Holocaust Survivor, Matin Lowenburg, Shares His Story

Members of the Adrian College community attend a rare event to learn more about the historical significance of the Holocaust.

ADRIAN, Mich. – On March 14, 84 year old Holocaust survivor, Martin Lowenberg, shared his story with over 150 members of the Adrian College community.


Lowenburg began his narration with his survival through Kristallnacht (Crystal Night), where over 30,000 Jews were incarcerated in concentration camps. He continued to share the story of his father when he was taken to Dachau, and how he went on to live in the ghetto in Latvia in 1941.


He recounted that in 1941, over 26,000 were killed in a two-day span. Lowenburg is a member of the Holocaust Center in Farmington Hills, Michigan. This event was made possible through a sponsorship by the Office of Multicultural Affairs.