Dr. Stephanie Jass to Appear on Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions

Jass to return to the stage of popular television quiz show

ADRIAN, MI – For the second time, Dr. Stephanie Jass, a history professor at Adrian College, will test her knowledge in the popular trivia show, Jeopardy. Jass, who took the stage by storm during her seven-day run in October, concluded her streak claiming the title of most wins by a female contestant. Her total earnings, at $147,570, earned her the second-highest win total by a woman. It would be these accolades and her undeniable moxie that would bring the dynamo back to the famed set.

Beginning February 13, Jass will partake in the Tournament of Champions, pinning her against the biggest winners and tournament champions from her season.


“It was much tougher,” Jass said while describing the filming process. “The whole tournament was filmed in one long, nerve-racking day.” Because of Jass’ previous performance on the show, she was the number one seed, and is in the first show of the tournament. Jass was pitted against 14 other Jeopardy! contestants in a fight to secure a coveted spot as a finalist. 

“The whole experience was phenomenal,” Jass gushed as she divulged her own impressions of the other contestants. “There was definitely some stiff competition.” 

Jass shared quips about the show behind the scenes—the contestants were sequestered into a green room when they weren’t taping their own segments—and details about the show’s host, Alex Trebek. Jass jokingly recalled her quip of referring to Trebek as ‘the devil.’ Jass’ personality matched well with Trebek, who mentioned that he enjoyed how she communicated with him on the show and how she opened up. Throughout her first run on Jeopardy!, Jass engaged Trebek and the audience with her charm, wit and humor. She quickly became a beloved contestant—even to the producers. At one point, she jokingly brought up that she’d happily take over Trebek’s job upon his retirement, even saying she’d come out on stage with a fake mustache to “ease the transition.”


It’s little sound bytes like these that make Jass one of the more memorable contestants of its 29th season. 

Jass says that the experience was “so much fun; [the contestants] were wonderful,” even though the competition was extraordinary the second time around.


“My husband, Doug, has been acting as a coach. He broke down the last 10 years of Tournament of Champions games and its mostly general categories.”  Jass acknowledged that outpouring of support for her has been truly life- changing.


The Tournament of Champions, which was filmed in January, will begin airing on February 13th on NBC.