Student Spotlight: Jack Stover

You name it, Adrian College (AC) senior Jack Stover has done it. While at AC, he has been involved as a member of the golf team, Student Government Association, SAE, Board of Trustees, the Institute of Entrepreneur Studies, Welcome Week and CEO Club — but that doesn’t even begin to encapsulate his wide variety of skills and interests. All within the last year, Jack has interned with a premier automotive company, developed his own drone photography business and proposed to his now-fiancé, Kelly, in Spain. Just because the sky’s the limit, he’s also working to earn his private pilot’s license.

With his participation on campus, it’s hard to imagine him as anything else but a leader. Growing up, however, he didn’t necessarily see himself as one.

“Someone called me a leader, and I didn’t realize I was one. It started so early. I was the captain of little league baseball and soccer, and I kept growing,” Jack reflected. “After that, I realized leaders are everywhere.”

Although Jack had always been involved on campus, he began to see his own potential after taking President Docking’s leadership class his junior year at AC. He was inspired by the guest speakers and realized anyone can use their strengths to succeed.

When the class ended, Jack wanted to continue his growth as a leader and thought other students on campus should discover their personal strengths as well. He then worked with President Docking and Professor Beth Heiss to create an organization to encourage and promote leadership outside of the classroom.

“The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) is a national organization that we joined as a college and it has quickly become the largest organization on campus,” Jack, who is the president, said. “Three times a semester, they have celebrities and motivational speakers talk about their successes and their failures. Students also work together on proposed leadership projects.”

While Jack has found his own leadership strengths are competition, strategic, achiever and woo (ability to win others over), he believes AC fosters the kind of environment where anyone with passion can thrive.

“Adrian College is the best place to become a leader because there are so many opportunities,” Jack said. “We have 67 organizations on campus, and you can use any experience to practice your leadership skills and see what works best for you to grow as an individual.”

In the spring, Jack will graduate with a major in international business, and minors in economics and German. He is hoping to land a job in the automotive industry, a field he became interested in after interning with Bosch and Plastic Omnium. As a leader who will undoubtedly leave a legacy at AC, he hopes future Bulldogs will continue to excel through passion and integrity.

“You need to find something you’re passionate about, something that motivates you and drives you towards a goal,” he explained. “Doing this with integrity is huge. It’s so important to be honest with everyone and always follow through on your promises.”