Media Group Wins Michigan Association of Broadcasters Award

ADRIAN, Mich. – The Adrian College Media Group won its first ever Michigan Association of Broadcasters Award in the College Television Sports Play by Play category. This award reflects the collaborative talent of students James Graney, Michael Neal and Isaac Berky. The team beat Central Michigan University and Northern Michigan University to assume top ranking.

The AC Media Group also received its first ever Honorable Mention with the Bulldog Sports Bite in the College Television Talk Show category. This award recognizes the student-led efforts of Michael Neal, James Graney and Ben Momon.

Michael Neal, Managing Director for the Adrian College Media Group acknowledged his excitement at learning of the awards and noted his anticipation that these awards would be “ the first of many, for years to come.”

These four students will travel to East Lansing on March 14 to represent the Adrian College Media Group and accept both awards. For more information regarding the 2012 Michigan High School and College Broadcast Awards please visit: