Adrian College to Send Pre-Seminary Students to Exploration

Event offers opportunity to explore a career in the United Methodist Church.

ADRIAN, Mich. - Rev. Chris Momany, along with 10 current Adrian College students, will be traveling to Denver, Colorado for the three-day event, “Exploration.” Beginning November 15 and running for three days, these Pre-Seminary students will be able to explore their passion and a career in ordained ministry.


Over 350 ministries send an average of two students every other year. During the last “Exploration”, in 2011, Adrian College sent 12 students, more than any other ministry site in the nation. 


“Exploration” aims to provide a place for young adults to learn more about The United Methodist Church, take part in worship, reflect on theological views, learn about ordained ministry, and partake in workshops. 


For more information, contact Rev. Chris Momany. He can be reached via email at