New Digital Sign Unveiled in Caine Student Center at Adrian College

A.S.A adds innovative display for events and activities.

ADRIAN, Mich – New ideas and innovation are always present at Adrian College and this fall the Caine Student Center houses one more example. Announced during the 2013 State of the College address, A.S.A (the Adrian Sign by Anode) has become the newest technological addition to campus. Since its completion in August, this state-of-the-art, fully interactive sign has effectively demonstrated itself as a cutting edge means to view campus.

Set in the foyer across from Campus Safety, A.S.A. boasts photo galleries, spotlights of faculty, athletes and alumni, videos, information about upcoming events and more. Those interacting with the digital sign can also read an entire issue of Contact, the alumni magazine. 

The idea began following a trip to Nashville, where Vice President for Development Jim Mahony visited Anode to meet with its president, Adrian College alum Mark Magnuson. Anode, a digital media design firm, has partnered with Firesign technology to provide this new, interactive form of creative communication. These digital signs are part of a new wave making strong showings at Vanderbilt, Colonial Williamsburg and area hospitals.

Upon seeing the new media, it would not take long for Mahony to meet with the representatives involved to initiate the addition of bringing this technology to campus.

“Through the generosity of Mark Magnuson, his company, Anode and our great donors, our campus will be able to utilize this digital sign to make their way around campus, learn about exciting opportunities, and showcase an innovative method of information sharing,” Mahony said. 

The sign in Caine is only the first of its kind to appear on Adrian’s campus. Plans are underway to incorporate a second digital sign in the upgraded Peelle/Jones complex currently under construction