lives.”