Bass Fishing Added to Varsity Roster

College is among the first to add this fast-growing sport to roster.

ADRIAN, Mich. – The Adrian College Athletic Department announced the addition of Bass Fishing to its athletics roster. The College is the latest to add one of the fastest growing collegiate sports in the country to its athletics arsenal. The program, set to begin for the 2014/15 academic year, is the latest addition to the Bulldog’s 32 club and varsity teams. Athletics at the College have garnered national attention in recent years, with this announcement being no exception. The program is slated to be among the nation’s first varsity bass fishing programs.

“Adrian College is excited to add bass fishing to its varsity program offerings. We are among the first national, fully funded varsity teams in the country,” said athletic director, Michael Duffy. “The addition of this co-ed team provides an opportunity to gain recognition in an emerging sport nationwide.”

The bass fishing program will compete as a co-ed team consisting of 15 to 20 anglers in the Cabela’s Circuit. This circuit is tournament-based with competitions beginning in January and extending through May. These tournaments are hosted nationally, predominately in the southern states.

The Championship is a two-day competition with teams of no more than two anglers fishing from the same boat. The full field will compete both days with winners determined by the heaviest accumulated weight per team. The two highest finishing teams at the event per school will earn School Of the Year points for their respective institution. Only Largemouth, Spotted, Smallmouth, Red Eye and Shoal bass are accepted species with penalties being assessed if other species are caught.

“The majority of the schools with these programs are in the South,” added Duffy. “We want to extend that appeal and opportunity here, at Adrian.”

The College announced on Friday that it is actively seeking for a head coach to lead the program. Duffy expressed interest in seeking a head coach with national ties and sponsorship interest in funding the endeavor. Interested applicants can view the posting online or e-mail