Sneak Peek Ramps Up A First Glimpse for Freshmen at Adrian College

Annual event hosted nearly half of the incoming class of 600 on campus.

​ ADRIAN, Mich. – Adrian College hosted its annual Sneak Peek Day welcoming half of this years incoming freshman class of 600 and their families to campus. Over 800 attendees, including nearly 300 incoming students, received their first real experience with a day at Adrian College.

The event, a popular new tradition, offered a look at accommodations, student life, and an opportunity for new students to meet their roommates.  The College provided full access to campus amenities and offered unique drawings with prizes such as mini-fridges and an iPad to engage the new students, and kick-start their college career. Staff and faculty were available to answer questions, offer tours, and provide a first-hand experience to incoming students, family and friends. “Sneak Peek Day is just one of many outreach programs we offer our newest students.  It provides them with a snapshot of what their Adrian College experience will be like,” said Frank Hribar, Vice President for Enrollment. “With another large class enrolling this fall, this is a day for students and their families to engage with the campus, ignite their enthusiasm, and initiate their life as Bulldogs.”