Adrian College State of the College: An Amazing Story to Tell

Celebrating achievement and invention during the annual State of the College Address

ADRIAN, Mich. (March 28, 2014) – For the fourth consecutive

year, President Jeffrey R. Docking invited faculty, staff, students and community members to join him in delivering the annual State of the College address. This year, the campus community joined together to share the unique story that is Adrian College, while celebrating all that has been accomplished throughout the past year.

“In January, Paul Smith author of the book, “Lead With a Story“ joined us on campus to teach us about the power of storytelling,” President Jeffrey R. Docking noted as he opened the address. “[The concepts] he shared can be applied to everyday situations like ours.”

“Successful people—in all age groups and professions— use storytelling to inspire, to lead change, build courage, solve problems, set vision, persuade and motivate,” Docking continued. “We hope today inspires you, our students and community, to continue to add chapters to the wonderful narrative that is Adrian College. ”

A short video, highlighting the progress of the ideas shared in the spring of 2013 was shared with the audience to begin the story of things to come.“No one would have imagined in 1859, the beginning of a story that would be written revised and refined for more than 150 years.” Docking went on to invite this year’s series of presenters to share new ideas that would be implemented over the course of the upcoming year.


Downs Hall Theatre Renovation

This phase included the complete overhaul of the second floor theatre. The second phase of complete renovations to the College’s oldest building – Downs Hall Theatre. This was made possible through the generosity of Melissa Sage Fadim and Sage Foundation.

Madison Street Campus Entrance

A formal, welcoming entrance to the mall from Madison Street. The idea was born of Trustee Steve Wolfe, retired CFO of The Toro Company and Trustee Richard Kibbey, ’75 graduate of the College. The entrance features a brick gateway, landscaping and lighting.

New Academic Programs
The College announced the addition of four new majors: Finance, Event Facilities Management, Graphic Design and Healthcare Administration.

Lincoln IB Preschool Playground

Two legacy gifts were left by AC Alum, Sam Beal, to provide new playground equipment at the IB

Preschool and the addition of outdoor learning space at Lincoln.

Security System Upgrade

A new server will be installed to service over 130 state-of-the-art cameras and electronic access controls will be installed in academic buildings, residence halls and athletic facilities.

Botanical Garden

The development and implementation of a mission statement, garden design and maintenance plan along with the goal to complete phase one this spring: the installation of beds along Williams Street. Subsequent phases to include the restoration of native plants between Jones and Peelle Halls.

New Co-Curricular Programs

The College expanded Synchronized Skating to include four competitive teams; Men’s Bowling was also added. Also announced: the addition of the collegiate Bass Fishing program and Acrobatics and Tumbling team.

New Dean of Graduate Studies

Dr. Paul Rupert, Professor of Chemistry, discussed the goals and opportunities created by his role to oversee four current graduate programs: Athletic Training, Accounting, Criminal Justice and Industrial Chemistry. Teacher Education is pending. Each program is considered a 4+1, offering two degrees in five years. The first three graduates of the Criminal Justice program graduated in December.

Get Out The Vote Movement

The momentum created by Student Government President and senior, Melissa Roe to encourage students to engage in their community and become involved as citizens. The goal: to allow the College and City to flourish together as these students embrace their shared community.

Fitness & Weight Room Addition

A new fitness and weight room addition will be added to the Merillat Sport and Fitness Center. Groundbreaking is expected to occur in late spring, early summer 2014.

The event also recognized the third annual Creativity Award winner. This year, Joe Wagley made a contribution to the award for the winning submission. He joined President Docking and Dr. Jennifer Ellsworth in congratulating the recipient.

JoLynne Hall, instructor of mathematics, along with Dana Musial, a freshman in the musical theatre program were announced as collaborative winners of the third annual Creativity Award. Their joined idea features theconstruction of a “Hello Walk” leading up to the center of the Caine Student Center. The idea was to encourage communication and add a “much needed” direct path to Caine. The winning submitters were awarded a $500 check for their ideas, which will be funded up to $10,000.

President Docking concluded the speech with a story demonstrating compassion, and outreach. Lindsey Porter, a junior biology major shared her life-changing journey to Africa for a 17-day trip to provide healthcare and medical assistance to the residents of Tanzania. Throughout the trip, she was part of a group who made an impact on over 80 persons in the region.



“We, together, comprise the Adrian College story—and it is this passion and dedication that makes us a strong and viable college,” Docking said. “We are a place where not only knowledge but relationships and experiences develop and change us, better us and write for us, who we are and who we will become.”

“Within this big Adrian College story are thousands more and each student will write their own.”