Senator Carl Levin: Follow Adrian College’s Lead

AdrianPlus garners national attention in statement to the Senate.

ADRIAN, Mich. (June 5, 2014) – The momentum behind Adrian College’s approach to reducing the burden of student loans is once again at the nation’s forefront. Following Senator Carl Levin’s floor statement to the U.S. Senate on June 4, the directive was clear: follow Adrian College’s lead.

Last fall, Adrian College announced a plan to make a liberal arts education more affordable to its students. When the College unveiled AdrianPlus, a new loan repayment assistance initiative, the program received national acclaim. The program ensures that graduates unable to secure well-paying jobs of $37,000 or more annually will still be able to begin their employment without facing this debt alone.


“In the fall of last year, Adrian College in Adrian, Michigan, made an announcement that received national attention,” Levin began his statement. “Adrian, one of the finest private liberal arts colleges in America, made a promise to prospective students: Beginning this fall, incoming students who graduate from Adrian carrying student loan debt and are unable to find a job that pays above a set income will be eligible for support from the college to pay part or all of that student’s loan payments.”


 “This announcement was notable for two reasons. The first is that it represents a visionary choice on the part of President Jeffrey Docking and the rest of Adrian’s leadership. I am grateful to them for showing the kind of leadership that makes Adrian a proud example of my state’s outstanding higher education institutions,” Levin stated. “Adrian has long been recognized not just for the quality of its instruction, but for its efforts to make that education accessible and affordable, and this is just the latest example of the school’s forward thinking.” As Levin noted, it is a solid foundation for the students of Adrian College to begin to build their future.


 “It is time for us to start taking some steps in the right direction,” said Levin. “We should explore other ways to ensure that college education is indeed affordable to all.” He went on to note, that numerous studies show that a college education makes an enormous difference in the pursuit of rewarding careers.“But if we can’t ensure that all Americans have access to higher education, we shut off access to the American dream,” Levin stated.


“I hope that, inspired by the Adrian College example, we will act to halt and reverse those trends.”


For more information about AdrianPlus, please visit To read Levin’s statement in full, visit Senator Levin’s page.

Adrian Plus Program from Adrian College on Vimeo.