The Bulldog Project Launches

Student-led blog at Adrian College goes live.

ADRIAN, Mich – The students of Adrian College have taken the Bulldog experience to the next level through a student-led blog featuring topics for students, by students. Featured posts are written by four underclassmen: Emily Crum (freshman), Emily Kipp (sophomore), Matthew Schacht (freshman), and Janaye Powers (sophomore).  Each student focuses on a different element of the College, while adding their voice and personality to the writing.


The Bulldog Project will feature regular blog posts throughout the week that includes pictures, the occasional video and a unique insight into what life at Adrian College is like.  


“We call it the ‘student chronicles of Adrian College’ because that’s precisely what it is—a take on what college is like from the eyes of the students,” said Lauren Ebelt, Visual Communications Coordinator and Blog Supervisor.


  • Emily Crum will focus on the rich history of the college (with her first post of the AC history series being on Asa Mahan).
  • Emily Kipp has an emphasis on Greek life at the College—focusing on each sorority and fraternity on campus, beginning with Alpha Phi.
  • Matthew Schacht implemented a new series titled “App of the Week” – which focuses on cheap and/or free apps that are useful for college students.
  • Janaye Powers offers insight to current events and how to position social media appropriately during the job search. 

To read more, please visit: The blog is open to guest writers and ideas for posts, as well as pictures from students at the College. For more information, please contact Lauren Ebelt at