Student-Athletes Show True Colors During Ribbons of Excellence Day

The annual day of scholarly presentations is well represented by Bulldog athletes

ADRIAN, Mich. – Adrian College is hosting the seventh annual Ribbons of Excellence Day on Wednesday, April 8. The day is dedicated to celebrating scholarly accomplishments of students through presentations, exhibitions and performances. The tradition began in 2008 and was developed out of a faculty initiative to create and support Adrian’s academic culture. The students spend a year, in some cases, preparing for this day.

The history of the Ribbons of Excellence program resides in the Cane Ceremony tradition of tying a ribbon with the names of graduates to the Shepherd’s Crook at commencement each spring. This tradition has been carried on since 1887. The Ribbons of Excellence are what each and every member of the College community strives for, and what we want Adrian College to be known for: caring for humanity and the world; learning throughout a lifetime; thinking critically; crossing boundaries and disciplines and developing creativity.

David Kwan head coach of the women’s volleyball program will be the opening speaker talking about bridging the gap between academics and athletics.


Jake Waldrup, a junior from Ann Arbor on the men’s lacrosse team, will be opt to stay in the classroom, rather than hit the field to present with his group. He is one of five students presenting an advertising campaign through the American Advertising Federation for Pizza Hut. The task is to create a campaign that would promote online ordering. The group must develop original traditional advertisements (outdoor, print, television, radio) and non-traditional advertisements (social media, mobile app, rewards program). In addition, they must create an event to launch the new online ordering and a budget to complete the advertising campaign. The group will also be presenting in South Bend, Indiana on Thursday and Friday at the regional competition for this year’s National Student Advertising Competition (NSAC). The group will present in front of a panel of judges, including executives from Pizza Hut, with the hopes of being chosen to partake in the national competition later this year.


The following list is a sample of what other Adrian student-athletes will be discussing:

  • Haley Barnes, a junior from Lake Orion on the women’s soccer team, is presenting “A Study on the Effect of After-School Activities on the Self-Esteem of Adolescent Girls”.

  • Annika Nuler, a freshman from Canton on the women’s lacrosse team, is presenting “Easy as Uno, Deux, Three: The Impact of Bilingualism on Children”.

  • Hannah Schaefer, a freshman from Lexington, Ohio on the women’s soccer and lacrosse teams, is presenting “The Negative Aspects of the NCAA”.

  • Riley Jackson, a junior from Murfreesboro, Tennessee on the men’s soccer team, is presenting “Business Development of Lenawee County.”

  • Thomas Mackey, a sophomore from Clinton Township on the track and field team, is presenting “The Jewish American Community in Detroit during the Late 1920’s and Early 1930’s”.

  • Matthew Konieczki, a senior from Horton on the cross country/track and field teams, is presenting “Light and traits: Invasive shrubs in the understory of two Michigan forests”.

  • Kelsey Kusch, a senior from St. Clair Shores on the women’s hockey team, is presenting “Baseline levels of Blood Serum GDNF Levels in young adults” and “Glial Cell Line-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (GDNF) in the Crayfish” with Brian Sullivan.

  • Nicholas Oderio, a senior from Romeoville, Illinois on the men’s volleyball team, is presenting “Wind Variability of the H-alpha Line of Epsilon Orionis”.

  • Christine Crowell, a senior from Taylor on the women’s soccer team, is presenting “First Time’s a Charm? How Aerobic Exercise Affects Learning and Memory in Female Soccer Players”.