Ribbons of Excellence Day Celebrated at Adrian College

ADRIAN, Mich. – On Tuesday, April 3, 2012, the Adrian College campus celebrated the scholarly and creative activities of Adrian College students during its fourth annual Ribbons of Excellence Day. This event is dedicated to celebrating scholarly accomplishments through presentations, exhibitions and performances.

The program offered nearly 100 selected students the opportunity to embark in research and other interactive opportunities to think
critically and creatively through more than 80 presentations throughout the day.


Below are just a few perspectives offered by selected presenters to share their research and experiences during this distinctive event.

Bridget Dill ‘12 “Live Unplugged”

“What would you do if you lived your life free from the ever-prevalent technological “conveniences” of our society,” asks Dill a Bachelor of Fine Arts candidate.  “What would you do if you deleted your social networking accounts and stopped using your cell phone?”

Dill goes on to note, that most people should take time to notice nature’s beauty rather than being “plugged in” to the electronic world. This premise becomes the basis for Dill’s senior art exhibition, as well as the topic in which she shared during the 2012 Ribbon’s of Excellence Day.

“Facebook, Twitter, texting, and many other technological conveniences are prevalent aspects of of our lives today,” Dill said. “We allow ourselves to be absorbed in the screens and place a great deal of importance on making ourselves known in virtual entities rather than striving to live our lives to the fullest in the real world.”

Dill’s senior show is displayed across campus comparing these two ways of living: living “plugged into” technology and living unplugged, or in the real world. What she discovered is that most people opt to live somewhere between the two.

Through her Ribbons of Excellence presentation, Dill delved into multiple aspects of living unplugged from technology and the potential interferences that plugging into technology poses. Her thoughtful presentation highlighted her work and the philosophies behind her research. As each of the presentations highlight a “ribbon”, Dill notes that her efforts expose a desire to “care for humanity”.

“Living unplugged from technology, people can live fulfilling lives. My work and my presentation posed a challenge to viewers to choose a life unplugged from technology,” Dill expressed.


Adrienne Haase ‘12 “Copywriting an Advertising Campaign in a Changing Media World”


For Adrienne Haase, a senior business major, her Ribbons of Excellence Day presentation featured an opportunity to express cognitive and tangible results. Haase’s avid interest in the role of copywriting attributed to her engaged approach to presenting her campaign.

“I enjoyed presenting how I can use my business, writing, and design skills to “cross boundaries and disciplines,” and learned much from other students’ presentations as well.”

“My poster display demonstrated the role of copywriting and how to develop advertising plans book,” said Haase. “During my independent study work, I was able to learn about the new actualities of copywriting in today’s marketing and media world.”

She reflected on the changes to the structure and program of Ribbons of Excellence Day as positive steps to enhance the program campus-wide.

“It showcased much talent [here],” she noted.

Delaney Andrews ‘13 “Do You Think You Can Trust Me? An Exploration of the Ethical Importance of Truth in Non-Fiction”

A recent trend exhibits the various degrees of exaggeration by writers in their memoirs, according to Delaney Andrews, a junior studying at Adrian College.

“I created a method for determining “truth” in non-fiction based off of a story by war-writer Tim O’Brien,” said Andrews. “[This method] is more lax than what I call the “purist” view, which is where writers only accepts facts that can be clearly proven as non-fiction.”


She went on to apply this method to such best sellers as “A Million Little Pieces” by James Frey and “A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius” by Dave Eggers. Her method, dubbed “The O’Brien Lens”, demonstrated that untruths exhibited in Frey’s composition, while exhibiting that Dave Eggers told what was the truth to him.

Andrews expressed that she was nervous to present, but quickly became excited to share the results of her research.

“I was so pleased that groups of my professors, friends, family, and even people I didn’t know showed up to hear what I had to say.”

Emily Pilon ‘13 “American Advertising Federation: Nissan Marketing Campaign”

Over the past year, a select group of students has invested their time and efforts into establishing a versatile marketing plan for Nissan. The presentation included the team’s objectives, target market, research, traditional and non-traditional media, and a tool enabling the group to measure their return on investment. As an added bonus, the group created YouTube videos to increase the buzz about Nissan on social media sites.

For some, this seems a daunting task. For Emily Pilon, this was just another demonstration of a hands-on approach to her education at Adrian College.

“At first, when I walked into the room I was a tad bit nervous but once I realized I was surrounded by my peers, professors and other individuals who were truly interested in our topic I relaxed and made it through the presentation just fine,” said Pilon of her Ribbon’s of Excellence Day presentation.

“It was invigorating seeing the audience’s face so in-tuned with our campaign,” Pilon continued. “Participating in Ribbons of Excellence was truly an amazing experience.”