Annual Ribbons of Excellence Day Announced

ADRIAN, Mich. – On Tuesday, April 3, 2012, the Adrian College campus and surrounding communities will convene to celebrate the scholarly and creative activities of Adrian College students during the fourth annual Ribbons of Excellence Day. The intent of this celebration is to act as a catalyst for student and faculty interaction, encouraging students to engage in the acquisition of new knowledge.

In 1887, the graduating seniors at Adrian College presented a cane in the form of a shepherd’s crook to the officers of the junior class. Symbolic of leadership and carved with the Latin motto for “No victory without work,” the cane has been handed down every year by the graduating class. Each class has also attached a ribbon to the cane with the names of its graduates listed on the ribbon.

In 2007, the academic community at Adrian College adopted the idea of the ribbons to represent its standards of excellence. From the long-standing tradition of the ribbons attached to the shepherd’s crook, these new ribbons were developed to support the College’s mission statement. Just as the Latin inscription on the cane suggests, these achievements cannot be earned without hard work. The team defined these ideas by giving each ‘ribbon’ its own identity: caring for humanity and the world; learning throughout a lifetime; thinking critically; crossing boundaries and disciplines and developing creativity.

Caring for humanity and the world includes making socially responsible decisions, providing service to local and global communities and interacting positively with persons of diverse cultures and backgrounds.

Learning throughout a lifetime consists of continuing to ask important questions, pursuing knowledge in each new age and remaining open to new learning experiences. Thinking critically is developing critical habits of the mind, exploring multiple points of view; raising thoughtful questions and identifying problems and solutions. Crossing boundaries and disciplines includes developing literacy in multiple fields, personifying the liberal arts experience and making connections across disciplines. Developing creativity is engaging in creative arts, developing creative talents and skills and recognizing and employing figurative expression.

Ribbons of Excellence Day 2012 will be held throughout the day on April 3rd on various parts of campus, beginning at 8:30 A.M. The events will conclude at 6:45 P.M. At the conclusion of the scheduled presentations, the Honors Ceremony will take place in the Adrian Tobias Center. This event is held each spring to recognize students who have received special accolades including the publication of students earning Scholastic Honors, and the presentation of departmental and other awards.

The Ribbons of Excellence Day is free and open to the public however the Honors Ceremony is by invitation only.