Michigan Teacher of the Year to Speak at Adrian College

ADRIAN, MI. – Adrian College Institute for Education will host the Michigan Teacher of the Year 2010/2011, Ms. Matinga Ragatz. This event is schedule to take place in Knight Auditorium, in Valade Hall beginning at 5:00 PM and concluding around 6:00 PM. Ms. Ragatz will be addressing issues, solutions, best practices in teaching, and the continuation of her own education. There is no cost to attend, and this event is open to the public.

Ragatz teaches social studies and World Language at Grand Ledge High School. She is the founder and Project Management Director of Interface Global Alliance, a non-profit that aids deprived communities in need of economic stimulus. Ms. Ragatz continues to travel globally promoting education and her mission with Interface Global Alliance.

Currently Ms. Ragatz is developing a variety of learning models to assist students with core education and the improvement of their cohesive learning environment. For more information, please visit her website at http://matinga.com/