McGregor Fund Awards Adrian College $175,000 Grant

ADRIAN, Mich – Adrian College is pleased to announce it has received a $175,000 grant from the McGregor Fund for curricular enhancements. Adrian College will use these funds to create and implement a new first year core curriculum.

The Adrian College Core Education for Scholarly Success (A.C.C.E.S.S) will create a new two semester course focused on research, writing, public speaking and critical thinking. All entering first year students will take these courses. A key component of the courses will be an educational simulation game on the constitutional debate of slavery featuring the founding president of Adrian College, Dr. Asa Mahan, a noted abolitionist in the 19th century as a character.

Adrian College President, Dr. Jeffrey R. Docking noted the support the McGregor Fund would provide for the College’s curriculum.

“This grant builds on the momentum of the last seven years and will help us accomplish our Renaissance II objectives to significantly enhance the quality of our academic programs.”

“[It] will transform the first-year for our students and provide a unique opportunity for them,” added Dr. Agnes I. Caldwell, Vice President and Dean of Academic Affairs. “The grant is the result of over two years of work on behalf of faculty and staff to improve the academic profile of the College as part of the [its] newly announced strategic plan.”

The Adrian College Core will include a two-semester sequence of courses focusing on key questions in the liberal arts, and include a unique simulation pedagogy called Reacting To the Past. The simulation will immerse students into the 1840’s and the constitutional debate around slavery, featuring Adrian College’s founding President Asa Mahan, a noted abolitionist during this time period.

The McGregor Fund awards grants through a competitive application and review process. This grant brings Adrian College’s academic fundraising to nearly $250,000 this year.

“We are continuing to work with foundations and individuals who share our passion and love of learning and are thankful for their support,” added Caldwell.