Student Spotlight: Nikki Czuhajewski

Whether she’s clad in black and gold or red white and blue, Adrian College (AC) senior Nikki Czuhajewski embodies Bulldog spirit.

A multi-faceted marketing major, she is involved in everything from academic honors societies to skating for Team USA. She is a tutor, a photographer for the school newspaper, a captain of the figure skating team and a learn-to-skate instructor.

“I was interested in Adrian College because of varsity skating teams. At the time, Adrian College was the only varsity figure skating team and one of three varsity synchronized skating programs in the country,” Nikki explained. “Coming from Kalamazoo Public Schools, I had a special scholarship called the Kalamazoo Promise. The summer before my senior year of high school, they announced a new partnership with some of the private institutes in the state of Michigan and I could attend Adrian College, which made it a huge package deal. I could skate and get an education at a place where, without the Promise, I wouldn’t be able to.”

With the Kalamazoo Promise enabling Nikki to attend Adrian College, she could take advantage of opportunities that led to her successful academic and athletic career. Her talent and passion fuel her involvement, and undoubtedly, her accolades. She consistently juggles a full course load, a job, an internship, and the practice schedules of both the senior synchronized skating and figure skating teams. In 2018 alone, she traveled to Austria and Scotland as apart of Team USA, then to Denver where she picked up three national titles.

“Skating and going to school at AC has been a dream come true,” Nikki said. “It’s like having another family of amazing friends who I will cherish for a lifetime. Feeling the support of the program has impacted my skating and has made my college experience so special.”

Despite her dynamic schedule, Nikki insists on allocating time for her more artistic hobbies, like graphic design and photography.  

“Due to skating, we have the great opportunity to travel often and that has helped to fuel my passion for photography. Some of the things I’ve photographed are landscapes when I’m traveling in the state of Michigan because, being born and raised in Michigan, it’s somewhere I like to travel a lot,” Nikki said. “I’ve also shot a lot of photos of figure skating, both synchronized skating, and individual. It’s cool to see the reaction, especially when it’s your friends, and you send [their photos] to them to see how happy it makes them. It’s something I really do love.”

No one can deny Nikki is diligent and relentlessly passionate. Venturing to Rouen, France and Milan, Italy, her senior year has been no different from the rest of her collegiate career. Next week, she’ll travel to Delaware with AC’s intercollegiate figure skating team to defend her national titles.

Nikki will graduate in May with high academic honors and is focused on incorporating her passions into a future career. She is interested in professional skating, coaching and using her artistic skills to build a brand for a marketing company. With her fierce loyalty to her passions, she just might do it all.