Gabriel Schray is Adrian College’s new multimedia specialist

Adrian College (AC) recently hired Gabriel Schray as its new multimedia specialist. Schray is returning to his alma mater after a short hiatus, having graduated from the college in 2018 with a BA in Communications.

Well known for his sports play-by-play announcing, Schray has broadcast many significant moments in Bulldog sports history as both a student and a professional, including men’s and women’s hockey playoff runs, Emmanuel Stewart’s career and the inaugural season of ACTV.

He was tabbed the professional voice of the AC football program as a freshman. Schray called over 200 sporting events as a student and received more than two dozen awards for his work before graduating from AC.

“It’s very important to me to be able to not only tell the stories of students that are playing here at the college, but also to be a role model and mentor to young broadcasters,” said Schray. “I want to help them to grow and become better storytellers and tomorrow’s best employees in such a competitive field.”

Schray, a native of Jackson County, founded his own company, Direct Digital Media LLC, last year, where he builds websites and manages social media for companies and individuals. Direct Digital also manages three online-only media outlets, generating over seven million impressions across them last year.

In addition to his work for AC, Schray calls games for JTV in Jackson, BCSN in Toledo and has filled in at over a dozen radio stations. He has also appeared on BCSN Erie, ESPN 3, WXYZ-TV and WILX-TV.